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Author: Risser, Eugene
Year: 1970
Title: A Glimpse at Several Mennonite Owned Businesses in the Early and Mid 1900's in the Shenandoah Valley
Publisher: [Eastern Mennonite College]
City: [Harrisonburg, Va.]
Number of
11p. Bibliography: p. 11
Keywords: 1. Mennonites - Business. 2. Business - Mennonites. 3. Poultry industry. 4. Feed mills. 5. Mutual Feed Company. 6. Mutual Feed Co., Inc. 7. M.C. Showalter Co., Inc. 8. Quality Feeds, Inc. 9. Showalter, Mark C. 10. Alger, John H. 11. Turner, Charles C. 12. Oral history.
Abstract: Typescript copy. A term paper done at Eastern Mennonite University. Rockingham County businessmen Mark C. Showalter, John H. Alger, and Charles C. Turner are highlighted in this study. Risser looks briefly at each individual and notes what their business was and how it prospered. Feed mill work is emphasized. Interviews were used to obtain information for the paper.
Location: EMU-HL