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Civil War - Biography (General)

"Service of Col. D.H. Lee Martz." Confederate Veteran 7, no. 12 (December 1899): 548.
This is a biographical sketch of Martz from Rockingham County. He fought in several theaters during the War including at Port Republic.
1. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Biography. 2. Martz, D.H. Lee, 1837- .

Caldwell, Willie W. Stonewall Jim: A Biography of General James A. Walker, C.S.A. Elliston, Va.: Northcross House, 1990. xvi, 272p.: illus. Bibliographic note: p. [263]-264.
This book notes Walker's military action at Cross Keys and Port Republic along with his military career throughout the Civil War.
1. Walker, James A., 1832-1901. 2. Valley Campaign of 1862. 3. Port Republic, Battle of, 1862. 4. Cross Keys, Battle of, 1862.

Davis, William C. The Confederate General. Volume 1: Adams, Daniel W. to Cobb, Howell. [n.p.]: National Historical Society, 1991. xi, 209p.: illus.
Illustrated biographical sketches. Turner Ashby is included in volume 1. No bibliographies.
Civil War, 1861-1865 - Biography. 2. Ashby, Turner, 1828-1862.

Price, William T. Memorials of Edward Herndon Scott, M.D. Singers Glen, Va.; Wytheville, Va.: Ruebush, Kieffer; Jim Presgraves, 1974 reprint of the 1873 ed. 29p.
Biographical sketch and text of the memorial service for a West Virginia native who fought for the South in the Civil War. During the 1864 Valley Campaign Scott was in Rockingham County. Diary information is included here. At his death in 1872 a testimonial to his life is given by John Rice Bowman of Harrisonburg.
1. Scott, Edward H., 1839-1872. 2. Valley Campaign of 1864 - Personal narratives.
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