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Riley, James Rex. Papers. SC# 5003

Carrier Library, James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Compiled by Heather Smith, April 1990

Scope and Content.
This Collection contains 1 and 1/2 Hollinger boxes and 3 flat boxes. The bulk of the collection consists of manuscripts of Dr. Riley's compositions and recordings of performances of his works.

James Rex Riley was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1938. He graduated from Centennary College, then studied composition with Samuel Adler and Hunter Johnson at North Texas State University and the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned his doctorate. He taught at the University of Texas, Mississippi State University and Wichita State University, and came to JMU in September, 1981. He won a number of prizes, including three ASCAP awards, and received commissions from such organizations as the San Antonio Chamber Music Society as well as James Madison University. He died March 29, 1987, after several years of struggling against a brain tumor.

These materials, most of which had been in Dr. Riley's office at the time of his death, were donated to the Music Department by his widow, Susan Riley.


Box 1:

14 7-inch reel to reel tapes of Dr. Riley's work: Concert music for winds and percussion, 2 cop. 1977, 2 cop. 1981. Dedicatory hymn and fuguing tune, 1978. Faculty recital, Mississippi State Univ., 1970. Four essays for brass quintet, San Antonio Symph. Brass Quintet 1981. Jazz improvisation, blues chords. JMU Contemporary Music Festival, 1982 Virginia Composers. Stick games, ISU Percussion Ensemble. Tangents, tape part. Textures for trombone and piano, 1974. T.V. music. Two choruses from 5 satirical madrigals, WSU Chamber Singers, 1971.

Box 2:

2, 7-inch reel to reel tapes of Dr. Riley's work: Visiones, WSU Saxophone Quartet, 1975. Woodwind quintet, WSU, 1974.

Folder 1. JMU Alma Mater: notes by Dr. Riley & various scores.

Folder 2. Published compositions: Conversation piece for trumpet, Tenuto, 1983.  Dialogue for trumpet and percussion, Elkan-Vogel, 1974.  Three acts for five trombones, Brass Press, 1973.  Stick games, Southern Music, 1980.  Visiones, Southern Music, 1976.

Folder 3. Personal: Includes a resume, copy of the funeral program, and clippings. James R. Riley. Papers.

SC# 5003 Organization, con't. FLAT
Box 1: Large manuscripts. Most are originals in spiral notebooks; a few are photocopies in files. Titles are:
Celebration for band Sun-song
Concert music for winds & percussion. Superstar (folder)
Masquerade (folder) Three songs for the day
Spheres (folder)
String of pearls (folder) Tropical latitudes (folder)
Valley ayres (3 copies)

FLAT Box 2: Small manuscripts. Most are originals in spiral notebooks; a few are photocopies in files. Titles are:
Dedicatory hymn and fuguing tune Preludes & fugues (folder)
Devil's dirge Sassy Sam (folder)
Four scenes for orchestra (3 cop.) Second string quartet
Gemini (folder) Third string quartet (3 cop.)
Pastime (2 copies)

FLAT Box 3: 18 5 inch reel to reel tapes of performances of Dr. Riley's compositions:
Concert music for winds and percussion, WSU Wind Ensemble, 1975.
Concert music for winds and percussion, Cincinnati Conservatory Wind Ensemble, 1977.
Conversation piece, solo - Charles Bergine, 1979, 3 copies. Dedicatory hymn and fuguing tune, 1978, 2 copies.
Dialogue, WSU, 1972.
Four scenes for orchestra, WSU, 1973, 2 copies.
Pastime. San Antonio Symphony Woodwind Quintet, 2 copies.
Pirouettes, 1 copy 1982, 1 copy 1983.
Second string quartet, WSU, 1974.
Stick games, ISU Percussion Ensemble.
Third string quartet, Concord Quartet, 1977.
Textures, 1971.

Also in Box 3: 20 cassette tapes, of which some are Dr. Riley's work, others are by various composers, and some are commercial orchestras for classroom use; and Dr. Riley's card file of items in his files.

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