JMUTube Replacement Project

JMUtube is a homegrown web application launched about 10 years ago to provide a quick and easy way for JMU faculty and staff to stream video, audio, and presentations. LET Technology is working to find replacement systems and workflows for the major use cases of JMUTube that we know of, listed in the below table.

Tasks Status
Upload and stream instructional videos Get Started
Moving from JMUTube to NJVID Get Started
Managing and streaming Relay presentations with NJVID Being Researched
Creating NJVID playlists for embedding in Canvas or other sites Being Researched
Managing classroom recordings Being Researched
Streaming interactive Captivate and Presenter presentations Captivate - Get Started
Presenter - Being Researched

Until we have provided an alternative for the above use cases, we plan to continue offering JMUTube services in tandem with JMUTube during Fall 2017. If you are interested in participating in testing the new workflows, please let us know!

Because JMUTube itself has not imposed limits on what could be uploaded, it has become used for some purposes we are no longer able to support:

How we will communicate with customers