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Author: Earnest, Russell D., and Earnest, Corinne P.
Year: 1997
Title: Papers for Birth Dayes: Guide to the Fraktur Artists and Scriveners
Publisher: Russell D. Earnest Associates
City: East Berlin, Penn.
Number of Volumes: 2
Number of
908p.: illus.Bibliography: p. 853-885.
Edition: 2nd
Keywords: 1. Fraktur. 2. Fraktur artists. 3. Bernhart, Peter, fl. 1796-1819. 4. Bandel, Friedrich, fl. 1800-1820. 5. Senger, Anne.
Abstract: This is a massive, detailed, reference book listing fraktur artists and scriveners. Two fraktur artists that flourished in Rockingham County were Friedrich Bandel and Peter Bernhart. Each artist has a biographical sketch and an index of known fraktur. With the fraktur index is date of fraktur, its type, manuscript or print, family names on the fraktur, where located, and the source of the information. In a list of "potential artists and scriveners" Anne Senger from Rockingham County is noted.
Location: EMU-HL JMU