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Cultural Activities - Music - General

Eskey, Harry. "Shape-Note Hymnody." In The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ed. Stanley Sadie, 17, 223-228. Washington, D.C.: Grove's Dictionaries of Music, 1980.
This is a scholarly article that notes Rockingham County efforts on shaped note music. Ananias Davisson and Joseph Funk are highlighted.
1. Davisson, Ananias, 1780-1857. 2. Shaped note music. 3. Hymns. 4. Funk, Joseph, 1777-1862.

Horst, Irvin B., comp. "Singers Glen, Virginia, Imprints, 1847-1878: A Checklist." EMC Bulletin 44, no. 2 (February 1965): 6-14.
Horst writes some historical information on Joseph Funk and his publishing ventures along with his family and their publishing efforts following his death. A chronologically arranged bibliography of imprints from Singers Glen is printed. Several pictures show title page examples of the publications.
1. Funk, Joseph, 1777-1862. 2. Joseph Funk & Sons. 3. Joseph Funk's Sons. 4. Publishers and publishing.

McDaniel, Lucille. The Singing-School Movement in Virginia.. [Bridgewater, Va.]: [Bridgewater College], 1992. i, 60p. Bibliography: p. 58-60.
Typescript copy. A paper done at Bridgewater College for a senior honors project. This scholarly study looks at the importance of singing schools in Rockingham County. The emphasis is upon Ananias Davisson and his Kentucky Harmony and Joseph Funk and his musical work including the Harmonia Sacra. The continuance of shaped note singing and study is noted.
1. Davisson, Ananias, 1780-1857. 2. Funk, Joseph, 1777-1862. 3. Shaped note music. 4. Harmonia Sacra. 5. Singing - Instruction and study.

Ragsdale, Donna. "Boot Scootin' Benefits." Curio 16, no. 1 (Summer 1993): 2-5.
Delmas Dean and his EchoStarr band from Elkton are featured in this illustrated article. The article notes the contemporary country band and their playing of benefits to help others in the community.
1. Dean, Delmas. 2. EchoStarr. 3. Music Bands. 4. Bands (music).

Showalter, Grace I. "The Library and Manuscripts of Joseph Funk." EMC Bulletin 46, no. 1 (January 1967): 11-12.
Following comments on Funk and his work there is a list of manuscripts and eight known books from Funk's personal library. These sources are at the Menno Simons Historical Library at Eastern Mennonite University.
1. Funk, Joseph, 1777-1862. 2. Menno Simons Historical Library and Archives.
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