A Guide to the

Ronald E Carrier Photograph Collection, 1950-1998

P 0003

Compiled by: Kathryn Barela, Fall 2011

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Ronald E Carrier Photograph Collection 1950-1998, bulk 1960-1985

Collection No.: P 0003

Creator: Ronald E. Carrier

Extent:  1 Hollinger box, .5 linear feet

Language: English


This collection of photographs documents the Presidency of Ronald E. Carrier, 4th President of James Madison University. The images display both his personal and professional life, especially between the years 1960-1985.

Administrative Information

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of Item], Ronald E. Carrier Photograph Collection, 1950-1990, P 0003, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

Donated by the Office of the President of James Madison University in 2009.


Created and accrued during the presidency of Ronald E Carrier from 1971-1998.

Processing Information

Photographs were removed mechanically from their paper mounts.

Biographical/Historical Note

Ronald E. Carrier served as the fourth President of James Madison University from 1971 until 1998. He came to Harrisonburg from Memphis State University, where he served as the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Carrier family, which includes Ronald, his wife Edith, and their children Angela, Michael and Linda, resided in Hillcrest House on campus prior to the donation to JMU of “Oakview Mansion” by Mrs. Lois Poster, which became the President’s house.   

Dr. Carrier brought many new ideas to Madison College. Under his tenure, Madison College grew from a prominently female institution holding 4,000 students to a co-ed university with 14,000 students. Dr. Carrier expanded the grounds of JMU more than 100 acres, and he is largely credited with the vision of East Campus, and the resulting expansion of the university to the eastern side of I-81. A total of 40 new buildings were also constructed at a cost of 210 million dollars.

The name of Madison College changed in 1977 to James Madison University. Changing the name of the college was controversial. However, the students, faculty, and alumni all voted for what name they preferred, and decided on the name James Madison University. In October, the Board of Visitors went to the Virginia General Assembly with the name change proposal. Dr. Carrier and Dr. Ray Sonner, then the Vice President of Public Affairs, lobbied for the name change and in October the bill passed through the Virginia House and Senate, and was signed by Governor Mills Godwin Jr. The name change was well received, and a new athletic facility was built, dubbed “Godwin Hall”.  

Scope and Content

This collection consists of photographs documenting the career and Presidency of Ronald E Carrier. It contains an array of both black and white and color photographs of varying sizes from snapshots to 8x10s. These photographs largely document Dr. Carrier’s presence on campus, from his inauguration to graduations to sporting events. The photographs also document other individuals that made influential contributions to the development of JMU such as Zane Showker and former Governor Mills E. Godwin.


The collection is arranged by topic, with attention to how the original order was kept. There is only one series, with fourteen subseries. The subseries are Portraits of Carrier, Portraits of Carrier Family and Friends, JMU Graduation, Name Change to James Madison University, Parties and Formal Events, Awards, Dr. Carrier with other officials, Board of Visitors, Dr. Carrier with Students and Alumni, Dr. Carrier at other Universities, Carriers’ Oakview Garden Show, Miscellaneous Black and White Photographs, and Miscellaneous JMU Photographs.


The collection is arranged in 01 series, with 14 subseries:


Series 1: Photographs

Subseries 1A: Portraits of Carrier

Subseries 1B: Portraits of Carrier Family and Friends

Subseries 1C: JMU Graduation

Subseries 1D: Name Change to James Madison University

Subseries 1E: Parties and Formal Events                           

Subseries 1F: Awards

Subseries 1G: Dr. Carrier with other officials      

Subseries 1H: Board of Visitors                                                                                   

Subseries 1I: Dr. Carrier with Students and Alumni

Subseries 1J: Dr. Carrier at JMU events

Subseries 1K: Dr. Carrier at other Universities

Subseries 1L: Carriers’ Oakview Garden Show

Subseries 1M: Miscellaneous Black and White Photographs

Subseries 1N: Miscellaneous JMU Photographs


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Related Material/Collections

For textual information on the Presidency of Dr. Carrier, see PR 2000-0516B, which contains the papers of Dr. Carrier’s presidency.

Other material that is relevant to the development of James Madison University and this time period are the Roop Collection and the Emily Lee Collection.

Separated Material

These photographs were separated from PR 2000-0516B in the interest of preservation and organization.


Series 1: Photographs                                                                                                  Box/Folder

Subseries 1A: Portraits of Carrier                                                                                 1:1

-P0003.01.01 Portrait circa Vice Presidency at Memphis State University  

-P0003.01.02 Portrait of Dr. Carrier with a pen in his hand looking pensive dubbed “Uncle Ron” 

-P0003.01.03 Small Portrait on a brown background                                            

-P0003.01.04 Second small Portrait on a brown background.  Variation of P0003.01.03                                                                                                   

-P0003.01.05 Small portrait in office looking with “Prissy the cat”                                 

-P0003.01.06 Small portrait seated by a piano                                                               

-P0003.01.07 Small portrait reading                                                                

-P0003.01.08 Small portrait with “Prissy the cat”                                                                                 

-P0003.01.09 Portrait seated by a window dated 1971

Subseries 1B: Carrier Family and Friends                                                       1:2

-P0003.02.01 The Carrier Children prior to 1971                                              

-P0003.02.02 The Carrier Family-standing portrait                                                     

-P0003.02.03 The Carrier Family- Sitting Portrait                    

-P0003.02.04 An elderly couple labeled, “relatives of Dr. Carrier”

-P0003.02.05 Dr. Carrier’s Roommate Mickey, with his wife Sayuri, and children Masako and Masayki                                                                                                                             

Subseries 1C:  JMU Graduation                                                                                              1:3

-P0003.03.01 Carrier handing an unidentified young man his diploma May 7th, 1983

-P0003.03.02 Carrier in his robes at graduation August 5th, 1983  

-P0003.03.03 Carrier handing the President of the Student Government Association her diploma August 5th, 1983                          

-P0003.03.04 Carrier with Leslie Lovett at Graduation 1984                                     

-P0003.03.05 Carrier with Stacy Lovett at Graduation 1984                                          

-P0003.03.06 Governor Charles Robb speaking at Graduation May 11th, 1985 

-P0003.03.07 Governor Charles Robb and Carrier Graduation May 11th, 1985                  

-P0003.03.08 Governor Charles Robb receiving an award from Carrier May 11th, 1985 

-P0003.03.09 Carrier handing an unidentified young woman her diploma        

-P0003.03.10 Carrier speaking at Graduation                                                             

-P0003.03.11 Carrier at Graduation                                                                        

-P0003.03.12 Carrier with Roberta Ann Hogsett May 5th, 1979                               

-P0003.03.13 Carrier handing an unidentified young woman her diploma May 6th, 1978                                                                                                                   

-P0003.03.14 Carrier at Graduation May 6th, 1978     

-P0003.03.15 Carrier at his first JMU Graduation June 1971                                                       


Subseries 1D:  Name Change to James Madison University                            1:4                          

-P0003.04.01 Governor Godwin, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rice, and Mrs. Johnson at signing March 22, 1977                                                                                                   

-P0003.04.02 Carrier, Jim Spurlock, and Governor Godwin at the JMU signing March 22nd, 1977    

-P0003.04.03 Carrier, Governor Godwin, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Roop at the JMU Signing March 22nd, 1977       

-P0003.04.04 Carrier, Governor Godwin, Mr. Bell, Mrs. Paula, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Roop, Mrs. Bell at the JMU signing March 22nd, 1977- color                 

-P0003.04.05 Carrier, Governor Godwin, Mr. Bell, Mrs. Paula, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Roop, Mrs. Bell at the JMU signing March 22nd, 1977- black and white

-P0003.04.06  Carrier, Governor Godwin, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Roop, and unidentified man at the JMU signing March 22nd, 1977

Subseries 1E: Parties and Formal Events                                                            1:5

-P0003.05.01 Carrier manning the bar at a party                                                        

-P0003.05.02 Wallis Chandler and Mrs. Carrier talking at a party            

-P0003.05.03 Edith Carrier (Mr. McGraw in the background) at a party                              

-P0003.05.04 Carrier and Frank Carrier at a party                                  

-P0003.05.05 Carrier and Mr. Wallis Chandler                                                   

-P0003.05.06 Coach Campanelli, Ronald Carrier, and Wallis Chandler at a party         

-P0003.05.07 Mrs. Charles Wampler, Linda Carrier, and Edith Carrier at a party

-P0003.05.08 Coach Campanelli at the 1983 March Tournament party

-P0003.05.09 Carrier at a celebration in June 1982                               

-P0003.05.10 Carrier and Mr. McGraw  presumably at a Dinner Theatre                   

-P0003.05.11 Mr. McGraw and Dr. Staunton at a Dinner Theatre in 1982                                                                                                                      

-P0003.05.12 Mr. Dave Malesko at a Dinner Theatre in 1982                            

-P0003.05.13 Dr. Taylor, rector at the Dinner Theater in 1982                                    

-P0003.05.14 Mr. Allen, Carrier, Mrs. McGraw, and Mrs. Sonner at the Dinner Theatre in 1982                                                                                                     

-P0003.05.15 Edith Carrier and Bill Merck at the Dinner Theatre in 1982

-P0003.05.16 Mike DeWitt, Mr. McGraw, Carrier at the Dinner Theatre in 1982

-P0003.05.17 Ray Sonner, Alice Liggitt, and Dr. Staunton at the Dinner Theatre                

-P0003.05.18 Inauguration of Dr. Island December 4th, 1971                 

-P0003.05.19 Inauguration of Dr. Island on December 4th, 1971                

-P0003.05.20 Mr. D.P. Davis, Jr., Lloyd Newland, Mr. Buddy Showalter at the Miller’s Reception                                                                                                         

-P0003.05.21 Mrs. D.P Davis, Jr., Lloyd Newland, and Mr. Buddy Showalter

-P0003.05.22 Dr. George West, at the Miller’s Reception            

-P0003.05.23 The Miller’s Reception                                                                        

-P0003.05.24 Reception for the Millers                                                                 

-P0003.05.25 Possibly the Reception for the Millers                                                                                                                           

Subseries 1F:  Awards                                                                                                                  1:6

-P0003.06.01 Carrier presenting a scholarship to Kevin C. Haggins in July of 1976             

-P0003.06.02 Carrier receiving an award from Lt. Colonel McKee and other officers                                                      

-P0003.06.03 Bonnie Hoover presenting Carrier’s15 year service pin in 1985                              

-P0003.06.04 JMU Service Awards Banquet                                                                  

-P0003.06.05 Carrier speaking at the Employees Award Banquet in Chandler Hall                                                                                        

-P0003.06.06 Carrier speaking at the Employees Award Banquet in Chandler Hall

Subseries 1G: Dr. Carrier with other officials                                                            1:7

-P0003.07.01 Carrier, Bill McCoy, Mr. Armstrong, and others at the signing of a documen

-P0003.07.02 Carrier, Mr. E. Guy Ridgely, and Mr. Earl Campbell at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce on September 20th, 1973                                                   

-P0003.07.03 Dr. G. Tyler Miller, President of James Madison University 1949-1970, Dr. Roy E. McTarnaghan, director State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, and Carrier December 3rd, 1970                                                                              

-P0003.07.04 Carrier and Mills Godwin leading the Greek Week parade      

-P0003.07.05 Carrier and Mills Godwin continuing to lead the Greek Week parade            

-P0003.07.06 Carrier at a reception on December 4th, 1971                          

-P0003.07.07 Carrier and three women boarding a bus on December 4th, 1971  

-P0003.07.08 Mr. Bell and Carrier                                                                 

-P0003.07.09 Dr. Dickerson and Carrier                                                 

-P0003.07.10 Dr. Talbot, Mr. Grettan Price, Sr., and Carrier                         

-P0003.07.11 Dr. Jean Mundy and Carrier                                             

-P0003.07.12 Carrier with an unidentified man                                                  

-P0003.07.13 Carrier with two unidentified men examining a pamphlet       

-P0003.07.14 Carrier with Dean William Hanlon,  Dr. Jennings, and D.P. Davis, Jr.                        

-P0003.07.15 Carrier with Former Senator Nathan Miller                    

-P0003.07.16 Carrier with Francis and D. P. Davis Jr.                                    

-P0003.07.17 Carrier with an unidentified man circa 1982                

-P0003.07.18 Governor Dalton being interviewed                                            

-P0003.07.19 Carrier being interviewed                                               

-P0003.07.20 Carrier speaking at an event with two unidentified individuals

-P0003.07.21 Dr. McGraw with three unidentified individuals                                   

-P0003.07.22 Dr. William Hanlon, Dr. Carrier, Dr. Jennings, and D.P. Davis, Jr.

-P0003.07.23 Governor Dalton, Dr. Carrier, and 5 other unidentified individuals

-P0003.07.24 Dr. Dingledine, Dr. McGraw, and students                        

-P0003.07.25 Three unidentified men conversing                                              

-P0003.07.26 Unidentified man                                      


 Subseries 1H: Board of Visitors                                                                                      1:8  

-P0003.08.01 Carrier with James Taylor, Elector of the Board                 

-P0003.08.02 Carrier shaking hands with James Taylor, Elector of the Board

-P0003.08.03 Carrier with the Members of the Board for 1982              

-P0003.08.04 Carrier with Ray Sonner, Guthrie Allen, and Fred Hilton

-P0003.08.05 1976                                                                                          

-P0003.08.06  1980     


 Subseries 1I: Dr. Carrier with Students and Alumni                                                   1:9

-P0003.09.01 Dr. Carrier with the sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma for their Christmas Seal cause Thank you note from Debbie Crocker attached                                        

-P0003.09.02 Dr. Carrier with Donna, Kim, Suzanne, Laura, and Jan from the class of 1982 Thank you note attached


 Subseries 1J:  Dr. Carrier at JMU events                                                                  1:10

- P0003.10.01 Carrier speaking at the Pep Rally for “The Big Game”                               

- P0003.10.02 Ron and Edith Carrier sitting on the sidelines with two other people                                          

- P0003.10.03 Carrier and Zane Showker talking with an unidentified individual                                     

- P0003.10.04 JMU Sporting event (basketball game (JMU versus Ohio at the Charlotte Coliseum)

- P0003.10.05 Carrier with Arthur Hamilton (blue sweater), and Ben Carnevele (white jacket)  (basketball game against Ohio at the Charlotte Coliseum)

- P0003.10.06 Cheerleaders (JMU basketball game versus Ohio at the Charlotte Coliseum)           

- P0003.10.07 Carrier and others watching the JMU basketball game versus Ohio at the Charlotte Coliseum

- P0003.10.08 JMU basketball fan with sign, JMU versus Ohio at the Charlotte Coliseum      

- P0003.10.09 Basketball game, JMU versus Ohio at the Charlotte Coliseum                        

- P0003.10.10 Basketball scoreboard, at the JMU basketball versus Ohio at the Charlotte Coliseum 

- P0003.10.11 JMU basketball versus Ohio at the Charlotte Coliseum              

- P0003.10.12 Edith Carrier (middle) with Lois Johnson (left), and Mrs. Sean Mundy (right) at the JMU basketball versus Ohio at the Charlotte Coliseum                 

- P0003.10.13 Zane Showker at JMU basketball versus Ohio at the Charlotte Coliseum                                            

- P0003.10.14 Edith Carrier with Winston Weaver (right) and Charles Wampler (left)                    

- P0003.10.15 Carrier with Terri Wickham, head RA/Resident of Eagle Hall at the RA picnic in 1985

- P0003.10.16  Carrier with a woman at Parent’s Weekend 1983 (photo by Kim Scott)         

- P0003.10.17 Carrier with Dr. and Mrs. G. Tyler Miller, Governor and Mrs. Godwin, Reverend James Lincoln, Mrs. Dorothy Garber, and Francis and Isabelle Bell

- P0003.10.18 Carrier with Helen Mugler White and an unidentified woman 

 Subseries 1K:  Dr. Carrier at other Universities                                                                      1:11

- P0003.11.01 Carrier with three unidentified men receiving “Alumnus of the Year” from East Tennessee State in spring of 1977

- P0003.11.02 Carrier and others at the library ground breaking at Memphis State, Memphis, Tennessee   

- P0003.11.03 Carrier and others at the Inauguration of Dr. Janet Greenwood at Longwood College 

- P0003.11.04. Carrier receiving a medallion from Dr. Bill McCoy at a ceremony at Lord Fairfax Community College circa 1981     

- P0003.11.05 Carrier and Dr. Bill McCoy, Lord Fairfax, at a ceremony possibly at Lord Fairfax Community College circa 1981  

- P0003.11.06 Carrier speaking at a ceremony at Lord Fairfax Community College                                                                                                                 

 Subseries 1L: Carriers’ Oakview Garden Show                                                             1:12

- P0003.12.01 Trees and flowers by the serpentine brick wall                                                                  

- P0003.12.02 Brick steps to the gate                                                                             

- P0003.12.03 Brick wall and grass walkway, horizontal                                                 

- P0003.12.04 Brick wall and grass walkway, vertical                                                                     

- P0003.12.05 Wall, greenery, and trees                                                                                 

- P0003.12.06 Wall and lawn                                                                                                    

- P0003.12.07 Tulips, an artichoke, eggplant, and asparagus in a bowl on the kitchen counter                                

- P0003.12.08 Side cabinet with a pot with flowers in it, and hanging pictures on the wall                                                

- P0003.12.09 Ceramic vase decorated in the style of Japanese ikebana on a side table with mirror 

- P0003.12.10 Trees next to the brick wall with rocks and shrubbery                             

- P0003.12.11 Lawn and trees                                                                                                  

- P0003.12.12 Brick walkway going around trees and flowers                                             

- P0003.12.13 Tulips and trees near patio, with partial view of tennis court

- P0003.12.14 Shrubbery and brick wall near house                                                      

- P0003.12.15 Flowers and a wooden decoy on a side table                                          

- P0003.12.16 Flowers and  wooden decoy on a side table, close up                                      

- P0003.12.17 A bonsai tree, on a side table near a sink                                                              

- P0003.12.18 Tulips and trees near the patio and tennis court                                                    

- P0003.12.19 Tulips and trees near the patio and tennis court                                                      

- P0003.12.20 Flowers and trees near the back of the patio                                                          

- P0003.12.21 Patio with flowers around it                                                             

- P0003.12.22 Patio from above                                                                                                           

- P0003.12.23 Patio from above                                                                                                          

- P0003.12.24 Side of the patio and pool from above                                                                

- P0003.12.25 End of the patio from above                                                                         

- P0003.12.26 Side of the patio, close up                                                                                                    

- P0003.12.27 Oakview mailbox with brick wall                                                                

- P0003.12.28 Living room with an arrangement of flowers                                                

- P0003.12.29 Hallway side table with arrangement of flowers                                               

- P0003.12.30 Living room with an arrangement of flowers                                       

- P0003.12.31 Arrangement of white flowers on a side table                                            

- P0003.12.32 Arrangement of white flowers on a side table, side view                      

- P0003.12.33 Dining room table with flower arrangements                                             

- P0003.12.34  Dining room table with flower arrangements, close up                                   

- P0003.12.35 Kitchen counter with arrangement                                                             

- P0003.12.36 Small table with place settings near a window                                                        

- P0003.12.37 Small table in the living room with an arrangement of red flowers                   

- P0003.12.38 Living room with an arrangement of white flowers on the coffee table

- P0003.12.39 Tulips in a bowl with artichoke, eggplant, and asparagus                       

- P0003.12.40 Flower arrangement in the Japanese ikebana style

Subseries 1M: Miscellaneous Black and White Photographs                                           1:13

           - P0003.13.01 Carrier at the June 1971 Graduation Ceremony                                                          

- P0003.13.02 Carrier observing a parade float                                                                  

- P0003.13.03 Carrier and an unidentified man and woman at a ribbon cutting                            

- P0003.13.04 Unidentified man speaking at an unidentified ceremony, with Carrier in the background                                                                             

- P0003.13.05 Carrier, Governor Mills Godwin, and former JMU president G Tyler Miller standing next to the plaque dedicating Godwin Hall                                        

- P0003.13.06 Governor  and Mrs. Godwin with dedication plaque for Godwin Hall                                        

- P0003.13.07 Carrier and Mrs. Godwin at a luncheon                                                       

- P0003.13.08 Dr. Carrier speaking at an unidentified ceremony                                                  

- P0003.13.09 Another angle of Dr. Carrier speaking at what appears to be graduation

- P0003.13.10 Dr. and Mrs. Carrier, Governor and Mrs. Godwin, Dr. and Mrs. G Tyler Miller, and an unidentified woman standing together                                               

- P0003.13.11 Dr. Carrier and Governor Godwin in a car with the sign proclaiming them Grand Marshalls

- P0003.13.12 Carrier with a girl, presumably his daughter Linda                                                 

- P0003.13.12a Duplicate of P0003.13.12                                                                                            

- P0003.13.13 Dr. and Mrs. Carrier and child                                                           

- P0003.13.13a Duplicate of P0003.13.13                                                                                 

- P0003.13.14 President and faculty at Carrier’s inauguration                                            

- P0003.13.14a Duplicate of P0003.13.14                                                                                         

- P0003.13.15 Carrier receiving medallion at inauguration from unidentified individual                                                  

- P0003.13.15a Duplicate of P0003.13.15                                                                           

- P0003.13.16 Carrier receiving his medallion, close up                                                     

- P0003.13.16a Duplicate of P0003.13.16                                                                          

- P0003.13.17 Carrier shaking hands after receiving his medallion                                               

- P0003.13.17a Duplicate of P0003.13.17                                                                          

- P0003.13.18 Carrier speaking at his inauguration                                                                                              

- P0003.13.18a Duplicate of P0003.13.18                                                                              

- P0003.13.19 Carrier and two unidentified individuals at inauguration                                                                                                                                    

- P0003.13.19a Duplicate of P0003.13.19                                                                                

- P0003.13.20 Carrier smiling and holding his medallion at his inauguration                   

- P0003.13.20a Duplicate of P0003.13.20                                                                         

- P0003.13.21 Carrier speaking with an unidentified man and woman                                      

- P0003.13.21a Duplicate of P0003.13.21                                                                            

- P0003.13.22 Edith Carrier with an unidentified individual

- P0003.13.22a Duplicate of P0003.13.22                                                                                

- P0003.13.23 Dr. and Mrs. Carrier and three unidentified individuals standing         

- P0003.13.23a Duplicate of P0003.13.23                                                                          

- P0003.13.24 Carrier admiring medallion                                                                     

- P0003.13.24a Duplicate of P0003.13.24                                                                                

- P0003.13.25 Dr. and Mrs. Carrier at his Inaugural Ball with two unidentified individuals                                                              

- P0003.13.25a Duplicate of P0003.13.25                                                                       

- P0003.13.26 Dr. and Mrs.  Carrier dancing at his Inaugural Ball                                

- P0003.13.26a Duplicate of P0003.13.26                                                                          

- P0003.13.27 A Little boy, presumably Mike Carrier, on a stool laughing with a cake


  Subseries 1N:  Miscellaneous JMU photographs                                                               1:14

- P0003.14.01 Students of the State Normal School, circa 1910                                                      

- P0003.14.02 James Madison University Crest, 1976