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Business and Industry - Industry

"Broadway, Rockingham County, Va." The Virginias: A Mining, Industrial and Scientific Journal 1, no. 9 (September 1880): 135.
This short article notes the importance of Broadway. It emphasizes the minerals available in the area.
1. Broadway - History. 2. Broadway - Industries.

Industrial Directory: Harrisonburg-Rockingham County, Virginia. JMU holdings: 1987 ed. Harrisonburg, Va.: Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce, irregular.
Information provided includes industry name, owner or chief officer, address and telephone number, type of industry, and number of employees.
1. Industry - Directories. 2. Rockingham County - Industry - Directories.

Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative: 50 Years of Progress.... [Dayton, Va.]: [The Cooperative], 1986. [24]p.: illus., charts.
A pictorial history of the Cooperative. Statistical coverage includes the number of consumers, residential KWH usage, electric revenue, taxes paid, member equity, and assets.
1. Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative - History.

Barb, Mia. Tanbark Industry: Part of an Oral History Project on the Tanbark Industry in the Shenandoah Valley. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [James Madison University], 1991. 13 p. Bibliography: p. [11-12].
Typescript copy. A discussion of the tanning industry within an area including Rockingham County is followed by the transcripts of several oral history tapes made by the author.
1. Tanning. 2. Tanneries. 3. Houck Tannery. 4. Timberville Bark Extracting Factory. 5. Zigler Tannery. 6. Elkton Tannery.

Coblentz, John, and Shank, Merna. Proclaiming God's Truth: The First 25 Years at Christian Light Publications, 1969-1994. Harrisonburg, Va.: Christian Light Publications, 1994. vi, 177p.: illus.
This is an illustrated history of Christian Light Publications in Harrisonburg and the founders of the company, Sanford Shank. This company generally publishes Christ-centered books, Sunday School materials, and a variety of educational sources. Appendices include a list of employees, directors and editors, and a list of their publications from 1970-1994.
1. Christian Light Publications. 2. Shank, Sanford, d. 1990. 3. Publishers and publishing. 4. Mennonites - Publishers and publishing.

Downs, Janet B., comp. Mills of Rockingham County. Dayton, Va.: Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, 1997. vi,. 464p.: illus., maps. Bibliography: p. 451-452.
This illustrated history attempts to list and describe all mills in the County's history. Photographs, invoices, advertisements, checks, etc. are printed. Featured are examples of the colorful flour bags from many of the mills.
1. Flour mills - History. 2. Gristmills. 3. Mills and mill-work. 4. Flour industry - History.

Harrisonburg Electric Commission. Progress Report: Five Year Summary. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: The Commission, [1962]. 20p.: illus., table.
A summary of the Harrisonburg Electric Commission and its work as represented in the early 1960's.
1. Harrisonburg Electric Commission. 2. Electric utilities.

Horst, Irvin B., comp. "The Broadside Collection at the Menno Simons Historical Library: A Checklist." EMC Bulletin 46, no. 1 (January 1967): 5-10.
Over ninety broadsides are listed. Several are noted from Rockingham County. One, produced in ca. 1815, is shown in facsimile and noted as likely printed in Harrisonburg.
1. Broadsides.

Logan, Bernard S. The History of RMC Incorporated, 1919-1989: "Seventy Years of Progress". Verona, Va.: Mid-Valley Press, 1991. vi, 64p.: illus., tables. Bibliography: p. 63-64.
An illustrated history of Rockingham Milling Company. Appendices list officers, board of directors, sales data from 1922 to 1989, and a current organizational chart.
1. Rockingham Milling Company. 2. Industry - History.

Miller, Fred W. "Descendants Treasure Pottery." The Valley Mennonite Messenger 5, no. 33 (February 23, 1967): 1,6.
This illustrated article notes Emanuel Suter and his pottery work. Some information is given on the process of locating and delivering clay to a pottery.
1. Suter, Emanuel, 1833-1902. 2. Pottery industry. 3. Harrisonburg Steam Pottery. 4. New Erection Pottery.

Oakes, Laura A. Drugs in the Valley: Fifty years of Merck and Company, Inc., 1941-1991. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [James Madison University], [1990]. various pagings.
This is a transcript of three interviews with Merck and Company employees to be used with the author's honor's thesis entitled "Drugs in the Valley: The History of the Stonewall Plant of Merck and Company, Inc., 1941-1991." A statement of purpose introduces the interview transcript. The oral history tapes are available.
1. Merck and Company, Inc. - History. 2. Pharmaceutical industry - History. 3. Elkton - Industry. 4. Oral history.

Oakes, Laura A. "Drugs in the Valley: The History of Stonewall Plant of Merck and Company, Inc., 1941-1991. A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Undergraduate College of Letters and Sciences, James Madison University. In Partial Fulfillment for the Degree Bachelor of Arts." Honors, History, [Harrisonburg, Va.], James Madison University, 1991, vi, 93p. Bibliography: p 89-93.
This is a scholarly study of the founding of the Stonewall Plant of Merck and Company near Elkton during World War II. Oral history interviews of Merck employees are noted.
Merck and Company, Inc. - History. 2. Pharmaceutical industry - History. 3. Elkton - Industry.

Oakes, Laura A. Stonewall: The Realization of a Vision, 1941-1991. [Elkton, Va.]: [Merck & Company], 1991. 64p.: illus.
This is a brief history of the Merck pharmaceutical plant near Elkton.
1. Merck and Company, Inc. 2. Pharmaceutical industry - History. 3. Elkton - Industry.

Robinson, Hobby. Across the Alley (An Autobiography). Elkton, Va.: X-High Graphic Arts, 1990. 148p.: illus.
This is a pictorial autobiography of a photographer from Elkton.
1. Photographers. 2. Elkton - Biography. 3. Elkton - Description and Travel. 4. Robinson, Hobby.

Suter, Scott H. "A Buoyant Expansion": The Industrialization of Harrisonburg. [n.p.]: Scott Hamilton Suter, 1995. 21p.
This is an unpublished manuscript from a paper read at a history conference at Virginia Military Institute in March 1995. The paper looks at industrialization efforts in the last half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The examples used include the work of Emanuel Suter and his pottery business. Suter's efforts to improve and modernize are emphasized.
1. Suter, Emanuel, 1833-1902. 2. Harrisonburg Land and Improvement Company. 3. Harrisonburg Steam Pottery. 4. New Erection Pottery. 5. Pottery. 6. Harrisonburg - Industries.

Williams, Lesley. "Paradise Lost ... and Found." Curio 11, no. 1 (Summer 1988): 64-66.
An illustrated article on Pablo Cuevas, a Cuban refugee who came to Dayton in 1959. Following his training at Shenandoah College he became an executive at Riddleburger Brothers company in Broadway.
1. Cueva, Pablo.

Wissinger, Laurel. "News from the Homefront." Curio 13, no. 1 (Summer 1990): [12]-16.
Three Rockingham County newspapers are featured in this illustrated article. The newspapers are The Villager, from Massanutten Village; North Fork Edition, from Broadway; and The Shenandoah Journal, from Dayton. Each newspaper has news articles and advertising for their surrounding areas.
1. Newspapers. 2. The Villager. 3. North Fork Edition. 4. The Shenandoah Journal.

Wust, Klaus G. German-Language Publications in Virginia, 1789-1834. Bridgewater, Va.: [n.p.], 1953. p. 54-66. Bibliography: p. 66.
Cover title. Caption title: German Printing in Virginia: A Checklist, 1789-1834. Lawrence Wartmann is noted for his publishing work in Harrisonburg. This includes his publishing of the Rockingham Register newspaper.
1. Wartmann, Lawrence, 1774-1840. 2. German-American literature. 3. Publishers and publishing. 4. Rockingham Register.
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