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Year: 1893- 1932
Title: Confederate Veteran
Publisher: Broadfoot
City: Wilmington, N.C.
Number of Volumes: 40 + 3
Keywords: 1. Civil War, 1861- 1865 - Periodicals. 2. Ashby, Turner, 1828-1862.
Abstract: The Confederate Veteran was a monthly periodical published from 1893-1932. JMU's set is a reprint edition. A three volume index enhances the use of this title. The illustrated articles present a Confederate viewpoint and include reminiscences of the War along with national, state and local Confederate events and meetings. Advertisements will offer the researcher a look at the social, cultural , and business activity of the day. Turner Ashby is presented occasionally in this periodical. Rockingham County individuals and events are noted.
Location: JMU