Changing Clicker Channel

Changing Clicker Channel – Old Clickers (XR):

  1. Press the Orange Menu Button.
  2. When asked if you want to leave Presentation Mode Press the Yes button.
  3. To scroll down to Change Channel in the menu press the Yes button (to scroll up in the menu press the No button).
  4. Press Enter when Change Channel is highlighted.
  5. Enter the channel number by pressing the numeric keys on the Clicker.
  6. Press Enter when you are finished entering the channel number.

You should receive confirmation on your clicker that the Receiver on that channel is found.  If you do not receive this message, double check which channel you should be on and try again.

Changing Clicker Channel – New Clickers (NXT):

  1. Press the Channel button, located left of the 1/A button.
  2. Use the number pad to enter the new channel number.
  3. Once the channel number has been entered press the gray oval button in the middle of the directional pad.