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Physical and Natural - General

"Flood '85." Harrisonburg Daily News Record, Harrisonburg, Va., November 21, 1985, 36p.: illus.
This was a supplement to the Daily News Record. Rockingham County is included in this series of articles on a major flood during November 1985.
1. Floods.

"Flood '85." Harrisonburg Daily News Record, Harrisonburg, Va., November 21, 1985, 36p.: illus.
This is a supplement to the daily newspaper. Rockingham County is included in a series of articles on a major flood of the Shenandoah River and its brances in November 1985.
1. Floods

"The Flood: Ten Years Later." Harrisonburg Daily News Record, Harrisonburg, Va., November 7, 1995, 36p.: illus., maps.
This series of articles look back to the 1985 flood of the Shenandoah River and its branches in November 1985.
1. Floods.

"The Floods of 1996: A Commemorate Section." Harrisonburg Daily News Record, Harrisonburg, Va., September 16, 1996, 6p.: illus.
Published as a supplement to the Daily News Record this section offers a series of articles on major flooding on the Shenandoah River and its tributaries.
1. Floods.

"The Floods of 1996: A Commemorative Section." Harrisonburg Daily News Record, Harrisonburg, Va., September 16, 1996, 1-12.
A special section of the newspaper with articles and pictures. Some historical flood information is provided.
1. Floods

The WMRA Regional Recycling Directory. Harrisonburg, Va.: WMRA, [1991?]. 32p.: chart.
The directory is arranged by county in a region surrounding Rockingham County. It is arranged by type of recycling product, e.g. car batteries. Each recycling center entry lists the organization or enterprise and address, telephone number, and drop off schedule (when applicable).
1. Environment - Directories. 2. Recycling (waste, etc.) - Directories.

Bolgiano, Ralph W. Mercury Contamination of the South, South Fork Shenandoah, and Shenandoah Rivers. Basic Data Bulletin 47. Richmond: Virginia State Water Control Board, 1980. xi, 75, [59]p.: graphs, tables. Bibliograpy: p. 33-36.
A technical study of contamination that includes the Shenandoah River and its branches in Rockingham County.
1. Water Pollution. 2. Shenandoah River - Pollution. 3. Rivers - Pollution. 4. Mercury - Pollution.

Brackbill, Maurice T. Evenings with the Stars. Scottdale, Penn.: Herald Press, 1945. 42p.: illus., sky charts.
This book has monthly studies on the stars from the periodical Youth's Christian Companion of 1943-1944. The author was a professor at Eastern Mennonite College. Poems on the heavens are presented along with photographs of the planetarium and students at the College.
1. Planetariums. 2. Stars. 3. Eastern Mennonite University - Study and teaching.

Cohen, Gayle. "Unpredictable by Nature." Curio 15, no. 1 (Summer 1993): 54-57.
A historical look at some major extremes of weather in Rockingham County. The emphasis is on rain and snow falls. Tommy Thompson and Clayton Towers are cited in the illustrated articles for their weather record keeping.
1. Weather. 2. Snow - History. 3. Rain and rainfall. 4. Thompson, Tommy W. 5. Towers, Clayton.

Hack, John T., and Goodlett, John C. Geomorphology and Forest Ecology of a Mountain Region in the Central Appalachians. Geological Survey Professional Paper 347. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1960. iv, 66, [1]p.: illus. folded maps, graphs, tables. Bibliography: p. 63-64.
Prepared by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) this scholarly study looks at the geology and ecology of the headwaters of the Shenandoah River. The southwestern region of Rockingham County is included in this study.
1. Geology. 2. Ecology.

Heatwole, Lewis J. Key to the Almanac and the Sidereal Heavens. Scottdale, Penn.: Mennonite Publishing House, 1908. 233, [5]p.: sky charts.
The author, who lived at Dale Enterprise, was a minister and lifelong student of astronomy. This book looks at all aspects of the almanac and heavens from a Christian perspective.
1. Stars. 2. Astronomy. 3. Sky. 4. Almanacs.

Miller, Fred W. "Gehman Offers Plan for Shenandoah River Development." The Valley Mennonite Messenger 3, no. 51 (June 17, 1965): 1,3.
Plans prepared by Ernest G. Gehman are detailed in this article on proposed dams on the Shenandoah River. Gehman proposed numerous small dams instead of several high dams.
1. Gehman, Ernest G. 2. Shenandoah River - Dams. 3. Dams - Shenandoah River.

Miller, Fred W. "They Did Something About the Weather." The Valley Mennonite Messenger 2, no. 30 (January 23, 1964): [3-4].
This article notes the Lewis J. Heatwole family and their work keeping weather records at Dale Enterprise since 1880. Heatwole's daughter, Mrs. Earl Grove, is noted as currently keeping the records. A picture of Heatwole is printed.
1. Heatwole, Lewis J., 1852-1932. 2. Grove, Mrs. Earl. 3. Weather.

Mitchell, Robert D., et. al. European Settlement and Land-Cover Change: The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia During the 18th Century. Final Report National Geographic Society: Grant #4381-90 (1991-1992). n.p.]: [n.p.], 1993. i, 105p.: illus., graphs, maps, tables. Bibliography: p. 96-105.
This study includes Rockingham County. The authors have researched how the land was settled and used during the Colonial period. They analyze the record on the effect of European settlers upon the land.
1. Land settlement - Colonial period. 2. Land use - Colonial period. 3. Ecology - Colonial period.

Powell, Jennifer R. "Pollution Solutions." Curio 14, no. 1 (Summer 1991): 10-14.
An illustrated article on a Lacey Springs Elementary School prgram initiated in 1990. Pollution Solutions works to create an awareness about the environment and has raised money for projects.
1. Lacey Springs Elementary School. 2. Pollution Solutions. 3. Environment.

Schleck, Dave. "Weatherin' the Storms." Curio 15, no. 1 (Summer 1992): 58-59.
This illustrated article focuses on weather observers from the central Shenandoah Valley that report local conditions to WSVA radio in Harrisonburg.
1. Weather. 2. WSVA (radio station). 3. Radio broadcasting.

Smith, Elmer L. "Medicinal Mineral Springs." In Valley Folklore - 1967, ed. Elmer L. Smith, 28-30. Harrisonburg, Va.: Elmer L. Smith, 1967.
Several springs in Rockingham County, including Bear Lithia and Rawley Spring, are noted.
1. Bear Lithia Spring. 2. Rawley Springs. 3. Liberty Springs. 4. Union Springs. 5. Massanetta Springs. 6. Hopkins Spring. 7. Springs.

Trout, W. E. The Shenandoah River Atlas: A Virginia Canals & Navigations Society River Atlas Project. Nineteenth-Century Inland Navigations of the Virginias.. Front Royal, Va.: The Friends of the Shenandoah River, 1997. 107p.: illus., drawings, maps.
This atlas contains detailed maps and commentary on the Shenandoah River that includes the North Fork, North River, South Fork, and the main branch of the River. Coverage is both historical and current. Heavily illustrated with topographic maps detailing the complete run of the river. The economic aspect of the River is noted with information on shipping and the use of gundalows for freight movement. In Rockingham County, Port Republic is featured. "Commodore of the Shenandoah" Zachariah Raines, of Port Republic, has a featured section in the atlas.
1. Raines, Zachariah, 1810-1870. 2. Shenandoah River. 3. Shenandoah River - Maps. 4. Port Republic - History.

United States. Civilian Conservation Corps, Third District. Official Annual ... Civilian Conservation Corps, District no. 3, Third Corps Area. JMU holdings: 1937. ed. Baton Rouge, La.: Direct Advertising Company, 1937.
This book was published for individuals that served in the CCC. It has a brief history of the CCC movement. The Third District covered some areas of Maryland and Virginia. Among the companies listed are Elkton and Fulk's Run. A brief history of each of these companies is provided along with group pictures and a roster of Corps members.
1. Civilian Conservation Corps - History. 2. United States. National Park Service - History. 3. United States. Forest Service. - History.

United States. Forest Service. Southern Region. George Washington National Forest: A History. [n.p.]: The Author, 1993 reprint of the [1991] ed. 54p.: illus. Bibliography: p. 45-54.
This illustrated history looks at the George Washington National Forest from its inception in 1917 to the present. With its headquarters in Harrisonburg, Virginia much of the history includes the Rockingham County area. A concern for the environment of the Forest is emphasized.
1. George Washington National Forest - History. 2. Forest management. 3. National forests.

United States. War Department. [Examination of Shenandoah River, Virginia and West Virginia]. Washington, D.C.: The Department, 1880. 23p.: tables.
Pages 2-17 are the Shenandoah River report. Reports include the years 1833, 1849 and 1879. The text of an 1872 act incorporating the Shenandoah River Navigation Company is printed. Although the report covers the complete Shenandoah River area Rockingham County is represented with references to Port Republic and the South and North Forks. This is published in the Congressional Serial Set as Senate Ex. Doc. no. 66, 46th Cong., 2d. session (Serial Set 1884).
1. Shenandoah River. 2. Port Republic - History. 3. Shenandoah River Navigation Company.
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