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General Reference and Primary Sources - Maps

"Lee's Map of the Valley of Virginia." . Luray, Va.: The Valley Land and Improvement Company, 1890.
The main map shows the full expanse of the Shenandoah Valley including Civil War battle sites, railroad lines, furnaces, colleges, rivers, geologic sites, mountain passes, etc. Harrisonburgh (sic), Rawley Springs, Elkton, Shendun and the Cross Keys and Port Republic battlefields are listed.
1. Maps - Rockingham County. 2. Rockingham County - Maps.

Virginia Atlas & Gazatteer. 2nd ed. Yarmouth, Me.: DeLorme Mapping Company, 1995. 80p.: maps.

1. Rockingham County - Description and travel. 2. Rockingham County - Maps. 3. Maps - Rockingham County.

Virginia Atlas & Gazetteer. Freeport, Me.: DeLorme Mapping Company, 1989. 80p.: maps.
In addition to topographic maps of Virginia at the scale of 1:150,000 there are a number of preliminary sections that have information on campgrounds, historic sites, museums, scenic drives, etc. Rockingham County is represented.
1. Rockingham County - Description and travel. 2. Rockingham County - Maps. 3. Maps - Rockingham County.

Lathrop, J. M. An Atlas of Rockingham County, Virginia: From the 1885 Surveys by J.M. Lathrop and B.N. Griffing. Reproduced and Compiled May, 1995 by GP Hamond Publishing.. Strasburg, Va.: Hammond, 1995 reprint of the 1885 ed. iv, 68p.: maps.
Entry #2477 and 2478 in the compilers 1989 bibliography of Rockingham County lists earlier editions. This edition has additions including several early maps of Virginia, a poem on a Shawnee Indian, several current photographs, membership list of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, and an index of named people and places.
1. Atlases. 2. Maps - Rockingham County. 3. Rockingham County - Maps.

Martin, Lawrence, ed. The George Washington Atlas: A Collection of Eighty-Five Maps Including Twenty-Eight Made by George Washington, Seven Used and Annotated by Him, Eight Made at His Direction, or for His Use or Otherwise Associated With Him, and Forty-Two New Maps Concerning His Activities in Peace and War and His Place in History. [Richmond, Va.]: Virginia Surveyors Foundation, 1995 facsimile of the 1932 ed. [4]p.: 50 plates of maps.
Plate 33 is a map of places in Virginia that Washington visited. Several Rockingham County locations are noted.
1. Washington, George, 1732-1799. 2. Maps - Rockingham County. 3. Rockingham County - Maps.

Walsh, Jim. Maps Contained in the Publications of the American Bibliography, 1639-1819: An Index and Checklist. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow, 1988. xv, 367p.
This book contains a bibliography of the maps in the editions of the American Bibliography ... published by Charles Evans and Ralph Shaw. Although no maps cover Rockingham County exclusively there are a number of early Virginia maps listed that include the Shenandoah Valley region. Coverage is from 1755 through 1819.
1. Maps - Bibliography.
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