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Civil War - Valley Campaign of 1864

Gen. Rosser's Night Attack on Custer's Division at Lacey Spring, Va., Wednesday, Dec. 21st, 1864. Bridgewater, Va.: Collier Mapping, 1994. 1 folded sheet: map.
A brief account, with detailed map, of a night attack on Union forces commanded by George A. Custer. The attack took place during a snowstorm.
1. Lacey Spring, Battle of, 1864. 2. Custer, George A., 1839-1876. 3. Rosser, Thomas L, 1836-1910.

Bonnell, John C. Sabres in the Shenandoah: The 21st New York Cavalry, 1863-1866. Shippensburg, Penn.: Burd Street Press, 1996. xiii, 377p.: illus., maps. Bibliography: p. 364-370.
The Valley Campaign of 1864 is covered. Brief mention of events within Rockingham County are included. Regimental and Company rosters are printed.
1. Valley Campaign of 1864. 2. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Regimental histories.

Early, Jubal A. Autobiographical Sketch and Narrarive of the War Between the States: With Notes by R. H. Early. New to This Edition Introduction by Gary Gallagher, Maps by Blake Magner. Wilmington, N.C.: Broadfoot Publishing Company, 1989 reprint of the 1912 ed. [xxvi], 496p.: illus., maps.
Events, skirmishes, and individuals in Rockingham County during the Valley Campaign of 1864 are noted.
1. Early, Jubal A., 1816-1894. 2. Valley Campaign of 1864 - Personal narratives. 3. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Personal narratives.

Gallagher, Gary W., ed. Struggle for the Shenandoah: Essays on the 1864 Valley Campaign. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University, 1991. x, 137p.: illus., maps.
Five papers from a conference on the 1864 Valley Campaign include several brief comments on events in Rockingham County. One paper has a brief analysis of the cavalry efforts of Turner Ashby earlier in the War.
1. Ashby, Turner, 1828-1862. 2. Valley Campaign of 1864.

Gonzalez, Luis A. "Destruction in the Shenandoah Valley." [Harrisonburg, Va.], [Eastern Mennonite University], [n.d.], 20, [8]p. Bibliography: p. [7-8].
Typescript copy of a history paper done at Eastern Mennonite University. This paper looks at the destruction that took place throughout the Valley in 1864. The controversy surrounding John Meig's death near Dayton is discussed. In an appendix the author looks at reports from the Rockingham Register on property destroyed in Rockingham County.
1. Valley Campaign of 1864. 2. Meigs, John R., ca. 1842-1864.

Neil, Alexander. Alexander Neil and the Last Shenandoah Valley Campaign. Letters of an Army Surgeon to His Family, 1864. Edited by Richard R. Duncan. Shippensburg, Penn.: White Mane, 1996. x, 140p.: illus., maps.
Several of the letters are written from Rockingham County and note events there in October 1864.
1. Neal, Alexander, 1838-1901. 2. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Letters. 3. Valley Campaign of 1864 - Letters.

Osborne, Charles C. Jubal: The Life and Times of General Jubal A. Early, CSA, Defender of the Lost Cause. Chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin Books, 1992. xv, 560p.: illus., maps. Bibliography: p. 521-530.
Early's 1864 campaign in the Valley includes movement through Rockingham County. One map shows Early's movement throughout the Valley in 1864.
1. Early, Jubal A., 1816-1894. 2. Valley Campaign of 1864.

Patchan, Scott C. The Forgotten Fury: The Battle of Piedmont. Fredericksburg, Va.: [Published and Distributed by Sergeant Kirkland's Museum and Historical Society], 1996. xiii, 243p.: illus., maps, tables. Bibliography: p. 229-234.
This history of the Battle of Piedmont (Augusta County) includes details on Harrisonburg and Rockingham County prior to the conflict.
1. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Campaigns and battles. 2. Valley Campaign of 1864. 3. Piedmont, Battle of, 1864.

Stackpole, Edward J. Sheridan in the Shenandoah: Jubal Early's Nemesis. 2nd ed. Harrisburg, Penn.: Stackpole Books, 1992. xv, 429p.: illus., maps, tables. Bibliography: p. 401-402, 423.
A general history of the 1864 Valley Campaign. Profusely illustrated with detailed maps. The death of John R. Meigs and the retaliation by Federal troops is noted.
1. Valley Campaign of 1864. 2. Sheridan, Philip H., 1831-1885. 3. Early, Jubal A., 1816-1894. 4. Meigs, John R., 1842-1864.

Taylor, James A. With Sheridan Up the Shenandoah Valley in 1864. Leaves from a Special Artists Sketch Book and Diary. [Dayton, Ohio]: [Morningside House], [1989]. 631p.: illus., maps. Bibliography: p. 593-595.
Taylor's diary and war sketches were made as a special artist for General Philip Sheridan in the 1864 Valley Campaign. The original sketches are reproduced here. Battles and events within Rockingham County are recorded. Sketches include several of Harrisonburg and the killing of John R. Meigs. Other illustrations include Fort Harrison, the Valley Pike, Dunkers, and Turner Ashby and the place where in fell in action.
1. Valley Campaign of 1864 - Diaries. 2. Valley Campaign of 1864 - Pictorial works. 3. Sheridan, Philip H., 1831-1885. 4. Meigs, John R., 1842-1864. 5. Ashby, Turner, 1828-1862.

Walker, Gary C. Yankee Soldiers in Virginia Valleys: Hunter's Raid. [Roanoke, Va.]: [A & W Enterprise], [1989]. 449p.: illus., maps, tables Bibliography: p. 433-436.
Rockingham County sites and events during Hunter's 1864 campaign through the Valley are noted.
1. Valley Campaign of 1864.

Walker, Gary O. Hunter's Fiery Raid Through Virginia Valleys: Retitled from Yankee Soldiers in Virginia Valleys: Hunter's Raid.. 3rd ed. Roanoke, Va.: A & W Enterprise, 1989. 449p. Includes bibliographial references.

1. Valley Campaign of 1864.

Woodward, Harold R., Jr. Defender of the Valley: Brigadier General John Daniel Imboden, C.S.A. Berryville, Va.: Rockbridge Publishing Company, 1996. x, 199p.: illus., map. Bibliography: p. [186]-192.
Brief discussion of events in Rockingham County during the 1864 Valley Campaign are noted.
1. Valley Campaign of 1864. 2. Imboden, John D., 1823-1895.
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