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Genealogy - Cemetery Records

Charter and By-Laws of the Woodbine Cemetery Company, Harrisonburg, Va. Harrisonburg, Va.: Rockingham Register Job Print, 1902. 14p.
On title page: Incorporated March 19th, 1850. Amended and Re-enacted April 2d, 1902.
1. Woodbine Cemetery Company. 2. Cemeteries - Woodbine Cemetery. 3. Woodbine Cemetery.

Brown, Amy W. "Buried Folklore in the Shenandoah Valley." [Harrisonburg, Va.], [Eastern Mennonite University], 1993, [12]p.: illus. Bibliography: p. [12].
Typescript copy of a paper done at Eastern Mennonite University. The author researched inscriptions and sculpture of tombstones in the Shenandoah Valley, many were located within Rockingham County. She analyzes what she saw and noted her findings as a form of folklore.
1. Cemeteries - Tombstone inscriptions. 2. Tombstone inscriptions. 3. Folk-lore.

Patteson, Susan G. "Cultural Patterns in Transition in a Nineteenth Century Shenandoah Valley Community: The Gravestones of Abraham Funk, 1807-1875." Doctoral, [Philadelphia], University of Pennsylvania, 1984, iv, 240p.: illus., tables. Bibliography: p. 229-234.
Funk was a Rockingham County native and a gravestone inscriber. His work demonstrates great detail. Examples in the dissertation are from Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties. The ninety-one examples include the stone's photographic reproduction along with a description of the stone and its location.
1. Funk, Abraham, 1807-1875. 2. Tombstones. 3. Tombstone inscriptions.

Smith, Elmer L. "Epitaphs for Infants." In Valley Folklore - 1968, ed. Elmer L. Smith, 26-28. Harrisonburg, Va.: Elmer L. Smith, 1968.
Epitaphs from several Rockingham County tombstones are printed.
1. Tombstone inscriptions.

Smith, Elmer L. "A Skilled Stone-Cutter." In Valley Folklore - 1970, ed. Elmer L. Smith, 10-11. Harrisonburg, Va.: Elmer L. Smith, 1970.
Smith comments on Abram Funk who chisled tombstone decorations in cemeteries in northern Rockingham County.
1. Tombstone inscriptions. 2. Funk, Abram.

Smith, Elmer L. "Unusual Nomenclature." In Valley Folklore - 1968, ed. Elmer L. Smith, 38-41. Harrisonburg, Va.: Elmer L. Smith, 1968.
Smith records unusual names found on tombstones including from some cemeteries in Rockingham County.
1. Tombstone inscriptions. 2. Names, personal.

Swank, J. Robert. "Linville Creek Brethren Church Cemetery Southeast of Broadway, Va. at Junction of Roads 786 and 803." In A Record of Burial Places in Rockingham County, Virginia (Including a Few in Neighboring Augusta and Shenandoah Counties)., ed. J. Robert Swank, [29p.]. Singers Glen, Va.: J. Robert Swank, 1967.
This is a photocopy of the typescript copy. It is a plat record of the cemetery.
1. Linville Creek Church of the Brethren - Cemeteries. 2. Cemeteries - Linville Creek Church of the Brethren.
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