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Author: Moore, Robert H., II.
Year: 1989
Title: The Danville, Eight[h] Star New Market and Dixie Artillery
Series Title: The Virginia Regimental Histories Series.
Publisher: H.E. Howard
City: Lynchburg, Va.
Number of
110p.: illus., maps, tables.
Keywords: 1. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Regimental histories. 2. Danville Artillery Battery. 3. Eighth Star New Market Artillery Battery. 4. Dixie Artillery Battery. 5. Valley Campaign of 1862. 6. Cross Keys, Battle of, 1862. 7. Port Republic, Battle of, 1862.
Abstract: This regimental history contains histories and rosters of three artillery batteries. Danville Artillery fought at Port Republic while the Eighth Star New Market Artillery was at Cross Keys. A map of the Cross Keys battle is provided. Rosters of the units and various tables complete this work. Several men from Rockingham County served in the Dixie Artillery.