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President Burruss Papers: Miscellaneous Correspondence

Digitization and Metadata Information


Date Title and Description File Size
3/23/1916 Handwritten letter from Mr. Stone to Mr. Burruss, 2 pp. 2.99 MB
3/30/1916 Typed letter from R.C. Stearness to Mr. Burruss, 2 pp. 3.27 MB
4/7/1916 "Program Second District Conference of Virginia State Teachers Association," Portsmouth, VA, 3 pp. 4.53 MB
6/17/1916 Handwritten letter from Mr. Cunningham to Mr. Burruss, 4 pp. 9.33 MB
6/29/1916 Letter from Mr. Pollard to Mr. Burruss, 1 p. 1.72 MB
7/20/1916 Letter to Dan G. Cunningham, no signature, 1 p. 3.53 MB
c. 1916 "The Denver & Salt Lake Railroad Company"advertisement, contains photographs, 2 pp. 5.08 MB
8/29/1916 Letter from Dr. WIlliam H Kilpatrick to Mr. Burruss, 1p. 1.69 MB
9/7/1916 Letter to Mr. W. W. King, no signature, 4 pp. 12.6 MB
9/9/1916 Letter from Mr. Burruss to Dr. William H. Kilpatrick, 2 pp. 6.52 MB
9/14/1916 Letter from William H. Kilpatrick to Mr. Burruss, 1 p. 1.36 MB
9/26/1916 Letter from Mr. Burruss to Rev. Dr. E. A. Repass, 2 pp. 5.73 MB
9/27/1916 Response from Dr. E. A. Repass to Mr. Burruss, 1 p. 2.17 MB
9/30/1916 Letter from Mr. Burruss to Rev. Dr. E. A. Repass, 1 p. 2.99 MB
10/4/1916 Letter from Mr. Burruss to Mr. Binford, 1 p. 3.23 MB
10/9/1916 Handwritten letter from Mr. Binford to Mr. Burruss, 3 pp. 5.54 MB
12/28/1916 Letter from William B. Alwood to Mr. Burruss, notification of "the annual meeting of the stockholders," by the Old Dominion Orchard Company enclosed in letter, 2 pp. 3.2 MB

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