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Author: Schreiner-Yantis, Netti, and Love, Florene S., comp.
Year: 1987
Title: The 1787 Census of Virginia: An Accounting of the Name of Every White Male Tithable Over 21 Years; the Number of White Males Between 16 & 21 Years; the Number of Slaves Over 16 & 21 Years; the Number of Slaves Over 16 & Those Under 16 Years; Together with a Listing of Their Horses, Cattle & Carriages; and also the Names of All Persons of Whom Ordinary Licenses and Physicians Licenses were Issued
Publisher: Genealogical Books in Print
City: Springfield, Va.
Number of
3 vol.: chart, folded map
Keywords: 1. Genealogy - Sources. 2. Registers of births, etc. 3. Taxation - Sources. 4. Rockingham County - Census.
Abstract: This census has great importance because the 1790 federal census for Virginia was destroyed. The third volume is a personal name index.
Location: BC JMU RPL- GEN