Office of Institutional Research. Records. IR 94-0419

JMU Historical Collection, Special Collections
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807


Faculty Data:

  • Faculty Activities Survey, 1975-88 (gaps) Faculty Salaries, AAUP Survey, 1989-94
  • Faculty Salaries, In-house sort, 1988-94

Research Notes, v.1,no.1 (Mar. 1986)-v.9,no.1 (Feb. 1994)

Student Data:

  • Assessment (VA Summary Plan), 1988-93 Student Development News, v.1, no.1 (1978?)-v.16, no.1 (Sept. 1993)

Misc. Reports:

          Academic performance of transfers from 2-year institutions, 1989

          First-time freshmen retention report, 1983

          Ten year summary of ... black undergraduate students, 1975-85. 

          Cost of Instruction at JMU, Academic years 1975-82 Facts and Figures 1993-94

          Report of the Committee to Review Institutional Size Response to the Report of the

          Commission on the Univ. of the 21st Century

          Statistical Data Relative to 1974-76 Biennium Budget Request


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