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The genealogy chapter is divided into units of reference sources, cemetery records, census records and genealogies. Rockingham Public Library and the library at Eastern Mennonite University have microfilm census records for all available decennial census's. Several other libraries will have photocopied records covering some of the decennial records.

The genealogy entries generally do not have annotations unless some information may be vital to why it has been included for Rockingham County history. Some genealogies have very few individuals that lived in the County. As noted in the 1989 published bibliography they likely are some genealogies that have been missed.

Since information having research value to the genealogist can be found in many places it is advisable to check in many other areas of this bibliography for leads. For example, many of the church histories will list members of their congregation at a given time.

As with any research it is advisable to contact the reference librarians in the library, or repository, of choice in your research.

The compiler's 1989 Rockingham County bibliography contains 385 citations in this section.