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Author: Longenecker, Stephen L.
Year: 1995
Title: Antislavery and Otherworldliness in the Shenandoah Valley.
Publisher: Stephen L. Longenecker
City: [n.p.]:
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Keywords: 1. Kline, John, 1797-1864. 2. Heatwole, David, 1767-1842. 3. Burkholder, Peter, 1783-1846. 4. Funk, Joseph, 1777-1862. 5. Harrison, Peachy, 1777-1848. 6. Hardesty, Isaac. 7. Antislavery movements. 8. Slavery - History. 9. Church of the Brethren - History. 10. Mennonite Church - History. 11. United Methodist Church - History. 12. Clothing and dress - Religious aspects. 13. Slavery and the church.
Abstract: This is an unpublished manuscript from a presentation at a history conference at Virginia Military Institute in March 1995. The paper includes much on Rockingham County. Individuals noted include John Kline, David Heatwole, Peter Burkholder, Joseph Funk, Peachy Harrison, and Isaac Hardesty. Longenecker writes on Mennonites, Methodists and Brethren and their views and actions on dress and slavery. This is tied to an understanding of "otherworldliness."
Location: JMU