Lumber Ledgers. SC # 2090
Compiled by Chris Bolgiano, Dec. 1998

Scope and Content.

This collection is composed of two small ledgers, 1883-1890, that probably document a sawmill operation. The provenance of the ledgers is unknown, but according to the previous owners the location of the business operation was most likely Shenandoah or Rockingham Counties, VA or Pendleton County, WV. The majority of entries, made under individual names, are payments for chopping, hauling, and sawing logs or making boards or planks; some refer to other lumber products such as switch and first and second class ties (presumably for a railroad). Many of the entries document the 1890 tanbark peeling season, beginning on April 28 with notations for "making road," then on April 29 into mid-June for peeling, hauling, sledding, ranking, carrying out, and loading bark in car (again, presumably railroad). Other commodities are also occasionally mentioned, including cabbage, apple butter, potatoes, buckwheat, wheat, tobacco, beef, pork, articles of clothing, and blankets.

Provenance. Purchased at Green Valley Auction Barn in Nov. 1998.