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Politics and Government - General

Rockingham County: Table of Contents for Loose Papers Project. [n.p.]: [n.p.], 1996. [31]p.
Typescript copy. This is a listing to Chancery Causes, Introduction to Research Series, Listing to Oversized Records, Listing to Newspapers, and a Listing of Interesting Cases of Finds for Rockingham County Circuit and County courts. Dates of coverage range from 1783-1913.
1. Rockingham County Court House. 2. Rockingham County Circuit Court. 3. Rockingham County County Court. 4. Courts - Rockingham County. 5. Genealogy - Sources.

Boyd-Rush, Dorothy. "Polls of Electors for Senator, 1971 (i.e. 1791), Rockingham County, Virginia." The Rockingham Recorder 3, no. 4 (April 1988): 15-16.
This article has a list of electors voting for William Bowyer and Essex Sinclair. It was for a Virginia state election.
1. Bowyer, William. 2. Sinclair, Essex. 3. Elections - Sources.

Compton, George F. "Sketches of Rockingham." The Rockingham Recorder 3, no. 4 (April 1988): 7-14.
Serialization of Compton's history published during 1885 in the Rockingham Register. This segment includes material on the Battle of Point Pleasant, the establishment of Rockingham County, the first county court and early court activities, and brief comments on the race to Richmond to determine whether Harrisonburg or Keezletown would become the county seat.
1. Rockingham County - History. 2. Point Pleasant, Battle of, 1774. 3. Courts - Law and legislation. 4. Court records - Sources. 5. Keezell, George. 6. Harrison, Thomas, 1704-1785.

Lowe, Richard. Republicans and Reconstruction in Virginia, 1856-70. Charlottesville, Va.: University Press of Virginia, 1991. ix, 261p.: maps, table Bibliography: p. 236-252.
A scholarly study on post-Civil War Virginia politics. Rockingham County is represented by John F. Lewis and G. K. Gilmer. Gilmer published the Harrisonburg American Union newspaper.
1. Lewis, John F., 1818-1895. 2. Harrisonburg American Union. 3. Gilmer, George K.

Mundy, Frank G. Game Warden Entertainment. Broadway, Va.: Frank G. Mundy, 1994. 110p.: illus.
Mundy is a game warden for Rockingham, Shenandoah, and Page counties. This book has a number of stories on his game warden experiences. He lives in the Broadway area.
1. Game wardens.

Peters, John O., and Peters, Margaret T. Virginia's Historic Courthouses. Charlottesville, Va.: University Press of Virginia, 1995. xii, 249p: illus., map. Note on Sources: p. 241-242.
A brief discussion of the current Rockingham County Courthouse along with a colored photograph is provided.
1. Court-houses - History.

Soenksen, Roger A. "A Model of Symbolic Speech Argumentation as Applied to Sword v. Fox." Doctoral., Athens, Ohio, Ohio University, 1981, vii, 171, [3]p.: charts. Bibliography: p. 157-162.
This dissertation analyzes a court case originating in 1970 at Madison College. Over a seven year period this was finalized at the United States Supreme Court. The case involved freedom of speech.
1. Sword vs. Fox. 2. Freedom of Speech. 3. College students - Legal status, laws, etc. 4. James Madison University - Law and legislation.

Wise, Andrew, and Trimble, Marsha. Register of the Papers of Judge John Paul. Charlottesville, Va.: University of Virginia Law Library, 1992. 38p.
John Paul was a Rockingham County native and federal judge who donated his papers to the University of Virginia. This is a guide to his papers as judge and cover the years 1930-1964.
1. Paul, John, 1883-1964. 2. Judges - Sources. 3. Courts - Sources.
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