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Year: 1877
Title: The Royal Land Com'y of Virginia: Its Purposes and Charters: Its Anthracite Coal, Iron Ore, Other Mineral and Timber Lands: And its Narrow-Gauge Railroads from Chesapeake Bay to Pittsburg and the West ...
Publisher: Clemmitt & Jones, Book & Job Printers
City: Richmond
Number of
79, 56p.: geologic maps, maps, tables
Keywords: 1. Royal Land Company of Virginia. 2. Railroads - History. 3. Land companies. 4. Hotchkiss, Jedediah, 1828-1899. 5. Maps - Rockingham County.
Abstract: A valuable study of a land and railroad company which was chartered in Rockingham County. Reports on the land and natural resources of the area include one by Jedediah Hotchkiss. A lengthy appendix includes the text of the company charter. An 1877 Hotchkiss map shows the route of heir railroad. Another Hotchkiss map is of Rockingham County showing lands controlled by the Royal Land Company.
Location: JMU