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Author: Jackson, George P.
Year: 1933
Title: White Spirituals in the Southern Uplands: The Story of the Fasola Folk, Their Songs, Sings, and "Buckwheat Notes"
Publisher: University of North Carolina Press
City: Chapel Hill, N.C.
Number of
xv, 444p.: illus., music.Bibliography: p. 434-436.
Keywords: 1. Shaped note music. 2. Hymns. 3. Davisson, Ananias, 1780-1857. 4. Singers Glen - History. 5. Funk, Joseph, 1777-1862. 6. Showalter, Anthony J., 1858-1924. 7. Kieffer, Aldine S., 1840-1904. 8. Holsinger, George B., 1857-1908. 9. Showalter, J. Henry, 1864-1947. 10. Musical Million. 11. Virginia Normal Music School.
Abstract: This scholarly work contains a lot of information on shaped note music and its writers including Joseph Funk and Ananias Davisson. Singers Glen is noted along with Aldine Kieffer, Anthony Showalter, The Musical Million (periodical), and the Virginia Normal Music School at Dayton. Pictures with Rockingham County themes include the title pages from Davisson's and Funk's first known works, Funk's print shop in Singers Glen, the tombstones of Davisson and Funk, Aldine Kieffer, Anthony J. Showalter, Weaver's Mennonite Church, J. Henry Showalter, and George B. Holsinger.
Location: EMU JMU RPL