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Genealogy – General Sources

The Association for Gravestone Studies Useful information on cemeteries is located here. There is general information about the Association.

A Barrel of Genealogy Links Over 425 links are available here. They are not arranged in any particular order. A section of over 100 Civil War links completes this web site. This site offers a variety of topical approaches for the beginning genealogy researcher.

Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet In June 2011 this site had over 305,000 links in ca. 186 categories. This is a masterful site and should be used by all genealogists that want to see what is availble over the Internet.

Directory of Royal Genealogy Data This site has the goal of listing the royalty from the ancient world to the present in Europe and some of the Middle East (mainly Islamic). The emphasis is on British royalty. Another royal site is Royal Genealogies – Menu. This emphasizes British royalty but has European coverage.

Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory This is a comprehensive site to genealogy. The major thrust is to have links to world regions and then to continents and major countries. Additional sources include such aspects as translation services, library and archives sources, documents and other print sources, charts and forms, historical aspects of genealogy, medical and health, search engines, etc. The site’s mission statement is “To promote scholarly educational access to all to key worldwide Internet genealogical and family history databases and resources.”

Footnote Almost 75 million original documents from records at the National Archives, Library of Congress and other major repositories are available here. Coverage is the full range of American history. An annual, or monthly, fee is required for this service.

GenGateway A major site with links to over 12,000 genealogy and history sites. The links are arranged in broad categories..

The Genealogy Home Page A Web site for hundreds of links. Contents include such items as guides, libraries, map sources, software, societies, etc.

Genealogy.Org A miscellaneous collection of links to categories as NGS home page, catalog of microfilmed census schedules, a genealogy BBS list, etc.

Mocavo This site is billed as “The world’s largest free genealogy search engine.” Movcavo attempts to index and make available all of the world’s free genealogy information. This is an excellent source for Internet available genealogy material.

Research Aids for the Family Historian A lengthy list of links having genealogical interest. Example of links include historical diseases, English counties, 17th century handwriting samples, etc.

ROOTS-L Resources: United States Resources A comprehensive site. The home page for the site offers links to general U.S. sources. The main portion of this site is links by state.

RootsWeb Thousands of sites are available. Major links are to surnames and country sources.

[Rootsweb’s Guides to Tracing Family Trees] This site acts as a teaching guide to a variety of topics having genealogy interest. The guide is arranged by general/overview; topical, e.g. city directories; and a section of countries and ethnic groups.A massive site arranged by topics. One section is by state.

Treasure Maps A wide range of sources for the beginning genealogist. Much of the information is explanation of the source. There are a number of LDS sources.

US GenWeb Project This site acts as a collection point for various types of records of interest to genealogy. Active at the state and county levels. The intent is for volunteers to enter local sources of genealogical interest into the Internet. To see what is available at the various counties see The US GenWeb Archives.

The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board and Genealogical Information After 1936 This official government site has railroad records from 1936 to date. The site has background information on their available records and notes how obtain this information for a fee. There is a link to sources for pre-1936 railroad personnel records.

WorldGenWeb Arranged in format comparable to the US GenWeb this site provides genealogical inforamation by region and country. An excellent first choice for international genealogical research by country.

Yahoo Genealogy A source for many areas of genealogy. Examples of useful sites include lineages which has a large number of family histories, Usenet connections, organizations, PAF and Gedcom, magazines, regional and ethnic sites, dictionaries, etc.

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Genealogy – Individual Archives and Repositories

Allen County Public Library The library catalog of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This library has one of the outstanding genealogical collections in the United States.

The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies This institute, associated with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, is devoted to immigration studies. The site includes a catalog of their holdings and a manuscript guide

The Library of Congress: Local History & Genealogy Reading Room The Library of Congress web site. Although the site covers the broad range of research possibilites this library is the largest library in the world and a major repository of historical and genealogical materials.

Newberry Library of Chicago The web site of a major library having genealogical sources. A non-circulating library.

State Archives Referral List This site, sponsored by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, has a list of states with links to their archival web pages.

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Genealogy – Ethnic Sources

[African American] Christine’s Genealogy Website A comprehensive site with access to a wide range of web pages.

[African American] Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet: African American A comprehensive site.

[African American] Free African Americans of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware Arranged by state and surname this site has genealogical information.

African-American Genealogy on the Web This site is from the Princeton, NJ Public Library. It has a wide variety of web page categories, e.g. major sites, death records, federal records, census, slave research, etc.

Afrigeneas A site for African-American genealogical research. There are links to general genealogy sites, especially for the beginning genealogist.

Ethnic, Religious and National Index Links to a wide range of European countries and ethnic groups are available here. Extensive.

[German] Internet Sources of German Genealogy This site offers hundreds of links to a wide range of topics for German genealogy. It includes lists of libraries and genealogical societies, town locators, emigration and passenger ship links, online telephone directories, search engines, etc.

Germans From Russia Heritage Collection A major site with links to a variety of pages dealing with Germans from Russia. The site Odessa … A German-Russian Digital Library contains a library of documents and records relating to Germans from Russia. It is comprehensive.

[German] Pennsylvania Dutch Family History Website This web page is a gateway to various search areas for Pennsylvania German genealogy, history, and culture.

[German] Resources for German Genealogy on the Internet A large number of links to German genealogy sites and information on how to work with German genealogy sources is here. Some links are to general genealogical sources.

[Ireland] National Archives of Ireland The official Irish government archives site. One link is to “Family History and Genealogy.” This offers an overview of records for the genealogist. It is a guide, at this time, and not the actual records.

Irish Family History Foundation This site gives an overview of Irish genealogy research and has links to the several counties. For each county there is information and contacts.

Irish Family Research This is a comprehensive site for Irish genealoical research. Much of the material at this site is only available with a membership fee. One feature is the availability of Townland maps.

Italy (Italian) Genealogy A major site that includes a surname database, civil records repositories in Italy, email lists, etc. Links are provided to other Italian and general genealogy sites.

Jewish Web IndexA major site with links to many additonal Jewish sites. Other Jewish genealogy sites include Avotaynu, and JewishGen

[Native American] Index of Native American Genealogy Resources on the InternetThis site offers links to historical and genealogical information. Arranged by tribe/nation.

Palatines to AmericaInformation on the American Palatine Society and links to major German genealogy sources are features of this site.

Polish Genealogical Society of America A wide variety of links are maintained at this site. It includes historical background, Society publications, research guides, databases, etc.

The Quaker Corner A site with many links to Quaker genealogical sources. Comprehensive.

[Scottish] Scots Origins This web page is from the General Register Office for Scotland. Be prepared to pay for any services located here.

[Scottish] Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry A major site with links to the General Register Office, a gazetteer, several lists of Scottish clans, Scottish genealogy societies, etc.

Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Research Pages Links to many genealogical pages on Slovak genealogy are here. Surnames, locations, maps, databases, census records, etc. are available.

[United Kingdom] Public Record Office – Information for Genealogists The PRO acts as the national archives for the United Kingdom. This site has information on the services provided. This includes access to guides for the services.

The UK & Ireland Genealogical Information Service (GENUKI) A comprehensive site with links to both regions and topics. Sections include areas as how to get started, researching from abroad, etc. A separate Ireland site has extensive genealogical resources on that country.

Yahoo’s Regional and Ethnic Resources Arranged in ca. twenty country and ethnic groups this site has a large number of links for each section. Useful to see the range of sources for a given group. Generally European.

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Genealogy – Scottish

BMD-Certificates This is a commercial site (located in London) that includes Scottish records. For a fee this firm will locate birth, marriage, and death certificates.

Deceased Online: The Central Database for UK & Republic of Ireland This site offers free indexing searching of names with a charge required for full information. Register records, maps, and photographs can be available. The database originated in June 2008 and is an ongoing project. Searching can be restricted to a country, regions, “individual burial authority.” Indexing can be limited to Scotland, for example. The database records individuals beginning with burials in 1837 and continuing to the present. Full information in not provided on individuals buried in the past 100 years.

Dundee City Archives This archives in July 2009 has several databases including 1) Methodist Baptisms for 1785-1898, 2) The Howff (Dundee’s Old Graveyard), 3) Vehicle Registrations for a) Perthshire, 1909-1911 and b) Kinrossshire, 1904-1952, 4) Index of Poor Registers, 1854-1878, and 5) Dundee War Records. This web page also lists their available publications and several research guides.

Gazetteer for Scotland This is a scholarly site which contains historical maps. An index is useful to enter a geographic entity or parish name. There are brief parish definitions.

National Library of Scotland – Maps from Our Collections This massive collection of maps provides coverage from ca. 1560-1935. In addition to general political maps there are military maps and ordnance survey maps.

Photopolis: Old Dundee in Photographs This site offers photographs of Dundee with coverage ca. 1870-1905. Although the site emphasizes architecture other areas as people and portraits, transportation, cemeteries and tombstones, etc. are included. Ca. 5,000 photographs are available.

Scotland: Information Related to All of Scotland This web site provides comprehensive coverage of genealogical information, e.g. cemeteries, census, etc. and where the infomation is located. A map showing the Scottish counties is available. For each county there are details on where the information is located. To get information on a specific parish one approach is to click on a county, e.g. Fife, and then the subject Town Records, and the the parish.

ScotlandsPeople This is a fee-based service for searching the General Register Office for Scottish records including: births, 1855-2006; marriages, 1855-1932; deaths, 1855-2006; Old Parish Registers, 1553-1854; census records covering the years 1841-1901; and wills and testaments, 1513-1901.

Scot-Roots This site is generally information by fee. The site offers an ancestral search service. There are some information sites without charge.

Scottish Archive Network This site has a catalog of records in fifty-two Scottish archives. The site can be seached by personal name, geographic place, and subject. There are some available digitized records and a few research tools.

Scottish Emigration Database This database contains the names of over 21,000 passengers embarking from Glasgow and Greenock for non-European ports from January 1 to April 30 1923 and from other Scottish ports between 1890 and 1960. The data notes ages, occupations, Scotland location, destination country, etc.

Scottish Genealogy from Scots Family This site offers comercial serarching for a fee for vital records. Examples of free information include a list of old occupations, a list of old parish registers, historical maps that have additional information by county, a Scottish DNA site, etc.

Scottish This site has information, and examples, of Scottish handwriting in Scottish documents covering the years 1500-1750. This is a well-written site and offers practical examples of handwriting of the period.

Scottish Post Office Directories Almost 700 directories for years from 1773 to 1911 for twenty-eight Scottish town and counties are available on this web site. The directories list head of household also with street addresses, organizations, political office holders

Tombs of the Dundee Howff This site is locatedin the center of Dundee and was begun in 1564 when Mary Queen of Scots granted this land for a burial ground. There is an index of surnames which lead to information on the tombstones. Historical information is provided.

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Genealogy – German, Swiss, Alsatian – German Genealogy This site has an English language section. Most of the sources are in German. There are links to a gazetteer, local heritage books, emigration and passenger list sources, regional genealogical research, etc. A “Metasearch” search engine indexes some of the databases.

German Emigrants Database This web site is sponsored by the Historisches Museum Bremerhaven in Bremerhaven, Germany. Individuals are being added to on an ongoing basis. There are ca. 4 1/2 million names available in mid-2008. The Museum charges for their information. The site has an “Online Search” feature where surnames can be entered and it lists names and the date of emigration.

German Originality This site brings together a number of imporant web sites including categories of general sites, passenger lists and port of arrival sites, German genealogy sites, German archival sites, German state and region sites, etc.

University of Oldenburg Emigration Research Center Research Center for German emigrants to the United States. This is a German lauguage site with optional English language access. It is located at the University of Oldenburg. It has a “Passenger List” section which lists U. S. National Archives microfilms available in Oldenburg. This section includes extensive comments on the inadequencies of the series Germans to America. The “Links” category offers a wide array of Internet sites.

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Genealogy – Anabaptist, Amish, Mennonite

The Casselman Historians This is the web page for the Casselman River Area Amish and Mennonite Historians in the Casselman River area of Garrett County, Maryland and Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Information about the Historians is given along with articles from their quarterly publication, The Historian.

Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online This site has the five-volume Mennonite Encyclopedia available on the Internet. Additional resources include a bibliographical guide, a series of genealogical resources, and a series of major documents from the 1527 Schleitheim Confession to the present day. One link is to international Mennonite events.

MennObits MennObits has obituaries of Amish and Mennonite families. The obituaries are from Herald of Truth (1864-1908), Gospel Witness (1905-1908), and Gospel Herald (1908-1998). Beginning in 1998 obituaries from The Mennonite have been included. Some obituaries from the Mennonite Weekly Review are also in this database. In early 2006 ca. 75,000 obituaries are available.

Mennonite/Amish Project – DNA This site offers access to DNA analysis for persons with an Amish, Mennonite, Brethren, Hutterite, etc. background.The site has brief information on the Project, a list of surnames in the Project, and the form used to participate.

PennsylvaniaState Archives This page accesses the Pennsylvania State Archives. Click on “Research/Genealogy” which accesses a number of possible research areas. One category is “Land Records.” This has access to warrants and patents. Some records begin as early as 1684. The category “Online Images of Documents” includes some military records and land records.

Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association An important web site for Amish and Mennonites having Swiss, German, and Alsatian backgrounds. This originally this was the OMII (Ohio Michigan Indiana Illinois) Association. The home page has the text of the current organizational bylaws. The current organizational acronym in SAGA-OMII. In 1997 Iowa was added to this project. The site provides membership fee but it is also available without payment. Only members can access any information/records less than eighty years old. In December 2005 there are seventeen individual databases to check, e.g. the James Hostetler database, of over 400,000 inidviduals, has Amish coverage.

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Genealogy – Census

Census Links A number of countries have census information available here. The links to the United States are the most complete. Arrangement for the United States is by state and county.

Census Online This site offers links to a number of census sources. In January 1999 it is getting a good start.

UK Census Online In July 2002 this site is getting started. The goal for this site is to have available the British census returns for the nineteenth century (1841-1891).

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Genealogy – Commercial Sources

AllCensus This is a commercial site having census CD-ROM’s for sale. Not all census’s are available.

Ancestry Ancestry’s site is basically a commercial server with information on their services and how to obtain their publications.

Celtic Origins This commercial site offers genealogical help on Irish genealogy.

Family Tree Maker Online Family Tree Maker’s online site. There is “current” information which changes over time. A useful feature of the site is an index to over 115 million family and individual names on their CD’s. As a commercial site there is access to the material FTM sells. This is another commercial site generally offering source material for a price. There are some free offerings, especially to get started.

Heritage Quest This commerical site has information information along with various catalogs to products for sale.

Higginson Book Company Higginson is a reprint house specializing in genealogy and local history titles. Over 7,000 titles are available in early 1998. United States titles predominate but international sources are also available.

New Papyrus The current catalog of this publisher is available. Although Virginia sources are emphasized there are titles from other Southern states.

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Genealogy – Military Resources

The American Civil War Homepage This site contains a lot of genealogical information on the Civil War. Examples of documentation include diaries, letters, rosters of combatants, etc.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System Sponsored by the National Park Service this site, under construction in 1997, will list all soldiers and sailors that served in the Civil War. To locate information the individual’s name is entered into the online system. Information includes the regiment served in and a brief history of the unit. The database is being compiled from records held at the National Archives. Ca. 3 1/2 millions names are to be available when completed.

Descendants of Mexican War Veterans This site presents historical and genealogical information on this war’s veterans. Rosters of some state and county records are available.

Master Index of Army Records This site is an outline of information for locating the source for Army records.

The Olive Tree Genealogy: Military Section This URL brings up the American Revolutionary War. There are links to wars from 1675 through World War I. A variety of military and civilian sites are available for each war.

Online Searchable Military Records & Databases – USA This site has links to a variety of sources on the Revolutionary War, Black Hawk War, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I and II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. Some of the sites are fee based.

State-Level Lists of Fatal Casualties of the Korean War … and the Vietnam War … Records from the National Archives on soldiers who were casualties during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The list is by state with introductory information on how to order the full record. Information includes name, rank. branch of service, home town, county, state, date and cause of death.

The United States Civil War Center This site attempts to have links to all available Civil War files. The genealogy section has links to many sources.

The War of the Rebellion This is the online version of the 130 volume (in four series) print edition of the official records of the American Civil War. Indexes include simple search, boolean search, and a proximity search. This site is useful for the genealogist because of documentation on battle and skirmishes. Thousands of individual soldiers names are in the index.

World War I Draft Registrations at Rootsweb This site has a name search engine to the registrated service men. It also has information on how to do research on complete available registration for this war. Not all records have been digitized by July 2002.

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Genealogy – Reference Sources and Tools

Atlas of Historical County Boundaries This web site provides a variety of information on historical county boundary changes. It is arranged by state and then county. A chronological listing of boundary changes is given for each state. A map of a state is given and the site will show the counties by a given date. Each county has a listing of boundary changes for itself. A bibliography of sources used is provided.

Birth Date Calculator This web page is useful in calculating a birth date when only the age at death and date of date is known (frequently from a tombstone).

[Bouvier’s] A Law Dictionary … This web page has the 1856 law dictionary of John Bouvier. It is useful because of its age in obtaining definitions of use in genealogical research. Also available in Carrier Library as his Bouvier’s Law Dictionary and Concise Encyclopedia @ Ref KF 156 B669 1914a. This site has a wide variety of links dealing with calendars. Some features include 1) making a calendar for a given date, 2) calculating the length of time between two dates, and 3) converting a given date from a given calendar, e.g. Gregorian to Julian, Hebrew, Islamic, etc. calendars.

Deciphering Old Handwriting A tutorial with handwriting examples.

Genealogy Resources on the Internet A listing of sites having genealogy information. Types of sites include mailing lists, Usenet Newsgroups, FTP sites, Telnet sites, Gopher sites, World Wide Web, and Email sites. This appears to offer comprehensive coverage.

The Inflation Calculator This site is useful in calculating price difference for given years from 1800 to 2001. Very fast!

Illnesses Encontered in Genealogy This is an alphabetically arranged site having illness terms from the past with modern, and brief, definitions.

NUCMC: National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections   NUCMC has been available through the Library of Congress since 1959. It lists, and describes, manuscript holdings in American libraries. Records from 1986 to date are available on WorldCat. Records from 1959 to 1986 are recorded in print volumes found in major academic libraries. This source can be very useful for locating primary source records of a genealogical nature.

Old Occupation Names This site is arranged alphabetically and offers extensive coverage of generally British occupational names. There is a link to terms and abbreviations used in historical census returns for the United Kingdom. It generally covers England and Wales.

Old Style and New Style Dates and the Change to the Gregorian Calendar: A Summary for Genealogists A statement, for the genealogist, of how to use and understanding the change in dates to the new style. Country information on date changing is included.

The Open Library The Open Library is an ambition project to place on the web all books ever published. It is somewhat like WorldCat. Anyone can place a given title(s) on this web page. The information is in the public domain. In late 2008 over seventeen million titles are available. Use along with the WorldCat database.

Surname to Soundex Code A searchable index in which a surname is entered and the server provides the correct Soundex code number. The Soundex Coding Guide is appended.

WorldCat WorldCat is the leading library database in the world. In late 2008 it has ca. 1.2 billion items in the database. Although books are the mainstay there are microfoms, computer discs, DVS’s, etc. This is the major source to verify cataloged materials. Holding libraries are listed.

Yahoo Language This is a site listing over twenty languages. Under each language there are links to various language dictionaries.

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Genealogy – Directories

FuneralNet A directory of funeral homes in the United States. Information includes name, address, and telephone contact.

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Genealogy – Computer Programs


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Genealogy – Primary and Vital Records Sources

Ancestry’s Social Security Death Index Detailed information can be entered to locate Social Security information on deceased Americans that were in this government program.

Footnote Footnote is a commercial service offering over 56 million original documents in American history covering from the Colonial period to the present. This service continues to add new documents. There are a lot of military type sources of value to genealogy. In June 2009 there are monthly or annual fees.

Public Record Locator This site is arranged by United States, by individual state, and by countries worldwide. For each location there is a subject arrangement and links to web-based records.

Repositories of Primary Sources Over 2500 web sites, worldwide, listing sources for archival and primary sources. Most of the sites are to academic holdings.

Vital Records Information – United States This site has links to every state and county. It offers directory assistance to locate, and obtain, vital records. There are links to additional local sources including the US GenWeb Archives Project.

VitalChek Use this site to get information on available vital record information by state. This includes costs, contact numbers, etc.

Where to Write for Vital Records This site gives specific information by state on obtaining vital records. Additional information includes birth records of U.S. citizens born in other countries, death records of U.S. citizens who died outside the United States, etc. Information includes where to request the records, their cost, etc.

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Genealogy – Land Sources

Direct Line Software (Land Records) This site is operated by a commercial firm which sells “DeedMapper” software. In addition to its commercial information they have reference and research information which has value to the genealogist. It includes information on early Virginia land endeavors. One section is arranged geographically and notes who is doing land research.

Land Measurement Conversion Guide This site has concise definitions on terms used in land measurement.

Land Record Reference An excellent presentation of the American system of land. Sections look at land transactions, metes & bounds, etc.

Metes and Bounds Surveys This site offers concise information and definitions on the metes and bounds surveying system. It includes a graph of “Compass Degree Headings” and “Compass Point Headings.” A link to “Surveying Terms” is available.

Understanding Legal Land Descriptions This site discusses, with graphics and examples, the Rectangular Land Section System.

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Genealogy – Church and Religious Records

Local Catholic Church & Family History and Genealogy Records This guide is useful for information on how to find Catholic Church records. There is a lot of information on Catholicism which may have interest for background available Church records.

[United Methodist] GCAH: The General Commission on Archives and History of the United Methodist Church Official site. There are links to genealogical information.

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Genealogy – Map Resources

1895 U.S. Atlas This site is organized by state and county. A final link system lists data, by city. This includes population, location, and if there are post offices, railroads, etc.

[Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names] This site offers international coverage of names including populated sites (towns/cities), rivers, mountains, etc. Each entry includes the name, state/region/canton, nation, continent, and latitude/ longitude. An excellent source to find the location of international places.

The Gold Bug A commercial site having historical map products. Links are provided to a number of geographic and map sites. These include gazatteer information on United States places.

Historical Atlases and Maps of U. S. and States This site is arranged by state. In clicking on a state all the years in which there was a change in county formation are listed. This provides access to when a county was formed and if/when it may have changed. You can click on a census year to compare the state with current county formation. Current official county highway maps are availale. Church and cemetery locations, for example, may be found. Finally, there are links to various historical maps and some bibliographies of maps.

Historical Map Web Sites A comprehensive site with maps from throughout the world. The United States is well represented.

Historical Maps This site has a service of presenting historical USGS topograhical maps. The arrangement is by state. There are quadrangle and town indexes. This is an ongoing project and in April 2011 fourteen states have been completed. They are basically the eastern seaboard states from Maine to Virginia.

MapQuest This site includes a search of a location of your choice in the United States. By entering specific location information a map is drawn for you. For non-United States maps click on “Interactive Atlas” and then select the country of choice for searching.

Maps Can Help You Trace Your Family Tree This site has a brief discussion on maps and how they can be used by the genealogist. It includes bibliographies.

United States Digital Map Library This site is sponsored by USGenWeb. It is arranged by state. As on ongoing project some states do not have a lot of maps in July 2002. This looks excellent.

U. S. Board on Geographic Names Domestic A USGS site which accesses geographic entities throughout the United States. The user enters information by feature name, state, county, elevation, etc.

U. S. Board on Geographic Names Domestic A USGS site which accesses geographic entities throughout the United States. The user enters information by feature name, state, county, elevation, etc.

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Genealogy – Surnames, Personal Names and Place Names

Behind the Name: The Etyymology and History of First Names International in coverage this site is arranged by country and by ethnic groups. Within each category the arrangement is alphabetical. Included are ancient, Biblical, and mythological names. A brief history of each name is available. A general name search engine can also be used. Features include a “Popular Names” section which lists the most popular names in recent years in a number of countries. In addition a name can be entered and the system will present this with a chart showing how common the name was since the late nineteenth century.

Family Tree Magazine There are a variety of categories available, e.g. free downloadable forms, a genealogy glossary, tips on performing genealogy research, an email newsletter, etc.

Kindred Konnections Genealogy and Family History A major site for surname searching with over 14 million names in March 1998. Some of the files require a monthly fee. A major source in surname searching.

PublicProfiler/Worldnames This site provides a search engine to enter a surname that is connected to a map of the world. With each surname the leading countries having this surname are highlighted. A chart also lists the leading regions/states, the top cities, and a list of the leading personal names for the surname.

Roots Surname List A comprehensive site.

Rootsweb’s World Connect Project This is an excellent site to search for ancestral names. This is tied to the GEDCOM program and has continual updating and additions to the database.

1600’s Ancestors Data Base This is a listing of known (and generally proven) immigrants to the American Colonies during the seventeenth century. Information available includes name, dates, geographic location, and source of the information.

Surname Resources at RootsWeb A comprehensive site arranged by letters of the alphabet. A first choice in surname research on American names.

The Surname Web This site includes two major areas, 1) Surname Registry, and 2) Surname Resource Center. Within these areas there are links to family names with pedigree information. The Resouce Center is arranged by surname and locates centers that have information on the surname.

Yahoo’s Lineages and Surnames This site has an alphabetical listing of surnames with links to the surname web sites.

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Genealogy – Emigration, Immigration and Passenger Lists

American Immigrant Wall of Honor at Ellis Island This site has various links to information about Ellis Island. It has a link to placing your families name on the “Wall of Honor” at Ellis Island. A search engine is available to locate family names.

Cimorelli Immigration Manifests Online This site contains the complete Morton Allan Directory of Ship Arrivals. It has records of ships to America from 1727-1930. Sections listing ships, and names of immigrants, for Irish and Germans from Russia are available.

Ellis Island This searchable site has over 22 million names of individuals arriving at Ellis Island between 1898 and 1924. Some of the information is free. Some records are available for a charge.

Emigration & Immigration Records & Links This site contains some links to online source material. Many of the sources listed require payment. For these sources the site can be useful as a bibliography of the major sources currently available. Major categories include passenger arrival records (USA), German & European passenger departure records, naturalization records, ships & ship pictures, and Canadian passenger records.

Emigration/Ship Lists and Resources In addition to individual ship passenger lists this site includes links to sources and catalogs that have ship passenger information.

Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild Volunteers began the transcriptions in September 1998. This lists ships, by date, and their passengers. By October 2005 the site has some free sources including an index to perform name searches. Most of the links require pre-payment subscriptions.

Immigration History Research Center The IHRC at the University of Minnesota has major holdings for immigration research. The site includes a link to its use for the genealogist and a link to the general online catalog.

Irish Passenger Lists Arranged by ship name. Information includes name, relationship, age, and occupation. This information is not always available.

Passengerlists[Bremen, Germany] Although lists of passengers began as early as 1851 most of the lists have been destroyed. Available years are generally 1920-1939. A surname search engine is useful.

TheShipsList A search engine provides access to this site. A wide-range of ship sources are here.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – Genealogy This government agency is offering, for a fee, indexing access and record texts of some immigration and naturalization records covering the years 1906-1956. Freedom of Information Act procedures are waived for these records. Among the available records are naturalization files from 1906-1956 and visa files from 1924-1944. The fee structure and forms to use are on this site.

What Passenger Lists Are Online? This site has a variety of links to what is available on the Internet. Categories are generally by country of origin. Some sections are to specific American ports. Other sections are from specific countries.

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Genealogy – Cemeteries, Tombstones, Obituaries, Funeral Homes

Cemeteries, Funeral Homes, & Obituaries This site has links to hundreds of web pages dealing with cemeteries, etc. For access to funeral homes also use FuneralNet.

Cemetery Records on the Internet A work in progress. Arranged by state and county. Could be useful.

Cemetery Records Online Links to a number of cemeteries in the United States and several foreign countries are available here.

D’Addezio.Com Arranged by state this site lists cemeteries and provides directions to the cemetery and plat information. This site is in process. Only a small percentage of American cemeteries are listed. Another (comparable) site is United States Records.

Find A Grave This is a massive site with over fifty-nine million grave records in April 2011. Access is by name, country, cemetery, etc. There are a lot of records from other countries. Among the access points on this site are ones for interesting monuments and interesting epitaphs.

Iowa WPA Graves Registration Survey Eighty-two of ninety-nine Iowa counties have their WPA cemetery survey records transcribed on this site.Access is by county and then by name. There is no index access by cemetery.

Links to Resources on Cemetery History and Preservation This site has links to the areas of cemetery preservation, directories, organizations, specific cemeteries by state, and a few non-United States cemeteries.

Online Searchable Death Indexes & Records This web site is arranged by state. For each state there are URL’s to a variety of county and other types of sites, e.g. WPA graves surveys, newspaper obituaries, etc. Some sites have a fee for their use. Although many counties are currently not in this web service it will be useful for many researchers.

The Tombstone Transcription Project Access to web sites having tombstone transcriptions is here. Arranged by state and then county this is an ongoing project. It it associated with the US GenWeb Project.

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Genealogy – Adoption

Adoption.Com A comprehensive site.

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Genealogy – Medical & Genetic

Family History Tools Sponsored by the American Medical Association this site has pedigree charts, genetics links, a genetic screening questionnaire, etc.

Family Tree DNA This is a commercial site offering DNA testing of interest to the genealogist. For individuals having Mennonite/Amish ancestry the site Anabaptist DNA Project.

Human Genome Project Information An official government site on the human genome. Medical issues and projects, ethical and legal issues, etc. are here.

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Genealogy – Journals, Newspapers and Magazines

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers Sponsored by the Library of Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities this site offers a variety of digitized newspaper pages under its National Digitized Newspaper Program. In late 2008 ten states had one or more newspapers in the Program. The District of Columbia and Virginia are represented. Three Richmond newpapers are presently in the Program. Over 700,000 pages are in the database. Over a ca. twenty year project period all states are to in the Program. Current coverage is 1880-1910 with a projected coverage for the years 1836-1922. Searches can be by everything, by date, by state, by specific newspaper, etc. Bibliographic coverage of American newspapers is from 1690 to date is available as a separate database.

United States Newspaper Program This site is the result of a cooperative area to locate, catalog and preserve newspapers throughout the United States. Arranged by state some states have completed their work. Most states have a link to information that includes the available newspapers. Several major newspaper repositories are at the site. These include the American Antiquarian Society, Center for Research Libraries, Library of Congress, and the New York Public Library.

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United States National Archives

United States National Archives Information from the Archives includes copies of their catalogs of microfilm having interest to genealogists. This is supplemented by links to a number of major genealogy WWW sites.

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Genealogy – Organizations, Associations and Societies

Association of Professional Genealogists This site contains information and contacts for its organization. It also has a list of genealogists association with the APG. This includes international organizations.

Board for Certification of Genealogists The BCG web site. This gives information about certification and has links to related sites.

Daughters of the American Revolution The DAR Web site. It has basic information about the society, membership requirements, and notes their library and museum. Their online catalog is available.

Federation of Genealogical Societies The FGS is a clearinghouse center for activities of genealogical societies in the United States. Check this site to locate projects, conferences, workshops, teleconferences, etc.

Jamestowne Society The society’s site. It includes links to the names of early settlers.

Mayflower Web This site has detailed on all aspects on the Mayflower and genealogical and historical research. Areas covered include docments, general history, wills, letters and other writings, books by Pilgrims, genealogy sources, and information on lineage societies on the Mayflower descendents. See also The General Society of Mayflower Descendants

The National Genealogical Society The official NGS Web site. Detailed links to NGS programs and features are highlighted. A section of “Special Reference Material” has a variety of scholarly materials, e.g. Soundex, oral history, numbering systems, etc.

New England Historic Genealogical Society Basically a site for the Society with its programs which include a circulating book collection for members. Links to additional genealogy sites are provided.

RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative Sponsored by the listserver ROOTS-L this site has a variety of sources including a surname index.

Society Hall This is considered the most comprehensive Internet site listing genealogical and historical societies. A search engine is used to locate the societies. It is possible to add a society to the site. This was developed by and the Federation of Genealogical Societies.

The Society of Genealogists (U.K.) The main British genealogical society. Much is on the Society’s publications and programs. Useful to Americans for its listing of British parish’s and the availability of their records. Guides in one on how Americans can do British genealogy research.

Sons of Confederate Veterans SCV’s web page.

Sons of the American Revolution SAR’s web site. Information includes history of the society, available programs, and state and local information.

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War The official web page for the SUVCW.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy The official web site for the UDC.

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Genealogy – Charts and Forms

About.Com:Genealogy – Free Genealogy Charts & FormsThis site offers a variety of charts and forms for the genealogist. Examples include decorative and wall charts, pedigree charts, family group sheets, etc.

[Census Forms]This site has blank census forms for printing out. Coverage is 1790 – 1930 for the United States Census. Coverage is 1841-1901 for the British censuses. There are charts for Canadian censuses from 1851-1911 although some years are lacking in March 2011. Finally, there are a variety of family tree charts. They are for sale.

Download Forms A wide variety of useable forms are available here. Census and cememtery forms are included.

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Genealogy – Documentation and Fraud

Genealogy Frauds This site has links to papers discussing fradulent genealogical work.

Genealogy Scams in General This site offers brief background on scams and lists several sites to link into.

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LDS Family History Centers

Ancestor Seekers This is a fee-based commercial service based in Salt Lake City. In addition to accepting genealogy and family questions this service sponsors guided research trips to Salt Lake City where they offer assistance in person at the Family History Library.

LDS & Family History Centers A comprehensive site to the FHC’s of the Mormon Church.

FamilySearch The official web site for genealogy from the Mormon Church. Ca. 400 million individual names are available here in June 1999. A must site for all genealogical researchers.

Research Guidance This site, sponsored by the LDS’s FamilySearch web site, offers research assistance. It is arranged by country, state, or province. After clicking on the geographic entity of interest a menu of birth, death, or marriage date is provided. After clicking on the date of interest a research guide offering steps and examples is printed.

Research Helps This site, sponsored by the LDS’s FamilySearch web site, has scores of research guides. These are excellent and provide a wide variety of information on genealogy worldwide. The guides are arranged by place, title, subject, and document type.

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Virginia/West Virginia Genealogy

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia [Chalkley] The text of the three-volume work by Lyman Cyalkley. In July 1999 this was still in process. Indexed. Chalkley is a critically important resource of court records from the Colonial period in Augusta County, Virgina.

Fairfax Genealogical Society This is the web page for the Fairfax County, Virginia genealogical society. The home page is full of a variety of projects and events of the Society.

Genealogical Society of Page County, Virginia This site has a wide range of events, reunions, links to information, etc.

Genealogy and History of the Eastern Shore (GHOTES) All aspects of Eastern Shore genealogy.

Handley Regional Library This library is located in Winchester, Va. It has strong holdings on the lower Shenandoah Valley region. A strength is its manuscript and archival holdings.

Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society This is the official web site for the HRHS. It provides access to some online resources of Rockingham County, Virginia interest. Some online resources require membership and a password. There is information on hiring a researcher.

Hening’s Statutes at Large: Being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia from the First Session of the Legislature, in the Year 1619 This site has the text of laws passed by Virginia’s legislative session from 1619 through 1792. Published originally in thirteen volumes under the editing of William Waller Hening. An index is available.

The Library of Virginia This site has a large number of sources, including Internet sources, of interest to the genealogist.

The Library of Virginia Chancery Records Index This site has the beginnings of indexing for the Chancery Records within Virginia. Not all counties/areas have been indexed. The site provides information on how to view the actual records.

Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters “Ancient Planters” were those settlers of Virginia before 1616 who remained in the Colony. This page gives their names and information about the Order.

Original Settlers (Jamestown) This site lists the original settlers in Jamestown in 1607 along with their occupations.

Other Helpful Sites on the Web This “generic” title contains links to a wide range of Virginia sites along with some general genealogy sites.

Pocahontas, John Rolfe, Jamestown and Virginia A large number of links to the several topics in the titles are available here. Especially strong for Pocahontas and Virginia.

1790/1800 Virginia Tax List Censuses This site has tax lists, by county, for the 1790 and 1800 years. They can be used in lieu of the federal census’s that are generally lacking for those years. For the counties that are completed there is a transcribed index. The digitized original (microfilmed) records are also available.

Virginia Genealogical Society The Society’s official site. General information including publications and projects is available. A useful feature is the linking section to additional pages.

Virginia Genealogical Sources This site is sponsored by the Library of Virginia and has links to their holdings of genealogical research interest. Other links include areas as Black American sources, Virginia Newspaper Project, Virginia GenWeb sources, family reunion information, etc.

Virginia Genealogy: A Guide to Genealogical Resources at the University of Virginia This is an excellent site providing an academic approach to genealogical research. The site includes sections as help for beginning genealogists, web resources, research aids. and Virginia, United States, and foreign genealogical sources.

Virginia Heritage: Guides to Manuscript & Archival Collections in Virginia Fifteen repositories in Virginia including James Madison University have placed their holdings guides at this site. Keyword searching is available. One search feature is a template in which a search can be limited to one repository. The information provided is either brief information or in some instances a calendar/listing of the specific collection.

Virginia Historical Society The Society has major collections of interest to the genealogist. The major link if to “Collections and Online Catalog.” Under this there is a link to “Genealogical Services.

Vital Records Information – Virginia Vital record information includes directory assistance for the state, counties, and major cities. Links to a number of major Virginia genealogical sites makes this page useful.

West Virginia Vital Research Records The West Virginia Division of Culture and History is in the process of adding scanned birth, marriage, and death records into this database. Birth and death records are generally from 1853 to fifty years from the current date. Marriage records are from 1781 into the 1990s. This database is adding more counties on a recurring basis. Birth and death records earlier than 1853 are either errors or are delayed record reporting that was accepted by a county clerk.