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Author: Harper, Josephine L.
Year: 1983
Title: Guide to the Draper Manuscripts
Publisher: The State Historical Society of Wisconsin
City: Madison, Wisc.
Number of
xxvii 464p.: illus., facsimiles.
Keywords: 1. Lincoln family. 2. Boone family. 3. Lewis family. 4. Sevier, John, 1745-1815. 5. Sevier, Valentine, 1702-1803. 6. Lewis, Thomas, 1718-1790. 7. Hog, Peter, 1703-1782. 8. Madison, James, 1749-1812. 9. Jones, Gabriel, 1724-1806. 10. Miller, Henry, 1735-1790. 11. Point Pleasant, Battle of, 1774.
Abstract: This is a guide to Lyman Draper's extensive collections (available on microform in James Madison University's Carrier Library) on the trans-Allegheny west covering the years ca. 1740 - 1830. Some Rockingham County information is included, e.g. the Lincoln family and the Battle of Point Pleasant. For the serious researcher this can be a gold mine of primary source materials.
Location: JMU RPL-GEN