Student Group Request for Non-Study Space in JMU Libraries


From time-to-time, the Libraries will grant special permission for the students or student groups to use library spaces for various activities. Final decisions on this use are at the sole discretion of Library Management. Library Management will address requests for use not expressly listed below on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Filming for class projects is permitted but must not be disruptive to other library users.  Students should alert Library staff of their presence in the library before filming.  Permission for filming for non-academic purposes may be granted on a case-by-case basis by a member of Library Management, though filming for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited.  Permission to use images in filming is the responsibility of the person filming and the library takes no responsibility for how images are used.
  2.  Requests to conduct surveys or other information gathering tools are allowed at the discretion of Library Management. These requests must come from officers, sponsors or leaders of JMU student groups. In keeping with our mission as an academic learning center, this privilege is limited to groups that support academic endeavors.
  3. Sales or solicitations of any sort (membership drives, monetary contributions, etc.) are prohibited.
  4. Study logs will not be kept by the libraries and Library personnel will not sign documents that verify a student’s presence in the library or documents for extra credit.
  5. Collection boxes for charitable causes are allowed at the discretion of Library Management and must not disrupt traffic or cause a fire code violation.  Boxes must be emptied regularly and removed at the end of the drive.  Library Management will dispose of boxes and contents not collected by the sponsoring organization within the agreed-upon deadline. If boxes overflow or otherwise disrupt or clutter the library, they will be removed immediately.
  6. Give-aways must be approved by Library Management.  No food or drink may be sold or given away without the permission of Library Management and Aramark.
  7. Library Management reserves the right to prohibit any of the above activities in order to maintain its research and study environment.
  8.  The library is committed to the ideals of freedom of speech and to maintaining a welcoming and safe environment to the entire JMU community.   The library reserves the right to deny permission to communications and behaviors determined to be inflammatory or hostile.

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