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Liskey Collection of Heavner Family Papers, 1791-1967

SC 5006

Compiled by: Heather Browne, March 2008

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Liskey Collection of Heavner Family Papers, 1791-1967

Collection No.: SC 5006

Creator: Multiple generations of the Heavner family

Extent: 1 Hollinger box; .44 linear feet

Abstract: The Liskey Collection of Heavner Family Papers, 1797-1967, consists of one Hollinger box (.44 linear feet) of personal correspondence, business and personal financial records, and various other items pertaining to the William Heavner family, documented through the maternal side:  William Heavner, Evaline Heavner Aubrey, Dorcas Aubrey Breneman (also spelled Brenneman), and Mae Breneman Liskey.  Other names represented are Hughes, Brake, Dove, Hess, and Trumbo, among others.  The collection is arranged chronologically in four series:  Richard Hughes Estate Papers, Correspondence, Financial Papers, and General Miscellany.

Administrative Information

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Preferred Citation: [Identification of Item], [box #, folder #], Liskey Collection of Heavner Family Papers, 1791-1967, SC 5006, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA.
Acquisition Information: Gift of Leon and Judy Liskey, November 2007.
Provenance: The collection was found in the 18th Century home of the donors.


Historical Note

The Heavner family has a long and rich history in the Shenandoah Valley. William Heavner (1787-1866) was born in present day Pendleton County, West Virginia to Joseph and Elizabeth Hevinor. William married Joanna Custer (1792-1862) in 1814, and shortly thereafter purchased 650 acres in the area now known as Fulks Run. The couple raised seven children: Wells, Delilah, Elizabeth, William Jr., Harvey, Julian (Julie Anne), and Evaline. In addition to farming, William operated a blacksmith shop on the family property. Heavner also served as executor of the estate of Richard Hughes, of whom little is known.  Why Heavner was acting as executor on behalf of Hughes is unclear. Nonetheless, papers relating to Richard Hughes' estate remained in the custody of Heavner after Hughes' death.

Of the Heavner children, only three lived past the age of fifty: Wells (78), Julian (53), and Evaline (84). Wells (1815-1893) married Elizabeth Hess (1822-1875) around 1851, and with Elizabeth's mother Catherine, moved to Champaign County, Ohio, where Elizabeth's siblings had settled. They maintained contact with the Heavner family through correspondence, as over the years they moved further West. Julian (1824-1877) married Michael Brake in 1853 and settled in Hardy County. Evaline (1830-1914), the youngest daughter of William and Joanna, would become the matriarch of the Heavner estate.

Evaline married George W. Aubrey of Luney's Creek in what is now Hardy County, West Virginia in 1859. During the Civil War, George Aubrey joined the Union Army. He was captured in September 1861 and was incarcerated at Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia, where he died in 1862. During that time, Evaline and her infant son, William Casper, moved back into the family home in Brocks Gap, where she gave birth to their daughter Dorcas. Evaline suffered several other losses that year: her brother, William Jr., died serving in the Confederate Army; her son, William Casper died shortly thereafter of complications from croup; and she then suffered the loss of her mother.  With her father in his seventies, Evaline thus took charge of the family farm, where she spent the remainder of her life with Dorcas and her family

Dorcas Aubrey (1861-1946) married Jacob R. Breneman (1872-1953) in 1896.  Following their honeymoon, they moved into the Heavner family home to take over operations for Evaline. Breneman also was active in politics as a Democrat and served in the Virginia House of Delegates: 1926-1927, 1930-1931, and 1940-1945. Their daughter Mae (1903-1984) later married Robert D. Liskey (1903-1967). They were parents of Mr. Leon Liskey, one of the donors of this collection, and are buried, as are the Brenemans, in Woodbine Cemetery in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

For a more detailed genealogical account see Judy Ruleman Liskey's When This You See, Think of Me! and With Pen in Hand: Buttons and Beaux. Both texts provide a history of the Heavner family, photographs, and correspondence that supplement this collection.

Scope and Content:

The Liskey Collection of Heavner Family Papers, 1791-1967, consists of one Hollinger box (.44 linear feet) of personal correspondence, business and personal financial records, and other various items pertaining to the Heavner family.  The documents were passed down through the matrilineal side of the Heavner family, much like the original Heavner home, where these documents were found.  Documents were thus passed from William Heavner to his daughter Evaline (Heavner) Aubrey, to her daughter Dorcas (Aubrey) Breneman, to her daughter Mae (Breneman) Liskey, then to her son, Leon Liskey and his wife Judy.  The collection remained in the possession of the Liskey family until the bulk of the papers were donated to Special Collections in November 2007. Family names of note that are seen throughout the collection are Brake, Dove, Hess, and Trumbo, among others. The collection is arranged chronologically in four series: Richard Hughes Estate Papers, Correspondence, Financial Papers, and General Miscellany.

Series One, the Richard Hughes Estate Papers, 1788-1837, consists of three folders of documents regarding Hughes’ personal business matters and legal transactions involving his estate.  William Heavner, acting as executor, retained these documents after the estate was settled.  Personal papers include the appraisal and bill of sale of household possessions, powers of attorney, and court summonses.   A folder of Hughes' receipts includes general and tax receipts directly related to Hughes' estate. A folder of miscellaneous material from Hughes' estate includes agreements and papers concerning land and property, as well as various promissory notes and receipts from other individuals such as George Dove, Conrad Custer, Solomon Jones, and Henry Overly.

Series Two, Correspondence, 1852-1967, is arranged into four subseries, then chronologically by date.  Letters to Evaline Aubrey, the Brenemans (also spelled Brenneman) and other members of the Heavner family figure most prominently; the remainder are miscellaneous letters, some with unknown senders and recipients.

Letters to Evaline Aubrey span from 1868 until 1913.  In addition to correspondence from family and friends, many of the letters addressed to her are from M.P. Trumbo and concern family property in Illinois, where her brother Wells had settled.  Legal and estate issues are also represented.

Letters to and from J. R. Breneman (Evaline’s son in law through her daughter, Dorcas) date from 1904 until 1967, and primarily concern business interests; although family letters are present.  Several post cards are addressed to his daughter, Mae, from a trip (or trips) Breneman took out West.  Letters to his wife Dorcas are also filed here.

Correspondence of the Heavner Family, 1852-1896, includes letters to William Heavner Sr., as well as a small number to and from Wells Heavner.  Correspondence relating to Wells’ mother in law Catherine Hess, brother-in-law Nathan Hess, and others are also filed here chronologically.

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1861-1937, is a small series of letters from individuals who are either not directly related to the Heavners, or the letters are unsigned.

Series Three, Financial Papers, 1820-1947, are arranged topically as promissory notes, property documents, general receipts, tax receipts, and other financial documents, then chronologically.  Promissory notes are small sheets or slips of paper that clearly state “I Promise to Pay” or “ I bind myself to” for a specific amount of money to a specific person.  Property documents pertain to ownership, transfer, and inheritance of property.  These include land agreements, notices of land for sale, and the estate division of William Heavner Sr. to the Brake and Aubrey families. General receipts cover a wide range of household purchases and expenditures. Tax receipts largely represent personal property taxes paid for the family property in Rockingham County, as well as property owned in La Salle County, Illinois, which had passed to Evaline from her brother Wells’ family.  Of particular interest are receipts for taxes paid during the Civil War.  Miscellaneous financial documents range in content from a note regarding a young boy’s indentured service in 1847, an 1852 toll road account, and a 1907 probate inventory of Michael S. Wine’s estate, with Breneman acting as administrator.

Series Four, General Miscellany, 1864-1925, n.d., consists of a wide array of items, such as greeting cards and ephemera, print material, recipes and home remedies, weaving patterns and fabric squares.  Items of note are Mae Breneman's 1925 Shenandoah College graduation announcement, and undated obituaries for Lizzie E. Wittig and Ruby Heavner.


The collection is arranged in four series:

I. Richard Hughes Estate Papers, 1788-1837
II. Correspondence, 1852-1967
III. Financial Papers, 1820-1947
IV. General Miscellany, 1864-1925, n.d.


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Location of Originals: Documents cited in publications not extant in this collection may have been rentained by the donor.


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Series I: Richard Hughes Estate Papers

     Personal, 1800-1837

Folder 1

     Receipts of Richard Hughes, 1788-1831

Folder 2

     Miscellaneous, 1791-1830

Folder 3
Series II: Correspondence

     Evaline Aubrey, 1868-1913

Folder 4

     J.R. Breneman, et al, 1904-1967

Folder 5

     Heavner Family, 1852-1896

Folder 6

     Miscellaneous, 1861-1908

Folder 7
Series III: Financial Papers

     Promissory Notes, 1853-1906

Folder 8

     Property Documents, 1822-1911

Folder 9



          General, 1832-1930

Folder 10

          Tax Receipts, 1854-1909

Folder 11

     Miscellaneous Financial Documents, 1820-1947

Folder 12

Series IV: General Miscellany, 1864-1925, n.d.

      Cards and Ephemera

      Print Materials

      Recipes and Home Remedies

      Weaving Patterns


Folder 13

   Insert 1

   Insert 2

   Insert 3

   Insert 4

   Insert 5