Our Facility and Location Names

This list provides the preferred, official name for each of our locations followed by usage notes and acceptable variations of the locations’ names.

Carrier Library

  • Acceptable variations, depending on context: Carrier
  • Not acceptable: Carrier library, JMU Carrier Library, JMU Carrier library

Rose Library

  • Acceptable variations, depending on context: Rose
  • Not acceptable: Rose library, East Campus Library, ECL, JMU Rose Library, JMU Rose library

Music Library

  • Acceptable variations, depending on context: Music
  • Not acceptable: Music library, JMU Music Library, JMU Music library

Educational Technology & Media Center

Acceptable variations, depending on context: ETMC, Pruden Educational Technology and Media Center, Pruden Educational Technology & Media Center, Educational Technology and Media Center

The Makery

  • To indicate one of the two makerspace locations, the preferred language is: “The Makery in Carrier Library” or “The Makery in Rose Library.” Acceptable variations: The Makery in Carrier, The Makery in Rose, The Rose Makery, The Carrier Makery, the makerspace in Rose, the makerspace in Carrier, the Rose makerspace, the Carrier makerspace
  • Acceptable variations, depending on context: JMU Libraries makerspaces
  • Not acceptable: makeryspace, The Makeries, the Makery, the makery

libraries, the libraries, library locations, library facilities, library buildings

Use one of these lowercase terms when referring to our library locations without referring to a specific location (e.g., “all of the libraries at JMU have books”).

“Carrier and Rose Libraries”

When referring to multiple named locations at once, combine the proper location names with one instance of the word Libraries (e.g., “Carrier and Rose Libraries”), or use the acceptable variation (e.g., “Carrier and Rose”).