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Video Management Services FAQ

General FAQ

Q: Can students upload to NJVID?

A: At this time, NJVID is a service for JMU faculty and staff only.

Classroom Recordings (CRASS) FAQ

Q: How long will it take my classroom recording to upload to NJVID?

A: The amount of internet traffic can greatly affect this answer, but a rule-of-thumb is one minute of upload time per minute of recording time. Therefore a 15-minute video should take about 15 minutes, and a 60-minute video should take about 60 minutes. Also, NJVID 'harvests' videos every 15 minutes "on the quarter hour," so a one-minute video recorded at 9:05am might not be available until 9:15am.


Q: Why won't my file upload to NJVID?

A: If your file is larger than 5GB, it may not upload to NJVID. Please contact us for assistance.

Q: Can I use the NJVID Canvas LTI? What does it do?

A: Read about the Canvas LTI on NJVID's site. If you want to try it, contact us for assistance. Some additional notes:

Q: I accidentally deleted a video. Help!

A: Please contact us for assistance.

Q: I need to change my name / eID in NJVID. Help!

A: We can help! Changes can be made within a few business days. Please contact us for assistance.

Q: Can I make another NJVID user an Additional Owner of my video, for example to 'transfer' a video from one account to another?

A: If one has permissions to other Collections, they may add/remove media to/from collections as appropriate. May also add other owners (also in bulk), but it does not look like metadata field of Creator may be changed.

Q: How can I upload my Adobe Captivate, Presenter, Relay, or Camtasia presentation to NJVID?

A: NJVID is designed to host audio and video only. If your presentations will still be effective without interactivity, you can save them as MP4 files to upload to NJVID:

Another option could be to download your presentation from JMUTube, and upload the resulting .zip file into Canvas. If, however, you have interactive presentations that need to stay interactive, please see the "Interactive Presentations" section

Q: What is the "Expiry Date?" How does it work?

A: After the "Expiry Date" passes, the video is suppressed from NJVID (not deleted). This may be undone by altering the Expiry Date. If the Expiry Date is not removed, after two weeks the media will be deleted.

Q: How can I post my video so that it cannot be downloaded?

A: Short of using digital rights management (DRM), there is no way to fully prevent your video from being downloaded.

Q: I work with students who need to link to videos from online resumes or e-portfolios. Is NJVID appropriate for this?

A: NJVID is for active, instructional content only and therefore is not appropriate. Students would also not be able to control their own content in NJVID. We recommend students set up a YouTube account or Dropbox shared folder so they can fully control their video content.

Q: What is "active, instructional content?"

A: "Instructional" means the content is used for a JMU course, workshop, or other instructional intervention. This can include videos used by a department to support courses, such as lab safety training videos. "Active" means you have specific plans to use the content currently or at a known future point in time. For example, if you teach a class every other year using the same videos, you can leave those videos in NJVID. If content becomes more than two years old and is not viewed or modified, we may contact you to verify whether it is still needed. NJVID is not intended for storage of video, and is not a preservation system. Good media habits include keeping original files and source files on local media or your local computer.

NJVID Feature Requests in Queue

We have requested the following features from NJVID:

JMUTube Migration Questions

Q: How long will it take my JMUTube videos to bulk import into NJVID?

A: After you submit your CSV to NJVID, you'll see the information about your videos show up in about 10-15 minutes. However, it will take much longer for your videos to be sent from JMUTube to NJVID. The time will depend on how busy JMUTube and NJVID servers are. We suggest "checking back in the morning" on the progress of your videos.

Interactive Presentations

Q: I've got Adobe Captivate or Adobe Presenter interactive presentations in JMUTube. Where can I put those now that JMUTube is going away?

A: You have several options with Captivate and Presenter.

If you require assistance with interactive Adobe presentation, please contact us for assistance.