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General Reference and Primary Sources - Reference Sources

Writings on American History. 49 vols. Washington, D.C.: American Historical Association, 1902-1961.
This is the standard index to all areas of American history including genealogy for the years published. It offers comprehensiveness in its coverage. It was not published in 1904, 1905, and in 1941-1947. A cumulative index for 1902-1940 is available. Rockingham County events, places, and individuals are listed.
1. Rockingham County - Bibliography.

Anderson, Della. 101 Virginia Women Writers: A Select Bibliography. A Publication of the Virginia Women's Cultural History Project Richmond, Virginia.. [n.p.]: Virginia Women's Cultural History Project, 1984. viii, 151p.
Orra Henderson Moore Gray Langhorne, of Harrisonburg, is included in this bibliography. Both a list of her writings and several references to her are printed.
1. Langhorne, Orra, 1841-1904.

Blosser, Susan S., and Wilson, Clyde N., Jr. The Southern Historical Collection: A Guide to Manuscripts. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Library, 1970. [251], 48, [17]p.
This is the guide to the Southern Historical Collection at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Several Rockingham County collections are included.
1. Southern Historical Collection. 2. Rockingham County - Bibliography. 3. Rockingham County - Sources.

Davis, Richard C., and Miller, Linda A., ed. Guide to the Cataloged Collections in the Manuscript Department of the William R. Perkins Library, Duke University.. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Clio Books, 1980. xii, 1003p.
A number of manuscript sources from Rockingham County are listed. The index includes entries by specific county.
1. Rockingham County - Sources.

Filby, P. William, comp. A Bibliography of American County Histories. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1985. xiv, 449p.
This reference work is arranged by state and county. Three entries are listed for Rockingham County.
1. Rockingham County - Bibliography.

Harper, Josephine L. Guide to the Draper Manuscripts. Madison, Wisc.: The State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1983. xxvii 464p.: illus., facsimiles.
This is a guide to Lyman Draper's extensive collections (available on microform in James Madison University's Carrier Library) on the trans-Allegheny west covering the years ca. 1740 - 1830. Some Rockingham County information is included, e.g. the Lincoln family and the Battle of Point Pleasant. For the serious researcher this can be a gold mine of primary source materials.
1. Lincoln family. 2. Boone family. 3. Lewis family. 4. Sevier, John, 1745-1815. 5. Sevier, Valentine, 1702-1803. 6. Lewis, Thomas, 1718-1790. 7. Hog, Peter, 1703-1782. 8. Madison, James, 1749-1812. 9. Jones, Gabriel, 1724-1806. 10. Miller, Henry, 1735-1790. 11. Point Pleasant, Battle of, 1774.

Kaminkow, Marion J., ed. United States Local Histories in the Library of Congress. 5 vols. Baltimore: Magna Carta Book Company, 1975.
This is a massive bibliography arranged by state, region, county, city, etc. There are ten entries under Rockingham County, one under Dayton, four under Harrisonburg, etc.
1. Rockingham County - Bibliography.

Miller, Gordon W. Rockingham: An Annotated Bibliography of a Virginia County. Harrisonburg, Va.: Published Under the Auspices of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, 1989. xxvii, 623p.
A comprehensive bibliography of Rockingham County subjects. Books, journal articles, pamphlets, maps, microforms, and audio-visual materials are included. Libraries at Bridgewater College, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, James Madison Universtiy, and Rockingham Public Library were used in compiling the bibliography.
1. Rockingham County - Bibliography.

Parrish, T. Michael, and Willingham, Robert M., Jr. Confederate Imprints: A Bibliography of Southern Publications from Secession to Surrender. Expanding and Revising the Earlier Works of Marjorie Crandall & Richard Harwell.. Austin, Tex.; Katomah, N.Y.: Jenkins Publish Company; Gary A. Foster, [ca. 1984]. 991p.: illus., facsimiles.
An exhaustive bibliography. Several publications and broadsides in and about Rockingham County are included. Joseph Funk and John H. Wartmann are featured.
1. Wartmann, John H. 2. Funk, Joseph, 1777-1862. 3. Publishers and publishing. 4. Broadsides - Bibliography.

Plunkett, Michael, comp. A Guide to Collections Relating to Afro-American History, Literature, & Culture in the Manuscripts Department of the University of Virginia Library. Charlottesville, Va.: University of Virginia Library, 1984. ix, 69p.: illus.
Each record listing has a brief description of what it covers including inclusive dates and collection size. Rockingham County entries include Baylor, Holland, and McGahey families and the Weaver-Brady Iron Works.
1. Baylor family. 2. Holland family. 3. Holland, Asa. 4. McGahey family. 5. Weaver, William. 6. Weaver-Brady Iron Works and Grist Mill.

Ray, Suzanne S., et. al. A Preliminary Guide to Pre-1904 County Records in the Archives Branch, Virginia State Library and Archives. Richmond: Virginia State Library and Archives, [1987]. xxv, 331p.
A comprehensive listing of county records. Information listed includes dates of available records and the size of each collection. Examples of records include county clerk/court records, land records, road records, and tax records. Both original and microfilmed records are listed.
1. Rockingham County - Sources. 2. Archives - Sources.

Vogt, John, and Kethley, T. William, Jr. Will and Estate Records in the Virginia State Library: A Researcher's Guide. Athens, Ga.: Iberian, 1987. 186p.: map.
The guide is arranged by county. Rockingham County records includes 1) wills, 1803-1863, 2) guardian bonds, 1779-1864, 3) executor's bonds, 1778-1854, and 4) administrators bonds, 1778-1874.
1. Wills - Sources. 2. Bonds - Sources. 3. Estates - Sources.
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