Civil War Miscellaneous Collection, 1860-2005

Collection Number SC 3050


Compiled by:  Jere Suter, April 1991

Revised by: Kate Morris, September 2013


Descriptive Summary


Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Civil War Miscellaneous Collection, 1860-2005, bulk 1860-1928

Collection No.: SC 3050

Creator:  Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society

Extent: 1 half-sized Hollinger Box; .209 linear feet

Language:  English

Abstract: The Civil War Miscellaneous Collection, 1860-2005, consists of Civil War records and letters from soldiers from 1860-1926, as well as twentieth-century materials including newspaper clippings, research, and writing about local Civil War battles and events.


Administrative Information


Access Restrictions: Collection is open to research.

Use Restrictions: Because of the fragility of some items, reproductions may be restricted for certain materials.

Preferred Citation: [identification of item] Civil War Miscellaneous Collection, 1860-1965, SC 3050, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va.

Acquisition Information: Collection on deposit from the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society in April, 1991. A student paper based on letters from the collection was added in 2005.

Other Formats Available: None

Accruals: None

Provenance: When the collection was received from the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society in 1991, the materials consisted of one box of folders, mostly labeled “Civil War,” with no apparent arrangement.  After review, three collections were established from the materials: Sons of Confederate Veterans Collection, 1896-1964, SC 3040; United Confederate Veterans Collection, 1893-1938, SC 3045; and Civil War Miscellaneous Collection, 1860-2005, SC 3050.

Bio/Historical Note: Civil War records within the collection were issued by government entities, including the Department of the Interior and the Treasury Department, along with various war offices. Notable individuals with papers represented in this collection include local Shenandoah Valley historian John W. Wayland, 1872-1962, and Cassie Moncure Lyne, 1875-1955, a Civil War writer and poet from Virginia.

Scope and Content: The Civil War Miscellaneous Collection, 1860-2005 consists of one half Hollinger box; .209 linear feet of materials related to the Civil War. This is an assembled collection, and the order of materials has been imposed by the archivist from the original unordered arrangement.

Civil War records included in the collection consist of muster rolls from the years 1862-1865, certificates of discharge and pension, lists of veterans, and lists of applicants and recipients of the Southern Cross of Honor from the years 1860-1926. Most of these records pertain to Confederate companies and individuals from Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties, but there are also a few records related to companies and soldiers within the Union Army. Other materials include personal letters from Civil War soldiers giving views of camp life and activities in and around Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties, writings by local historian John W. Wayland, twentieth century newspaper clippings relating to the Civil War, letters and poetry by Cassie Moncure Lyne, materials relating to Harrisonburg Civil War museums and monuments, and late nineteenth and early twentieth century bulletins and pamphlets about the Civil War. Please note that not all dates are inclusive.


              The collection is arranged topically in 4 series with item level descriptions of folder contents.



Location of Originals: The location of some original letters is unknown.

Related Material: Related collections containing Civil War records include the Sons of Confederate Veterans Collection, SC 3040, and the United Confederate Veterans Collection, SC 3045. See Provenance note for additional information on related material.




Series 1: Primary Source Materials 1862-65, 1889-1926, Undated

Box: Folder

Folder 1: 1862-1865, 1926

  • Four Muster Rolls: Two from Union regiments in Illinois and New Hampshire; one from a Union convalescent regiment in Virginia; and one from Captain George A. Foster's company E, 20th regiment of U.S. Colored Infantry.
  • Notes by Shenandoah Valley historian John Wayland on the muster roll of a company of Confederate infantry in the Virginia Militia.


Folder 2: 1862-1865, 2005, Undated

  • Four letters from Civil War soldiers and one letter from a veteran relating details of his service and life after the Civil War.
  • Project report titled “Civil War Letters Collection”


Folder 3: 1863-1865, 1889, 1914, Undated

  • Civil War records including an honorable discharge from the Union Army, a pay voucher for a black aide-de-camp in the Union Army, a special orders letter granting a leave of absence, a copy of a receipt from Adams Express Company, a letter from the Treasury Department denying a veteran’s claim for pay, and a pension certificate from the Bureau of Pensions


Series 2: Local Civil War History Documents, 1860-1978, Undated

Folder 4: 1865 – 1928, Undated

  • Records pertaining to Confederate Soldiers, including lists of Confederate companies organized in Rockingham County, rosters of ex-Confederate soldiers in Rockingham County, lists of applicants for the Southern Cross of Honor, records of recipients of the Southern Cross of Honor, and a list of veterans from the Linville District.


Folder 5: Undated

  • Writings on the Civil War by historian John Wayland, including descriptions of local battles, chronological lists of Civil War events concerning Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, and a drafts of various texts about the Civil War in Rockingham County.


Folder 6: 1937-1978, Undated

  • Copies of twentieth century newspaper clippings about Civil War events including an article with photos on Colonel John S. Mosby and Mosby’s Rangers


Series 3: Museums and Monuments 1879-1965, Undated

Folder 7: 1922, Undated

  • Letters to Cassie Moncure Lyne thanking her for sending copies of her poem “The Rockingham Confederate Flag,” from various individuals as well as the Library of Virginia, and the Virginia Historical Society.
  • Notes, sketches, and papers relating to Ms. Lyne’s desire to have a Confederate Monument erected in Court Square in Harrisonburg, Virginia, along with information about existing Confederate Monuments in Winchester and Richmond, Virginia.
  • Copies of three poems written by Ms. Lyne


Folder 8: 1961-1965, Undated

  • Letters and documents pertaining to the Civil War Centennial Museum of Harrisonburg, Virginia, documenting the creation of a sign for the museum and relating to the Electric Map of the Stonewall Jackson Valley Campaign housed at the museum.


Series 4: Pamphlets and Booklets, 1898-1927, Undated

Folder 9: 1898-1927

  • Bulletin of the Virginia State Library, 1927 “Two Confederate Items,” includes the “Diary” of Captain H. W. Wingfield of Hanover County, Virginia and the “Reminiscences” of Judge E. C. Moncure of Caroline County, Virginia
  • An Address by Abraham Lincoln delivered before the R.E. Lee Camp, No. 1, Confederate Veterans, 1909
  • Miss Rutherford’s Scrapbook, “Valuable Information About the South: History of Slavery—The South Did Not Fight to Hold Slaves,” 1925
  • Various informational booklets about Camp Chase, Ohio, and the activities of various Civil War veterans groups


Folder 10: 1900, 1944, Undated

  • “Bell Boyd: Southern Spy of the Shenandoah” by Laura Virginia Hale, Undated
  • “Constitution and By Laws of the Stonewall Brigade Band,” 1900
  • “Two Generals Kidnapped,” An account of the capture of General George Cook and Benjamin Kelly by McNeill’s Rangers, 1944
  • “McNeill’s Last Charge,” An account of Captain John H. McNeill and his Rangers, 1944