List of Oral Collections in Special Collections

Transcripts cataloged in Leo

[Audio not readily available at this time for most collections]

The links below will result in a list of individual interviews cataloged for each collection, unless otherwise indicated.

SdArch no.

Collection Title

SdArch 1

Wetsel Seed Company, Inc.

SdArch 2

Court Square, Harrisonburg

SdArch 3

Drugs in the Valley: fifty years of Merck and Co.

SdArch 4

Tanbark Industry in the Shenandoah Valley

SdArch 5

African Americans in Harrisonburg

SdArch 6

George Washington National Forest

SdArch 7

James Madison University: A Social History of Student Life

SdArch 8

New Cultural Pluralism in the Shenandoah Valley

SdArch 9

Annual Singing of the Harmonia Sacra [music—not oral history]

SdArch 10

Hamburg Harmonia Sacra All Day Sing [music—not oral history]

SdArch 11

Madison College Student Protest, April 1970

SdArch 12

Comparison of Private Versus Public Education in Rockingham County, Virginia

SdArch 13

Church of the Good Shepherd

SdArch 14

Bluegrass Music in the Shenandoah Valley

SdArch 15

Integration: The African American Experience in Harrisonburg, Virginia

SdArch 16

Life in a CCC Camp

SdArch 17

Axis Prisoners of War

SdArch 18

From Horse & Buggy to Man on the Moon

SdArch 19

US Forest Service

SdArch 20

Lucy Simms

SdArch 21

JMU Centennial Voices, no. 1

SdArch 22

Ronald E. Carrier

SdArch 23

Blue Ridge Families

SdArch 24

School Integration in Waynesboro, Virginia, From an African American Perspective

SdArch 25

John Stewart

SdArch 26

Fading Rural Lifeways in the Bergton/Criders Area of Rockingham County

SdArch 27

James Madison University: An Environmental History

SdArch 28

JMU Centennial Voices 2

SdArch 29

Shenandoah Valley Oral History Project [LEO] [SC Finding Aid] [SVOHP Site]

SdArch 30
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Immigrant Oral Histories [not yet open for research]
SdArch 31
Christopher B. Martin Oral History Collection [LEO][SC Finding Aid]
SdArch 32 Virginia Wildland Firefighters Oral History Collection [not yet open for research]
SdArch SNP
Shenandoah National Park Oral History Collection [LEO] [SC Finding Aid]



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