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Civil War - Diaries and Letters

"A Civil War Letter." The Rockingham Recorder 3, no. 4 (April 1988): 34-38.
Text of a letter dated June 20, 1862 from Mary (Polly) Gibbons Yancey to her sister, Frances (Fanny) Cornelia Gibbons. Discussion includes Rockingham County battles in the 1862 Valley Campaign. Turner Ashby's death is noted. Pictures of the two women are included.
1. Yancey, Mary, 1810-1905. 2. Gibbons, Frances C., 1833-1920. 3. Ashby, Turner, 1828-1862. 4. Valley Campaign of 1862 - Personal narratives.

[Swank, Walbrook D.]. Confederate Letters and Diaries, 1861-1865. [Charlottesville, Va.]: [Papercraft Printing and Design, Printers], [1988]. 197p.: illus.
One letter, dated June 12, 1862 by John Taylor Anderson, describes the battle at Cross Keys. Several letters and orders for Rockingham County native William C. Kiblinger are included.
1. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Diaries. 1. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Letters. 3. Cross Keys, Battle of, 1862 - Diaries. 4. Kiblinger, William C. 1831-1908.

Black, Harvey. The Civil War Letters of Dr. Harvey Black: A Surgeon with Stonewall Jackson Army of Northern Virginia Series. Baltimore: Butternut and Blue, 1995. xiii, 249p.: illus., maps. Bibliography: p. [216]-229.
The letters include reference to June 1862 and October 1864 in Rockingham County.
1. Valley Campaign of 1862 - Letters. 2. Valley Campaign of 1864 - Letters

Colt, Mararetta B. Defend the Valley: A Shenandoah Family in the Civil War. New York: Crown Publishers, 1994. sv, 441p.: illus, genealogy tables, maps, tables.
The letters are from a Barton family in Winchester. The letters include information and observations in Rockingham County in 1862. Port Republic is featured.
1. Valley Campaign of 1862 - Letters. 2. Port Republic, Battle of, 1862 - Letters.

Holt, Daniel M. A Surgeon's Civil War: The Letters and Diary of Daniel M. Holt, M.D. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University, 1994. xvi, 289p.: illus., maps. Bibliography: p. 272-276.
Holt was a surgeon in the Union army from New York State. Some of his letters in the 1864 Valley Campaign were written from the Harrisonburg area.
1. Holt, Daniel M., ca. 1819-1868. 2. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Letters. 3. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Diaries.

Miller, Joyce D., ed. ..."Until Seperated by Death": Lives and Civil War Letters of Jesse Rolston, Jr. & Mary Catherine Cromer. Bridgewater, Va.: Printed by Good Printers, 1994. viii, 208p.: illus., coat-of-arms, maps Bibliography: p. 206-207.
The text of family Civil War letters is followed by genealogical information on the Rolston and Cromer families. The families were in Rockingham and Augusta Counties.
1. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Letters. 2. Rolston family. 3. Rolston, Jesse, Jr., 1824-1900. 4. Cromer family. 5. Cromer, Mary Catherine, 1825-1893.

Skidmore, Richard S., ed. The Civil War Journal of Billy Davis: From Hopewell, Indiana to Port Republic, Virginia. Greencastle, Ind.: The Nuggett Publishers, 1989. i, 179p.: illus., maps. Bibliography: p. 174-175.
This source is important for its descriptions of Rockingham County and Port Republic at the time of the Battle of Port Republic. Illustrations and maps of the area are included.
1. Valley Campaign of 1862 - Diaries. 2. Port Republic, Battle of, 1862 - Diaries. 3. Diaries - Civil War, 1861-1865. 4. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Diaries.

Trueheart, Charles W. Rebel Brothers: The Civil War Letters of the Truehearts. College Station, Tex.: Texas A & M University, 1995. xv, 276p. : illus. Bibliography: p. [265]-268.
Charles William and Henry Martyn's Civil War letters include both Valley Campaigns and battles and events within Rockingham County. Although they were native Virginians the Truehearts were living in the Galveston, Texas region by the 1860's.
1. Valley Campaign of 1862 - Letters. 2. Valley Campaign of 1864 - Letters. 3. Port Republic, Battle of, 1862 - Letters. 4. Cross Keys, Battle of, 1862 - Letters.
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