Sons of Confederate Veterans Collection


Carrier Library, James Madison University
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807

Compiled by Jere Suter, April 1991

Edited July, 2008

PLEASE NOTE:  Also available on Microfilm, #1487 and may be used instead of the originals. Microfilm is available in Special Collections.   

Scope & Content
This collection consists of one legal sized Hollinger box of documents pertaining to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Organization (SCV) at the local, state and national levels, 1896-1964.

The papers include letters from the national and state headquarters, many documents from the Harrisonburg SCV, applications for membership in the Harrisonburg SCV, and documents from other camps in Virginia located outside of Rockingham County. The SCV is a national fraternal organization established in 1895 for veterans of the Confederate forces and their sons and grandsons, with chapters around the nation.

Series 1, National HQ Documents, contains papers which were sent from the main offices of the SCV in Richmond, Va. These papers consist of convention notices, dues requests and general orders for all chapters, nationwide.

Series 2, State HQ Documents, is comprised of papers originating in the Virginia Division Headquarters of the SCV in Charlottesville, Va. Once again, the papers are for the most part notices for state conventions and reunions, dues notices and general orders on the state level.

Series 3, D. H. Lee Martz Camp 10, Harrisonburg, is comprised of documents pertaining to the local camp of the SCV. The series includes membership rosters, dues records, minutes of meetings, letters and various papers all having to do with the maintenance of an active camp of the SCV. Also of interest are a few examples of Apple Blossom Festival stationery.

Series 4, Applications, contains applications in various forms for membership in Camp 10 and other camps. Included in some of these applications are records of Southern veterans with their rank, company, number of years served, and reason for discharge from the Confederate army.

Series 5, Camps outside Rockingham County, is comprised mostly of annual reports of camps in Virginia for 1923. Included as well are a few miscellaneous papers from some of the camps. Of particular note is a printed pamphlet "Charter, By-laws, Rules of Order and List of Officers and Members of RE Lee Camp, No. 1...1884."

This collection is on deposit from the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society.


Series 1: National HQ Documents 1912,1923-41,1964, and und.
Folder 1 Miscellaneous Documents.

Series 2: State HQ Documents 1898-40, and undated.

Folder 2 Miscellaneous Documents.

Series 3: D. H. Lee Martz Camp 10, SCV, Harrisonburg 1922-38 & undated.

Folder 3 Membership Rosters and Dues Records, 1923-38.

Folder 4 Minutes, By-laws, 1922-38.

Folder 5 Letters, Business Papers, 1923-38, und.

Series 4: Applications for Membership in SCV Camps 1896-1927.

Folder 6 Applications, 1896-1927.

Folder 7 Applications, undated.

Series 5: Camps outside Rockingham County, 1923.

Folder 8 Documents of Camps #1-114, 204.