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Diplomas in Carrier Library Special Collections SU 93-0225

JMU Historical Collection, Special Collections

James Madison University

Harrisonburg, VA 22807



1912    Ruth Randolph Conn

1912    Lizzie Stern McGahey

1915    Ruth Taliaferro; Gift of Mrs. Lois W. Gaynor

1915    Garland Hope Farrar; Junior course

1916    Isabelle M. Bateman; aunt of Jack Leffel, 1956; 4 b&w family photographs adhered to reverse

1916    Garland Hope Farrar; Normal course


1918    Pauline Miley

1920    Pauline Miley; Gift of Mrs. John W. Wilson

1922    Mary Louise Overton; Gift of Mrs. John W. Howard

1927    Mary Julia Keezel

1936    Frances Beam; Gift of Connie Daniels, daughter

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