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This Internet site is an updating of the compiler's published bibliography. This is Rockingham: An Annotated Bibliography of a Virginia County. It was published in 1989 under the auspices of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, Harrisonburg, Virginia. The Internet bibliography will generally not have the sources published in 1989. Exceptions could be reprinted/revised works. A comprehensive search of the literature on Rockingham County history would include using the 1989 published work. Some of my objectives remain from the 1989 work. These include:

  1. Assist librarians in acquisition of local history materials. This bibliography continues to list the library(s) in Rockingham County that have the title. This will assist in identifying the libraries that have a given title and will identify any titles on Rockingham County history not available in the County.
  2. Librarians and researchers will know which area library has a title as part of the reference assistance and/or research process.
  3. This bibliography is designed to assist the beginning researcher as well as the advanced scholar in locating information on their topic of interest.

Additional and new objectives include:

  1. This bibliography will be available to researchers worldwide having Internet access. In the future the bibliography, or sections of it, may be published for wide dissemination.
  2. This bibliography is a work in progress. The compiler plans to add new citations on a recurring basis and keep the work updated and "reasonably" current.

Libraries in Rockingham County have been checked for holdings. These libraries are Bridgewater College, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, James Madison University, and Rockingham Public Library. Libraries elsewhere have not been checked for several reasons. Foremost is the time and cost involved to pursue the research in other geographical areas. Guides and bibliograpies have been included that lead to resources on Rockingham County history in other repositories.

The scope of this bibliography is broad. History makes up a major portion of its contents but other subject areas are included, e.g. geology, literature, and sports. Books, pamphlets, maps, journal articles, microforms, media, computer databases, and the Internet are cited. There are an increasing number of newspaper articles and a few manuscript sources. More of these types will be added in the future. The chapter on General Reference cites a number of tools that assist in researching primary sources. (Check the 1989 bibliography for additional titles).

The Bibliography is arranged into twenty subject oriented chapters. Each chapter has an introductory overview. Chapters having a large number of citations have subcategories for easier, and quicker, browsing capability. The table of contents details this coverage.

Both scholarly and popular titles are included. Some journal articles, especially, are popular. Sources written for children have been included. Generally the subject index will have the phrase "Juvenile literature" for materials written for children.

Reprint, and later editions, have been included. Generally only one edition has been annotated, usually the first edition. In some instances the Internet edition may have a title unannotated. The original edition may have been in the 1989 edition. In some instances variant editions may be noted with the original edition.

Titles available in a given library may be lacking in this bibliography because the title was added to the collection after my research was completed. All libraries have been contacted for information regarding new acquisitions and an effort is continuing to identify relevant titles for supplementing the bibliography. A researcher may find a given title is not available in a library listed as having that title. This can be due to misshelved, lost or withdrawn items. All entries were available when this bibliography was being researched.

The citations were checked in all libraries to obtain the location holdings information. If a library has added a title after my research was completed this would not be noted.

In compiling this bibliography there were times when decisions had to be made on whether to accept a title or not. Judgments were made on what to select and what to reject. Rockingham County, as it exists today, is the area of coverage. This includes, especially, some Augusta County titles that have information on the Rockingham County area prior to 1778. An example of a book not included is one published in Harrisonburg by Daniel Bryan about Daniel Boone. It was not included because it does not discuss Boone when he lived on Linville Creek.

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