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Transportation and Communication - Transportation

Corporate History: Shenandoah Valley Railroad Company. Maryland and Washington Division of the Norfolk & Western Railroad.. [Philadelphia, Penn.]: [Printed by Allen, Lane & Scott], [1890?]. ii, 246p.
This book prints documentation on the Company including acts of incorporation, deeds, minutes of meetings, court actions, etc. The line went through the eastern part of Rockingham County.
1. Shenandoah Valley Railroad. 2. Norfolk and Western Railroad. 3. Railroads - History.

The Royal Land Com'y of Virginia: Its Purposes and Charters: Its Anthracite Coal, Iron Ore, Other Mineral and Timber Lands: And its Narrow-Gauge Railroads from Chesapeake Bay to Pittsburg and the West .... Richmond: Clemmitt & Jones, Book & Job Printers, 1877. 79, 56p.: geologic maps, maps, tables.
A valuable study of a land and railroad company which was chartered in Rockingham County. Reports on the land and natural resources of the area include one by Jedediah Hotchkiss. A lengthy appendix includes the text of the company charter. An 1877 Hotchkiss map shows the route of heir railroad. Another Hotchkiss map is of Rockingham County showing lands controlled by the Royal Land Company.
1. Royal Land Company of Virginia. 2. Railroads - History. 3. Land companies. 4. Hotchkiss, Jedediah, 1828-1899. 5. Maps - Rockingham County.

Tourists Guide and Descriptive Book of the Shenandoah Valley R.R. 1882. Philadelphia: National Bureau of Engraving & Mf'g Company, 1882. [43]p.: illus., map, table.
Promotional guide to a railroad with a line through eastern Rockingham County. A description of Port Republic is included. Massanetta Springs has a full-page ad. In a table of summer resorts along the railroad line nine are listed for Rockingham County.
1. Shenandoah Valley Railroad. 2. Port Republic - Description and travel. 3. Massanetta Springs - Description and travel. 4. Resorts.

Hampton, Jacki. "Road Less Traveled." Curio 12, no. 1 (Summer 1989): 27-[36].
An illustrated article on the Valley Turnpike. Some of the article includes Rockingham County sites. Pictures include Old Order Mennonite children, an inn near Mt. Crawford, and several photographs in Harrisonburg.
1. Valley Pike. 2. Roads - History

McMullen, Glenn L., comp. Manuscript Sources for Railroad History at Carol M. Newman Library, Virginia Tech. Blacksburg, Va.: University Libraries, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1988. 37p.
A listing of 255 manuscript collections. At least seven of the collections include Rockingham County railroad connections.
1. Railroads - Sources. 2. Norfolk and Western Railroad. 3. Shenandoah Valley Railroad. 4. Shenandoah Valley Railway. 5. Orange, Alexandria, and Manassas Gap Railroad. 6. Washington City, Virginia Midland and Great Southern Railroad. 7. Virginia Midland Railway.

Peterson, Kathryn. "Picking Up the Pieces." Curio 15, no. 1 (Summer 1992): 46-49.
An illustrated article on picking up street and roadside litter in and near Harrisonburg under the Virginia Adopt-A-Highway Program and the Harrisonburg Adopt-A-Street Program.
1. Virginia Adopt-A-Highway Program. 2. Harrisonburg Adopt-A-Street Program. 3. Roadside improvement. 4. Refuse and refuse disposal.

Price, Charles G., Jr. "The Crooked and Weedy": Being a Very Informal Illustrated History of Virginia's Most Un-common Carrier: Chesapeake Western Railway. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: Charles Grattan Price, Jr., 1991. v, 126p.: illus., map on end papers.
Located in Rockingham and Augusta Counties the Chesapeake Western Railway was chartered in 1895. The line ran from Elkton to Staunton. Heavily illustrated.
1. Chesapeake Western Railway. 2. Railroads - History.

Seeley, John. Road Development in Rockingham County; Completed for Special Collections, Archival Internship, Carrier Library, James Madison University. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: James Madison University, 1994. 18p. Bibliography: p. 17-18.
Typescript copy. This paper looks at road legislation in Virginia, why roads were important, and how they developed in Rockingham County. The paper's emphasis is on pre-Civil War road development.
1. Roads - Law and legislation. 2. Roads - History.

Smith, Elmer L. "The Bridgewater Bridge." In Valley Folklore - 1968, 11-13. Harrisonburg, Va.: Elmer L. Smith, 1968.
Smith briefly discusses several covered bridges at Bridgewater.
1. Bridges. 2. Covered bridges.

Striplin, E. F. Pat. The Norfolk & Western: A History. Forest, Va.: Norfolk & Western Historical Society, 1997. x, 234p.: illus. Bibliography: p. 219-221.
Although Rockingham County locations are not prominent this history includes information on the Shenandoah Valley Railroad which went through the County.
1. Railroads - History. 2. Norfolk and Western Railroad. 3. Shenandoah Valley Railroad.
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