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Social History - General

Boyer, Leila O. W. "Getting Started Most Happily:" The Progress of Ex-Slaves in Rockingham County, Virginia, 1865-1885. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [James Madison University], 1996. 19, [8]p.: illus., folded map, map. Bibliography: p. 18-19.
Typescript copy. Term paper done at James Madison University. This paper looks at the status and progress of Rockingham County African Americans before and during the Reconstruction era. Pictures show several churches and buildings of the era. Maps from Lake's 1885 atlas of Rockingham County are used to note several settlements of African Americans.
1. Reconstruction - History. 2. Afro-Americans - History. 3. Afro-Americans - Civil rights.

Brooks, Dawn. "Old Friends, Young Friends." Curio 11, no. 1 (Sumer 1988): 8-13.
Camelot Hall Nursing Home in Harrisonburg and its volunteer "Adopt-A-Grandparent" program is discussed in this illustrated article. James Madison University student Danny Gogal is featured.
1. Camelot Hall Nursing Home. 2. Retirement homes.

Heatwole, John. The Games We Played. The Virginia and West Virginia Mountain and Valley Folklife Series. Bridgewater, Va.: The Mountain and Valley Series, 1997. 35p.: illus. Bibliography: p. 32-34.
Children's games are noted and explained. Much of the information in this book was obtained through interviews.
1. Folk-lore. 2. Oral tradition. 3. Games. 4. Recreation.

Heatwole, John. Magic Cures and Incantations The Virginia and West Virginia Mountain and Valley Folklife Series. Bridgewater, Va.: The Mountain and Valley Series, 1997. 32p.: illus. Bibliography: p. 29-31.
Various folk medicine and incantations are recorded. Much of the information in the book was obtained from interviews obtained by the author.
1. Incantations. 2. Folk-lore. 3. Superstition. 4. Oral tradition.

Heatwole, John. Some Madstones of the Virginias The Virginia and West Virginia Mountain and Valley Folklife Series. Bridgewater, Va.: The Mountain and Valley Series, 1997. 16p.: illus.
Madstones were used as magical cures for healing poisonous bites, e.g. mad dogs. The madstones were small hard objects which came from various origins. The author explains the origin of some madstones.
1. Folk-lore. 2. Superstition. 3. Charms.

Heatwole, John. Superstitions The Virginia and West Virginia Mountain and Valley Folklife Series. Bridgewater, Va.: The Mountain and Valley Series, 1997. 26p.: illus.
The author records superstitions held by people in an area that includes Rockingham County. Many of the superstitions were obtained through oral interviews.
1. Superstition. 2. Folk-lore. 3. Oral tradition.

Heatwole, John. Witches and Witch Doctors TheVirginia and West Virginia Mountain and Valley Folklife Series. Bridgewater, Va.: The Mountain and Valley Series, 1997. i, 32p.: illus. Bibliography: p. 29-31.
The stories on witches include Rockingham County individuals and events. Some of the information is from oral interviews.
1. Witchcraft. 2. Oral tradition. 3. Folk-lore. 4. Witches.

Heatwole, John L. Shenandoah Voices: Folklore, Legends and Traditions of the Valley. Berryville, Va.: Rockbridge Publishing Company, 1995. xvi, 147p.: illus. Sources: p. [137]-140.
Many of the author's tales and folklore originated in Rockingham County. The book is topically arranged. Sections include witches, superstitions, supernatural, etc. In addition to secondary sources, manuscripts and interviews were used to gather this published material.
1. Folk-lore. 2. Legends. 3. Superstition. 4. Witchcraft. 5. Oral tradition.

Jackson, Valerie. "Halfway Home." Curio 13, no. 1 (Summer 1990): 27-30.
An illustrated article on Gemeinschaft, a half-way home for released prisoners. It is located in Harrisonburg.
1. Gemeinschaft. 2. Halfway houses.

Jones, Susan L. "Someone to Call a Friend." Curio 12, no. 1 (Sumer 1989): 60-63.
The Harrisonburg Big Brothers/Big Sisters program is discussed in the illustrated article.
1. Big Brother Program. 2. Big Sister Program.

Miller, Fred W. "What About Fresh Air Host Familes." The Valley Mennonite Messenger 5, no. 1 (July 7, 1966): 3.
An overview of the Fresh Air program and some of the local people (Rockingham County) involved are noted in this illustrated article.
1. Fresh Air Fund.

Porter, Amy. "There's No Place Like Home." Curio 11, no. 1 (Summer 1988): 58-63.
An illustrated article on the Pleasant View Homes organization located in Broadway. Founded in 1969 the home is operated by the Virginia Conference of the Mennonite Church. Pleasant View was the first group home for the mentally retarded in Virginia.
1. Pleasant View Homes. 2. Mentally retarded.

Rissler, Jennifer. "To Harrisonburg With Hope." Curio 16, no. 1 (Summer 1993): 28-31.
This illustrated article features refugees from the former Soviet Union living in the Harrisonburg area. The efforts of local churches on their behalf, their work to learn the English language and obtain jobs, and learning American customs is emphasized. The Virginia Council of Churches Resettlement Program of Church World Service is the overall sponsor.
1. Refugees. 2. Virginia Council of Churches Refugee Resettlement Program.

Rockingham County Recreation Department. A Senior Citizens Directory for Centers Sponsored by the Rockingham County Recreation Department. Harrisonburg, Va.: The Department, [n.d.]. [31]p.: illus.
This directory lists members with their address, telephone numbers, and birthdate for Centers at Edom, Elkton, Mt. Valley/10th Legion, and Singers Glen.
1. Senior Citizens - Directories.

Sinclair, Lucinda E. "Shelters of Hope." Curio 12, no. 1 (Summer 1989): 37-39.
Star Gables Motel, outside Harrisonburg, and Mercy House, in Harrisonburg, are featured in this illustrated article. Both offer housing to individuals and families that are temporarily in need of housing.
1. Star Gables Motel. 2. Mercy House. 3. Housing, temporary.

Triessel, Ronald L. The Fresh Air Child's Urban Influence on Rural Shenandoah and Rockingham County. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [Eastern Mennonite College], 1967. 23, [7]p.: tables. Bibliography: p. 22-23.
Typescript copy. A term paper from Eastern Mennonite University. This study discusses the origins of the Fresh Air Program nationally and within Rockingham County as early as 1900. This program brings inner city children to the country to give them new experiences. Triessel's study looks especially at the years 1958-1965.
1. Fresh Air Program.

Trissel, Fern. The First Ten Years of Heritage Haven, 1981-1991. The History was Researched and Written by a Committee of Heritage Haven Residents for the 10-Year Anniversary Celebration.. Harrisonburg, Va.: Heritage Haven, Inc., 1991. 24p.
This brief history includes a list of all residents at Heritage Haven.
1. Heritage Haven, Inc. - History. 2. Retirement homes.

Virginia Mennonite Conference. Conference on the Christian and Race: March 31, 1964, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Sponsored by the Virginia Mennonite Conference. Harrisonburg, Va.: The Conference, 1964. 12, [18], 9,5,6,3,8.
Copies of the papers presented at the Conference are reproduced in this publication.
1. Race relations - Mennonite Church. 2. Mennonite Church - Race Relations.

Wissinger, Laurel. "Fields and Dreams." Curio 14, no. 1 (Summer 1991): 40-42.
D. Lloyd and Alice Trissel are featured in this illustrated article on life-long work with the Fresh Air Fund program. This program brings inner-city children to live for a time in the country.
1. Trissel, Alice. 2. Trissel, D. Lloyd. 3. Fresh Air Fund.

Women of Mt. Carmel Mennonite School. Shenandoah Valley's Treasure of Personal Recipes. Harrisonburg, Va.: The School, 1956. 38, [20], A-Dp.: illus., tables.
In addition to recipes there are various pages of local business advertisements.
1. Mt. Carmel Mennonite School. 2. Cookbooks - Mt. Carmel Mennonite School. 3. Advertising - Business.

Wyatt, Andrew. "Meet Linda Finch." Curio 13, no. 1 (Summer 1990): 56-57.
An illustrated article on Linda Finch, a James Madison University student, and her volunteer work throughout Rockingham County.
1. Finch, Linda. 2. Volunteers.
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