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Civil War
(Section Introduction)

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Writing on the Civil War, as noted in the compiler's 1989 Rockingham County bibliography, as continue unabated. The introduction to that bibliography should be read for information about what was in the published version.

This chapter is divided into a number of sections including general, battles and campaigns (general), Battle of Cross Keys, Battle of Port Republic, Valley Campaign of 1862, Valley Campaign of 1864, biography (general), Turner Ashby, Stonewall Jackson, diaries and letters, fiction, and personal narratives.

This updated bibliography has several sources published during the Civil War. There are over ten entries published around the beginning of the twentieth century. Libraries in Rockingham County have added ca. sixty titles published between 1989 and 1997 by early 1998. There is no reason to believe this production will not continue.

Titles of interest would include regimental histories from the Lynchburg published series "The Virginia Regimental Histories Series," a United States National Park Service publication Civil War Sites in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and a book by Nelson Liskey and Cullen Sherwood entitled Rockingham County Men in the Confederate Service, 1861-1865. CD-ROM products are available for the War of the Rebellion and three Civil War era newspapers in full-text.

The compiler's 1989 Rockingham County bibliography contained 354 entries.