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Transportation and Communication - Communication

WSVA, WSVA-FM Calling. Harrisonburg, Va.: WSVA/WSVA-FM Radio Station, 1951? 1 folded sheet: illus.
This illustrated promotional has the current broadcasting schedule, biographical sketches of the employees, and a historical note.
1. WSVA (Radio station). 2. Radio broadcasting. 3. Radio stations. 4. Harrisonburg - Industries.

Callahan, Tom. "WMRA 90.7 FM." Curio 14, no. 1 (1991): 54-57.
The article examines the early years of the James Madison University student-operated radio station. It looks at the present programming structure under general manager Brenda Hankey. Illustrated.
1. Radio broadcasting. 2. WMRA (Radio station). 3. Hankey, Brenda.

Miranda, Steve. "Three Men and a Microphone." Curio 16, no. 1 (Summer 1993): 6-9.
Frank Wilt, Bob MacNeil, and Jim Britt of WSVA's radio morning show are featured in this illustrated article.
1. WSVA (Radio station). 2. Radio Broadcasting. 3. Wilt, Frank. 4. MacNeil, Bob. 5. Britt, Jim.

Parmelee, John H. "On the Air." Curio 15, no. 1 (Summer 1992): 23-25.
James Madison University graduate Steve Buckhantz is featured in this illustrated article on his career in television broadcasting. Locally Steve worked at WHSV.
1. Buckhantz, Steve. 2. Television broadcasting.

Rawson, David A. News in the Valley: A Survey of Newspaper Circulation Through the New Market Post Office, 1804-1844. [n.p.]: David A. Rawson, 1995. 19, [21]p.: graphs, maps, tables.
This is an unpublished manuscript from a presentation at a history conference at Virginia Military Institute in March, 1995. The paper looks at newspapers that circulated through the New Market Post Office. There are references to Rockingham County subscribers. Tables include information on 1) ages and occupations of Rockingham County readers in 1820 and 1840; 2) post offices in 1800, 1820 and 1840; and 3) Harrisonburg newspapers that circulated through the New Market Post Office.
1. Newspapers - Circulation. 2. Postal service - History.

Reilly, Melissa. "Guaranteed Delivery." Curio 12, no. 1 (Summer 1989): [9]-11.
This illustrated article features Roger Smith, a mail carrier in the Bergton/Criders area of Rockingham County.
1. Smith, Roger. 2. Mail carriers.

Sheppard, Tracy. "World Beat." Curio 14, no. 1 (Summer 1991): 58-59.
This illustrated article features Jack McCaslin, James Madison University art professor and his work for WMRA radio on his "World Beat" program.
1. Radio broadcasting. 2. WMRA (radio station). 3. McCaslin, Jack.

Washburn, Rob. "Making Airways." Curio 11, no. 1 (Summer 1988): 47-50.
Mike Gastineau, sportscaster at WSVA/WQPO radio stations, is featured in this illustrated article.
1. Gastineau, Mike. 2. WSVA (radio station). 3. WQPO (radio station). 4. Radio broadcasting.

WSVA. 25th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet, 1935-1960. Harrisonburg, Va.: WSVA, 1960. [7]p.: illus.
This illustrated booklet has brief biographical sketches of the employees at WSVA.
1. WSVA (Radio station). 2. Radio broadcasting. 3. Television broadcasting.
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