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Cultural Activities - Literature and Drama

Poetry From the Valley of Virginia. Fort Valley, Va.: Loft Press, 1996. 128p.: illus.
Ca. seventeen of the short poems are from Rockingham County authors.
1. Poetry.

Bergman, Vitae. Afga: A Mystery Set in Harrisonburg. Harrisonburg, Va.: Burkeshire Press, 1995. 300p.
This is a mystery novel set in Harrisonburg.
1. Harrisonburg - Fiction

Claytor, Gertrude. Sunday in Virginia and Other Poems. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1951. 79p.
An anthology of poetry. One poem is entitled "Alexander Spotswood Discovers the Valley of the Shenandoah."
Spotswood, Alexander, 1676-1740 - Poetry. 2. Knights of the Golden Horseshoe - Poetry.

Click, Ella N. Diary of Ella N. Click, 1879-1949; Written in Her Own Handwriting with Additional Family Notes by Walter L. Click.. [Spokane, Wash]: n.p.], 1980. [120]p.
This account is in the handwriting of Ella Click at the age of seventy. She reminiscences on her own life. Much of Ella's life was spent in the Bridgewater/Mt Crawford area. The writing comes up to the year 1934.
1. Click, Ella N., 1879-1949. 2. Reminiscences.

Desmond, Carrie. "The Eye of the Poet." Curio 16, no. 1 (Summer 1993): 22-25.
An illustrated article on Edna Frederikson, of Harrisonburg, and her career as a teacher, poet, and novelist. Her poems and a 1974 novel, Three Parts Earth, are featured.
1. Frederikson, Edna. 2. Authors - History and criticism. 3. Poets.

Good, Janis. Summer of the Lost Limb. Mt. Solon, Va.: Christian Recollections, 1994. 109p.: illus.
This novel is about Mary Rohrer, of the Dayton area, and her loss of a leg in 1908.
1. Rohrer, Mary - Fiction. 2. Old Order Mennonites - Fiction.

Graham, Tamela. "All the World's Their Stage." Curio 15, no. 1 (Summer 1992): 18-22.
A background article on the Shenandoah Shakespeare Express. This corporation began at James Madison University in 1987 under the direction of Dr. Ralph Cohen. The Express has performed internationally. Illustrated.
1. Shenandoah Shakespeare Express. 2. Theater. 3. Cohen, Ralph.

Harris, Paul R. One Day at a Time: Poems & Stories, Lovewords, Dreams, Hopethoughts, Insights to Grow on, & Reflections on the Wonder of the World.. Keezletown, Va.: Community of Hope, Inc. COHOPE!, 1979. [51]p.
This is a book of poems and stories by a physically disabled man who was educated in the COHOPE program at Keezletown. An example of inspirational writing.
1. COHOPE. 2. Inspiration in literature.

Liskey, Judy R. My Sweet Valley Home: Rockingham County, Virginia Personal Correspondence from October 16, 1876 to [December 16, 1888].. 4 vols. [Fulks Run, Va.]: July R. Liskey, 1991.
Photocopy of transcript. Published letters to and from Dorcas Aubrey who lived in the northwestern region of Rockingham County.
1. Aubrey, Dorcas. 2. Letters.

McCormick, Carol M., et. al. Rye Hill Parties & Poetry: 1979-1989. Edited and Published by Carol Maureen McCormick, Barbara Polin, Mary Ann Yarsinske. Mt. Sidney, Va.: Rye Hill Publications, 1990. 71p.: illus.
This book publishes poetry read at annual readings at Rye Hill near Criders, Virginia.
1. Poetry. 2. Criders.

Simmons, Jennifer. "Ghost Town: As Halloween Approaches, Harrisonburg Takes Stock of Local Legends." The Breeze, Harrisonburg, Va., October 27, 1997, 18-19.
The article has halloween and ghost stories from Harrisonburg. Several of the stories relate to James Madison University.
1. Ghost stories. 2. Halloween. 3. James Madison University - History.

Taylor, L.B., Jr. The Ghosts of Virginia. Volume 2. [n.p.]: L.B. Taylor, Jr., 1994, second print 1997. xxiii, 386p.: illus.
Two Rockingham County "stories" are told in this book. One is about Adam Kersh, a musician from the Bridgewater area, and a man shot in Beldor Hollow during a poker game.
1. Ghost stories. 2. Kersh, Adam.

Wilson, Ulysses G. Mammy's Chillum, and Other Poems; Some Bits of Humor and Truth Gathered at First Hand from Among My People. Harrisonburg, Va.: The Author, [1920]. [14]p.
The author was a native of Harrisonburg and a teacher at several schools in Rockingham County. A biographical sketch of the author is included in this book of poems. JMU's copy is a photocopy.
1. Afro-Americans - Poetry. 2. Poetry - Afro-American authors.
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