Pulse Secure – Windows Surface Instructions

Set Up:

  1. Swipe in from the right and tap Settings.
  2. Select Change PC settings, select Network, select Connections.
  3. Under VPN, select Add a VPN connection.
  4. Under VPN provider, select Juniper Networks Pulse Secure.
  5. Name your connection something appropriate (JMU VPN, maybe?).
  6. Under Server name or address, type in sslvpn.jmu.edu
  7. Select Save.

To connect:

  1. Swipe in from the right and select Settings.
  2. Select the wireless network icon.
  3. Select your VPN connection and choose Connect.
  4. Select your appropriate Realm and then touch Next.
  5. You will need to sign in as normal.
  6. You may see a screen pop up with a Pre-Sign In Notification. This is an announcement from JMU with special instructions on using Duo to connect from off campus. Duo offers three options for authentication:
    1. App
    2. Text Message
    3. Passcode

    This message will provide specific instructions on how you connect from off campus depending on which method of authentication you setup for Duo. The Duo settings are managed in your MyMadison page. Once you have read the message, click Proceed to move to the next step.  See the JMU Computing page about Duo for more information.

Some notes about being connected to the Pulse Secure VPN using a Windows Surface:

  • The desktop version of IE seems to work best on Surface.
  • If you access PDFs through Quick Search, they will not open in the EBSCO application meant for this. Instead, you will be given a choice to Open or Save the PDF.