DRAFT Services for Faculty and Staff

JMU Libraries provides expertise in educational technology, classroom technology, digital projects, course evaluations, information literacy, copyright, and so much more. We also manage physical and online collections to support your research and teaching.

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Use technologies in your teaching

Workshops and training

We offer faculty workshops on educational technologies and creative approaches for teaching in traditional, online, and blended environments. We also offer all-campus workshops on graphic design, building websites, podcasting, research, and other topics.


Request a consultation to partner with us in exploring effective uses of technology in your teaching. Our consultations offer you our expertise in instructional design, digital projects, online or hybrid teaching, media production, organizing a repository of images or videos, and much more.

Canvas support

We can help you meaningfully integrate Canvas (JMU’s learning management system) into the academic experience. We provide tech support for Canvas and expert advice on effective uses of Canvas for all types of teaching, not just for online and hybrid courses.

Online and hybrid teaching

Our resources for online or hybrid teaching include research-based advice, best practices, and consultations on the technologies and pedagogical approaches needed for success in an online or hybrid teaching environment. We also invite you to join hundreds of other JMU faculty in our Institute for Hybrid & Online Learning: a self-paced, Canvas-based learning community where instructors learn and share ideas as they build skills in online and hybrid teaching.

Media production staff, software, and facilities

If you want to create media for your teaching, we can help! We offer a variety of media production services and facilities, including a professional studio for recording video and a narration room for recording audio. Our staff can create custom media for your instruction, or help you use our software and equipment. Visit Media Production and The Makery to learn more.

Free images and videos

Find audio, image, and video resources that you can freely use! They are available under Creative Commons, public domain, or JMU license.

Equipment to borrow

Borrow laptops, projectors, cameras, camcorders, external hard drives, and more through our Equipment Loans program. We also offer music equipment that can be used in our Music Library or checked out for short periods.

3D Printing classroom and EPIC

Our 3SPACE classroom in Carrier Library is the first general-education college 3D printing classroom in the country. It offers 3D printing access and training to people of all experience levels.

The EPIC (Enhancing Pedagogy through Innovative Classrooms) program features eight of the university’s newest, most innovative classrooms. We collaborate with other university units on the management of these classrooms.

Classroom technologies

Contact Library Tech Support with questions or problems related to projectors, microphones, and other classroom technologies.

Create dynamic learning experiences

Digital class projects

Request a consultation for support designing digital assignments or projects that leverage critical digital pedagogy and equity-based strategies. Find inspiration in these examples of digital assignments and digital projects that were created in partnership with faculty and students. Examples include websites, blogs, podcasts, maps, data visualizations, and other digital projects to promote engaged learning.

Special Collections

Special Collections serves as the Libraries’ repository for rare and unique materials, with a particular focus on the history of JMU and the Shenandoah Valley. The Special Collections News Feed shares stories of faculty who have partnered with Special Collections on class projects that promoted deep, meaningful learning. To incorporate Special Collections materials as part of your course, contact library-special@jmu.edu.


The Makery, with locations in Rose and Carrier Library, encourages creativity, brainstorming, exploring, rethinking, problem-solving and curiosity through an array of technologies, software, and equipment. You are encouraged to leverage our 3D printers, virtual reality rooms, sewing machines, laser cutters, and the expertise of our helpful and knowledgeable staff to create innovative class projects and foster your own curiosity.

Libraries workshops for your course

Invite us to your in-person or online classroom to help your students build skills in research, evaluating sources, podcasting, data management, information literacy, or any of our areas of expertise. We also offer class sessions using Special Collections materials. You can even request Citizen 21 course content to teach your students 21st-century skills such as collaboration and mindfulness.

Consultations on engaged learning

Request a consultation to explore ways that we can work together on creating dynamic learning opportunities for your students.

Get tech support

Tech support for educational technologies

JMU Libraries provides tech support for Canvas, Webex in Canvas, Respondus, TurnItIn, illumira, Knowmia, CampusPress, clickers, and Blue Course Evaluations. The JMU IT Help Desk provides tech support for Zoom and Webex outside of Canvas.

Classroom technology support

Contact Library Tech Support with questions or problems related to projectors, microphones, and other classroom technologies.

Connect from off campus

Most of the Libraries’ online resources are available from off-campus if you log in with your eID, password, and Duo. However, some of our resources require another login procedure, using software called “Pulse Secure.” Please follow the instructions for connecting from off-campus, or contact us through Ask the Library.

Printing, scanning, and software in the libraries

Learn more about the printers, scanners, and software available for you and your students to use in JMU Libraries.

Access library collections

Search our collections

Use Library Search to find e-books, books, articles, videos, music, and more. While Library Search retrieves results from nearly all of our journals and databases, there are some that it does not search. To find items not included in Library Search, you’ll need to search the journals and databases directly. To learn more about what is included in Library Search results, consult our latest list of collections. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact your liaison librarian or use Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

When you need a book, article, or another resource that’s not part of JMU’s collections, you can submit an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request. We do our best to use the global network of libraries to get the resource into your hands, free of charge.

Delivery services

You can have library books or materials delivered to your departmental mailbox. Our other delivery services include providing scanned articles and book chapters and offering pickup from any library location.

Course reserves

With course reserves, you can place high-use course materials on reserve for students to check out with shortened loan periods.

Special Collections

Special Collections is the Libraries’ repository for rare and unique materials, with a particular focus on the history of JMU and the Shenandoah Valley. Anyone is welcome to make an appointment to engage with our materials. Find examples of our fascinating and gorgeous materials on the Special Collections instagram or twitter.

Open educational resources

Open textbooks and other open educational resources (OER) make course materials more affordable for students and more customizable for instructors. This guide showcases online, interactive, free educational resources.

Newspaper subscriptions

All members of the JMU community can access the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more through our university subscriptions.

Streaming media

We’ll put something about streaming media here… Carolyn is working on a few new pages. And we also have the Online Instructional Use of Media Collection page.

More online resources

Learn how to access e-books, streaming video, journals, and more on our online resources page.

Advance your research

Liaison Librarians

If you have in-depth or detailed research questions, contact your department’s liaison librarian, a subject expert who can help you and your students with discipline-specific research.

Research guides

Our online guides created by JMU librarians will point you to the best resources we offer related to specific subjects. Your liaison librarian may also be able to create research guides for your courses.

Video, illustration, photography, and graphic design services

When working on a research or writing project, you can get help with creating illustrations, graphs, and other visual representations of data for your scholarly publications. Schedule a consultation via our Media Production page.

Scholarly communications, copyright, and publishing

We provide holistic support for scholarly communications across JMU. With expertise in copyright, author rights, open publishing, and open infrastructure initiatives, we can consult with you on a variety of scholarly communication topics.

Data management

We offer consultations and resources to help you with data management, including file naming and organization, effective use of metadata, and creating a data management plan.

JMU Scholarly Commons

The JMU Scholarly Commons is an open-access institutional repository for sharing your scholarship worldwide. It also includes JMU’s peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, Special Collections materials, theses, dissertations, and more.

Explore library spaces

Library locations

Visit our Library Spaces page or watch this short video to learn about our library spaces.

Fun Things to Do in JMU Libraries

15 Fun Things to Do in JMU Libraries highlights our community seed library, book displays, art and exhibits, and more.

We’re here to help! Ask the Library.

Whenever you have questions, you can always visit a service desk, visit the Ask the Library page online, or schedule a consultation with one of our subject experts, and we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to working with you!

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