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Physical and Natural - Geological

Heatwole, Annie L. "Sparkling Springs." The Valley Mennonite Messenger 6, no. 5 and 7 (August 3 and 10, 1967): 3 and 4.
Two articles (in a series) on the history of Sparkling Springs in west central Rockingham County are printed. The early name of Baxter Spring is noted along with a list of owners at the Springs. A poem written by Heatwole is printed. Originally written in 1953.
1. Springs - Rockingham County. 2. Sparkling Springs. 3. Baxter Spring. 4. Sparkling Springs Company - History.

Miller, Fred W. "Visit Sky Park on Mole Hill." The Valley Mennonite Messenger 6, no. 12 (September 21, 1967): 3.
This article is about Glen and Vernie Shank and their "Sky Park" on Mole Hill located west of Harrisonburg.
1. Mole Hill. 2. Shank, Glen. 3. Shank, Vernie

Smith, Elmer L. "The Magic Mineral Springs." In Valley Folklore - 1970, ed. Elmer L. Smith, 33-34. Harrisonburg, Va.: Elmer L. Smith, 1970.
This brief article discusses Tide Springs located south of Broadway.
1. Tide Springs. 2. Springs - Rockingham County.

Stose, G.W. Manganese Deposits of the West Foot of the Blue Ridge, Virginia Virginia Geology Survey Bulletin no. 17. Charlottesville, Va.: University of Virginia, 1919. viii, 166p.: illus., diagrams, folded maps, maps, tables.
One chapter discusses ore and mines in Rockingham County.
1. Manganese ores.
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