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Business and Industry - Business

T.R. Moore & Co., Harrisonburg, Va. Please Show Your Neighbor and Help Him Save Big Money in the Purchase of His Buggy, Surry or Spring Wagon, by Buying Direct from the Factory Through T.R. Moore & Co., Salesmen. Harrisonburg, Va.: T.R. Moore & Co., [n.d.]. 79p.: illus.
This undated catalog for buggies and other types of carriages is from a Harrisonburg firm. The catalog has detailed specifications for all the models. A price list is inserted.
1. Buggies - Catalogs. 2. Carriages - Catalogs. 3. T.R. Moore & Co. - Catalogs. 4. Business - Harrisonburg.

Accles, Amy. [Condition of Court Square, Harrisonburg, Virginia, Before and after the Mall Was Built]. Harrisonburg, Va.: James Madison University, 1990. [16]p.
In this oral history transcript Robert Sullivan, city planing director, is the interviewee. The transcript centers on Sullivan's remembrances of the down town area prior to the Valley Mall and what can be done to revitalize the down town area.
1. Sullivan, Robert. 2. Shopping Malls. 3. Valley Mall. 4. Shopping. 5. Oral history. 6. Harrisonburg - Urban renewal.

Accles, Amy. [Court Square in Harrisonburg, Virginia]. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [James Madison University, 1990. [15]p.
This oral history transcript deals with an interview of Ronn Short, a Harrisonburg businessman. The transcript centers around downtown Harrisonburg and the effect the Valley Mall has played in its business efforts.
1. Short, Ronn. 2. Shopping Malls. 3. Shopping. 4. Oral history. 5. Valley Mall. 6. Harrisonburg - Urban renewal.

Accles, Any. [Terri Denson on the Condition of Court Square Before and After the Mall Was Built]. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [James Madison University], 1990. [12]p.
In this oral history transcript Terri Denton, of Denton's Furniture Store, is the interviewee. The transcript centers on Denton's remembrances of Court Square in the past and her impressions of the present and likely future.
1. Denton, Terri. 2. Denton's Furniture. 3. Shopping Malls. 4. Valley Mall. 5. Shopping. 6. Oral history. 7. Harrisonburg - Urban renewal.

Brinkman, June M. Twenty Years of History: Massanutten and More. McGaheysville, Va.: June M. Brinkman, 1991. vii, 104, [8]p.: illus., maps, tables.
A history of the southern end of the Massanutten range and especially the development of Massanutten Village. Rockingham (Massanetta) Springs is noted. The JMU copy is autographed by the author.
1. Massanetta Springs. 2. Massanutten Village. 3. Massanutten Development Corporation. 4. Del E. Webb Corporation.

Carey, Cathy. "A Woman with a Plan." Curio 12, no. 1 (Summer 1989): 51-55.
Leta Hilton, owner of Classique Designs in Harrisonburg, is featured in this illustrated article.
1. Classique Designs. 2. Hilton, Leta. 3. Interior decoration.

Carscallen, M.J. "Can-Do-Kid." Curio 16, no. 1 (Summer 1993): 10-11.
Harrisonburg's Bucky Rexrode and his 700-stop aluminum can collection business is featured in this illustrated article.
1. Rexrode, Bucky. 2. Aluminum cans. 3. Refuse and refuse dispoal.

Hutchison, Laura L. "More in Store." Curio 14, no. 1 (Summer 1991): 4-7.
This illustrated article is on Glen's Fair Price Store in Harrisonburg. Glen Stiteler, and his family, are store owners.
1. Glen's Fair Price Store. 2. Stiteler, Glen.

Kyger, M. Ellsworth. Michael Baker Store Account Book: Brocks Gap, Rockingham County, Virginia, 1804-1825. Dayton, Va.: Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, 1993. v, 320p.: illus. Bibliography: p. 308-310.
A transcript of the original day book donated to the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society.
1. Baker, Michael, ca. 1747-1803. 2. Baker family. 3. Michael Baker Store. 4. General stores - Brocks Gap. 5. Brocks Gap - History. 6. Brocks Gap - Genealogy. 7. Genealogy - Brocks Gap. 8. Bookkeeping.

McWilliams, Danielle. "Striking a Balance." Curio 11, no. 1 (Summer 1988): 17-19.
Charles Wampler, Jr. of Harrisonburg is featured in this illustrated article. Wampler's many community, business, and political activities are noted.
1. Wampler, Charles W., Jr., 1915- .

Mumaw, David K. The Life of David A. Shenk. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: Eastern Mennonite College, 1961. 14p. Bibliography: p. 14.
Typescript copy. A term paper done at Eastern Mennonite University. This study looks at Shenk's life as a businessman and how his Christian understanding permeated throughout his life and business.
1. Shenk, Jacob, A., 1900-1950. 2. Mennonites - Business. 3. Business - Mennonites.

Rountree, Stephen. "Super Salesman." Curio 11, no. 1 (1988): 71-72.
Carl Strough, a Harrisonburg native and calendar salesman, is featured in this illustrated article.
1. Strough, Carl. 2. Calendars.

Sheriff, Benj. R., comp. Sheriff's Shenandoah Valley Rail Road Directory, 1878-79 Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Staunton & Winchester, Va. to Which is Added a Business Directory of Harrisonburg .... Winchester, Va.: For Sale at R.T. Wall's Bookstore, 1878. xii, 192, xxx p.: illus., advertising.
This business directory includes listings for Harrisonburg, Bridgewater, Broadway, Conrad's Store, Dayton, Edom, Greenmount, Cowan's Station, Inglewood, Keezletown, Lacey Spring, Linville, McGacheysville (sic), Montevideo, Mt. Crawford, Pleasant Valley, River Bank and Timberville. A list of U. S. post offices in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina is appended.
1. Rockingham County - Business - Directories. 2. Rockingham County - Directories. 3. Harrisonburg - Directories. 4. Business - Directories.

Simpson, Kristen. "Going Once, Twice, Sold." Curio 14, no. 1 (Summer 1991): 49-53.
This article discusses the Shenandoah Valley Livestock Sale in Harrisonburg and its president, Gordon Shiflet. The illustrated article notes he has kept a diary on the business since 1941.
1. Shenandoah Valley Livestock Sale. 2. Livestock. 3. Shiflet, Gordon.

Smith, Elmer L. The Lottery Valley Folklore - 1968, ed. Elmer L. Smith. Harrisonburg, Va.: Elmer L. Smith, 1968. 23-25.
Smith discusses a "Rader's Church Lottery" ticket and how lotteries were used in the early 19th century. Although undated Smith states the ticket was in existence ca. 1806.
1. Rader's Church. 2. Lotteries.
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