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List of JMU Archival Collections


Archival collection numbers are composed of two to three letters designating the originating or source office, followed by a number designating the date of receipt in YY-MM-DD format.

A collection number that is highlighted has a more detailed inventory listing of contents linked to it.

R = Indicates that a collection has restrictions on its use. Restrictions are noted on the outside of the box.

See also the Manuscripts in Special Collections link for alumni and faculty manuscript collections, which are denoted with asterisks and printed in a purple font.

Academic Affairs

Admissions Office

Affirmative Action Office


Annual Events Office

Anthony Seeger Campus School

College of Applied Science & Technology

College of Education

Facilities Management

Faculty Senate

Field Services & Placement

Graduate Council

History Department

Institutional Research

JMU Women's Club

Kappa Delta Pi:  International Honor Society in Education, dedicated to scholarship and excellence in education.

Library (Carrier Library)

Living Sciences Department

Madison Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

President's Office; Documents Spanning Several Presidential Administrations:

President Samuel P. Duke

President G. Tyler Miller

President Ronald E. Carrier

President Linwood Rose

Public Relations (material from several offices)

Recordings and Oversize Images (Miscellaneous, by various offices)

Self Study

[See primarily AA 99-0914]

Stratford Players

Student Government Association

Students - Memorabilia and General


[See also Stratford Players Collection, SP 98-0211]


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