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Author: Longenecker, Stephen L.
Year: 1994
Title: Piety and Tolerance: Pennsylvania German Religion, 1700-1850
Series Title: Pietist and Wesleyan Studies, no. 6
Publisher: The Scarecrow Press
City: Metuchen, N. J.
Number of
xv, 195p. Bibliography: p. [173]-188
Keywords: 1. Religion - Tolerance. 2. Germans in Rockingham County - Religion. 3. Kline, John, 1797-1864. 4. Newcomer, Christian, 1749-1830. 5. Nead, Peter, 1796-1877. 6. Burkholder, Peter, 1783-1846. 7. Slavery - Church of the Brethren. 8. Slavery - Mennonite Church. 9. Church of the Brethren - Slavery. 10. Mennonite Church - Slavery.
Abstract: This monograph is based on the author's 1990 dissertation "Democracy's Pulpit: Religion and Egalitarianism Among Early Pennsylvania Germans." This study looks at how Pennsylvania Germans viewed tolerance including slavery. There are a few references to Rockingham County and individuals including John Kline, Christian Newcomer, Peter Nead, and Peter Burkholder.
Location: BC EMU-HL JMU