Bibliography of JMU History

Since its establishment by the Virginia legislature in 1908 as a school to train public school teachers, this institution has had five names:

The first day of classes was September 30, 1909, with total enrollment for the first year of 209. The first graduating class in June, 1911 numbered twenty. The school became fully coeducational in 1966.

Not all of the school's previous names are used as subjects in Leonardo, but there are subject entries under the following that may be useful:


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Malinowski, Monica. A Social History of Student Life at JMU: An Oral History. Harrisonburg: JMU, 1996. Tapes and transcripts in Spec. Coll. Sound Archives (SDArch) no. 7. Transcripts in stacks, LD3141.M56577.M27 1996.

Miller, Gordon W. Rockingham: An Annotated Bibliography of a Virginia County. Harrisonburg, VA: Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, 1989. F232.R7M5486 1989. In stacks, Ref., and Spec. Coll. Contains more than 100 citations relevant to JMU. See also Rockingham: Supplement To An Annotated Bibliography of a Virginia County, by Gordon Miller.

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The Bluestone (Student yearbook). Previously titled The Schoolma'am (1910-1961). LD 3141.M5665.B57. Shelved in Reference and Spec. Coll.

The Breeze. (Student newspaper). Dec. 2, 1922--(current). On microfilm. Also, current issues in Periodicals, and all issues in Spec. Coll.

The Commons. (University newspaper). Previously titled Madison News, JMU News, James Madison News. 1971-1977 in Spec. Coll.; 1977--(current) on microfilm; current issues in Periodicals, and all issues in Spec. Coll.

Curio. (Student magazine). 1978-(current). Current 3 years in Periodicals; all issues in Spec. Coll.

James Madison University Bulletin (University catalog). Previously titled Normal Bulletin; Virginia Teacher; Bulletin of Information, State Teacher's College; Bulletin of Information, Madison College; Bulletin Madison College; Madison College Bulletin. Current issues at Reference; all issues in Spec. Coll.

Montpelier (Alumni publication). Previously titled Madisonian, 1966-77 in Spec. Coll. Periodicals Oversize; Fall 1977--(current) in Spec. Coll. Periodicals.

Statistical Summary. JMU Office of Planning and Analysis. 1984 - (current). LD 3141.M56592.S8 in Ref. and stacks. Also available on the Campus Wide Information System at Institutional Research Statistics.

Student Handbook. (Also titled Student's Hand Book, Madison College Student Handbook, Madison Student Handbook, James Madison University Student Handbook), 1912--(current). LD 3141.M566.S8 current year shelved in Reference, all years in Spec. Coll.


Below are some selections from the JMU Historical Collections shelved in Special Collections. The Archival Collections page on the Special Collections Website lists all collections available.

Annual Events Collection. Commencement programs 1910--(current); videos Dec. 1989 - . Spec. Coll. AN 93-0916 (programs) and 92-0915 (videos).

Faculty Senate Collection. Minutes, 1967--(current); indexes 1972-78; 1989-91; rosters 1988--. Spec. Coll. FA 93-0305.

Institutional Research Collection. Faculty salaries, student assessment, statistical summaries, and misc. other information, 1974--(current). Spec. Coll. IR 94-0419.

President's Office. Board of Visitors and faculty minutes, 1908-56 (with gaps); reports of President, 1909-71; misc. other information, 1917-81. Spec. Coll. PR 93-0107.

Minute books of various committees, 1909-56. Spec. Coll PR 93-0409.

Public Relations Collection:

Student Government Association Collection. Minutes, correspondence, reports, 1926-71. Spec. Coll SGA 92-0929.


Two JMU Photo Files in Special Collections: pre 1985, containing approximately 1,500 items; and 1985 +, containing approximately 100 items. Arranged by subjects listed in the JMU Photo File Key.


JMU Vertical File in Special Collections contains materials in approximately 100 subject headings. These include such topics as "Alma Mater," "Rankings," "Protest," and "University Farm."


Campus legends:

Newman Lake: "Erosion and sedimentation in Siebert Creek and Newman Lake." William P. Roberts. Madison College Bulletin Studies & Research, 1975.

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