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Business and Industry - Industry

"The Blast Furnaces of Virginia." The Virginias 5, no. 11 (November 1884): 176-177.
In a lengthy list of blast furnaces within Virginia there is reference to the Mount Vernon Furnace. Technical information on the furnace is provided.
1. Iron furnaces and trade - History. 2. Mount Vernon Iron Furnace.

"The Early Iron-Works of the Virginias." The Virginias: A Mining, Industrial and Scientific Journal 3, no. 6 (June 1882): 87-88.
This article contains an annotated list of iron furnaces in the Shenandoah Valley. Three furnaces in Rockingham County are noted. They are Margaret Jane Furnace, Oakland Furnace, and [Furnace] on Smith Creek.
1. Iron furnaces and trade - History. 2. Furnace on Smith Creek. 3. Oakland Iron Furnace. 4. Margaret Jane Iron Furnace.

Bowles, Leigh A. "Say It in Clay." Curio 14, no. 1 (Summer 1991): 43-46.
Timberville pottery maker Rob Barnard is featured in this illustrated article. The article emphasizes his artistic background in making Japanese style pottery.
1. Barnard, Rob. 2. Pottery.

Burkholder, E. Daniel, Jr. Carriage Makers of Rockingham County, Virginia, 1820-1997. Dayton, Va.: E. Daniel Burkholder, 1997. iv, 36p.: illus.
This history is profusely illustrated with photographs, drawings, and advertisements for carriages. The author has brief information on the many carriage manufacturers in the County.
1. Carriages. 2. Buggies. 3. Wagons.

Comstock, Harold E. The Pottery of the Shenandoah Valley Region. Winston-Salem, N.C.: The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, 1994. xiv, 538p.: illus., maps, tables. Bibliography: p. 519-521. Glossary: p. 515-517.
This is a scholarly, and comprehensive, work that includes a lot of information on Rockingham County potters. Chapters discuss the pottery trade, the potters by region within the Valley, a list of potters with annotations, and various appendices with production figures, etc. Major Rockingham County potters discussed at length include Andrew Coffman, Isaac Good, John D. Heatwole, and Emanual Suter. At least fifty potters from Rockingham County are noted.
1. Pottery. 2. New Erection Steam Pottery. 3. Suter, Emanuel, 1833-1902. 4. Heatwole, John D., 1826-1907. 5. Good, Isaac, 1851-1907. 6. Coffman, Andrew, 1795-1853.

Russ, Kurt C. "Historic Pottery Making in Virginia." In Upland Archeology in the East: Symposium Number two, March 2 Through March 4, 1984 at James Madison University., ed. Symposium on Upland Archaeology in the East (2nd: 1984: James Madison University), 252-272. Richmond: Archeology Society of Virginia, 1996.
This paper briefly notes pottery in Rockingham County. Russ has a "checklist," by county, of potters.
1. Pottery.

Suter, Scott. "The Importance of Making Progress: The Potteries of Emanuel Suter, 1851-1897." Doctoral, [Washington, D.C.], The George Washington University, 1994, x, 243p: illus., maps, tables. Bibliography: p. 234-243.
A scholarly study of a Rockingham County potter and his endeavors. Business activities of Suter are emphasized.
1. Suter, Emanuel, 1833-1902. 2. Suter family. 3. Harrisonburg Steam Pottery. 4. New Erection Pottery. 5. Pottery. 6. Potters.

Suter, Scott H. Tradition and Fashion: Cabinet making in the Upper Shenandoah Valley, 1850-1900. Dayton, Va.: The Shenandoah Valley Folk Art & Heritage Center, 1996. [47]p.: illus. Bibliography: p. [47].
An illustrated history of cabinetmakers. Rockingham County individuals include Daniel Suter.
1. Suter, Daniel, 1808-1873. 2. Cabinetmakers. 3. Furniture.
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